How do I fix Error which happen when I enable zeppelin-toc-spell? - apache-zeppelin

Help Me! When I enable Zeppelin-toc-spell in Zeppelin. It can't install. After that It has a error.
You can tell me "why it happen?" and "How do I fix it?"


Getting "Invalid command 'Proxy_....'" but all the proxy modules show "already enabled"

I'm working on setting up SearXNG using apache....ugh....btw, if anybody has any good instructions on this (besides the developer's website) I'd be very grateful.
In any case, after I configure the .conf file and restart apache2, it fails with errors saying this proxy module or that is an invalid command. From all the forums I've looked at, the suggestion was to a2enmod the modules it is complaining about, plus a few others. I've done that but apache keeps complaining about them.
I've not found a thread yet that speaks of this particular issue. Any ideas?

Unable to run apt-get update due to invalid signature and no release files

I was recently given this kind of error on my server.
Has anyone experienced this kind of behavior? I am unable to install new packages because of not being up to date. All the errors can be seen in the photo.
errors thrown
Any help appreciated

Ionic Macincloud

Edited as I found the solution.
It's an Ionic app, which runs completely well on Android. I don't own a Mac, so I'm using Macincloud. Have followed the steps for IOS and can send it, via Dropbox to macincloud and open it (after solving some issues thanks to: ).
But then the build failed. Below I show what I have tried.
I followed the permissions issue from, but it didn't solve it. I don't own a Mac, so I'm completely lost.
By following: the only thing I haven't done is:
npm install -g ios-sim
brew install ios-deploy,
because it's a Macincloud and I don't have permission to do that, and I'm not sure if that's the issue.
I also tried locking and unlocking keychain and cleaning xcode project as in Xcode 10.2.1 Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code, but I also don't have permissions in Macincloud to unlock keychain after locking it. :(
Anyone who knows or has dealt with similar issues, I'll be endlessly grateful for your help. Thanks :)
Nevermind, this part was solved with the chmod +x solution, Cordova Xcode build failed "Permission denied" just was not sure how to do it as it's Macincloud. Now on to the next challenge :)

RNFB_ANDROID_PERMISSIONS=true command showing error on windows

installing react-native-fetch-blob was successful and linking it is also done. But when i run 'RNFB_ANDROID_PERMISSIONS=true' command it show command not found. how can i fix it
Please try following solution, might be work for you.
'RNFB_ANDROID_PERMISSIONS' is not recognized

Selendroid SetupError

Am getting below error while setup.
I have setup my ANDRIOD_HOME variable too. But still getting the below error.
Can anyone help me on this:
java.lang.RuntimeException: io.selendroid.exceptions.SelendroidException: Enviro
nment variable 'ANDROID_HOME' was not found!
Please setup Android sdk correctly. If you don't know how to do it, have a look at this guide:
Please have a look at
I got these issues resolved.
Do vote the answer after you get your issue resolved.
ANDROID_HOME variable should point to the SDK:
set ANDROID_HOME=C:\${installation location}\SDK
set PATH=%PATH%;%ANDROID_HOME%\tools;%ANDROID_HOME%\platform-tools
[Try setting path through the command prompt before running selendroid]
(This is only for Windows. For other OS you can check this link: