How do I add a new component, transformer etc to apache camel karavan? - apache-camel

I have created a java spring project and I want to combine yaml routes and java code in the project
But I couldn't find a way to add a custom component or transformer to the apache camel karavan visual studio extension


Can we deploy react UI application on the weblogic server?

I need to deploy react UI application along with my backend rest APIs on weblogic server.
How do I achieve this scenario?
You can package your react app in a jar file and put all the static resources (index.html, javascript, css, etc) under the META-INF/resources/frontend folder of that jar file. You can then add that jar file as a dependency of the war file that contains your backend rest apis. Then when you enter <context_path>/frontend/index.html in a browser, it should serve your reactjs app.

Creating a (.NET 6 based) website project with ASP.NET Core and React (TypeScript) in Visual Studio 2022?

I have been trying to set up an ASP.NET Core + React (TypeScript) web app project in Visual Studio 2022, but couldn't succeed in doing so. There are no proper stacks/suites(?) in the Visual Studio 2022 create project dialog (File > New > Project...) that suit my needs.
I then tried what these docs say - and it works - but when I do the same for React TypeScript (i.e., using Standalone TypeScript React Template instead of Standalone JavaScript React Template) it doesn't work because this template doesn't have an Add integration for Empty ASP.NET Web API project. option in its setup (but the JavaScript template does).
How do I create an ASP.NET Core + React (TypeScript) project then?
I did see some modified and new files when the ASP.NET Core Web API integration option was enabled during the React.js (not TypeScript) setup. Can I copy those ASP.NET Core Web API integration files and their content, re-write the JavaScript files in TypeScript, and add those files (*.ts instead of *.js, etc.) in the TypeScript template? Or is there any other (official) method to properly set up an ASP.NET Core + React (TypeScript) project in Visual Studio 2022?
This is the guide do you need, just a consideration I changed this piece of code in aspnetcore-react.ts
BROWSER=none Start without opening url in the browser because should be opened by .NET proxy
HTTPS=true Dev server to serve pages over HTTPS. Uses the .NET self-signed certificate

deploying camel java-archetype projec to Fuse 6.2

I have created a java-archetype project for Camel. It is a simple REST hello world to receive a get request and return a string body. When I run this as Java application from Eclipse it works as intended.
When I take the jar and deploy it the Fuse "deploy" folder I can see in the logs that the bundle has started. The state is active and green. However the Camel tab does not appear.
The same works if I use blueprint but does not seem to do so using the java dsl. Is there an extra magic code you need to add for Fuse to pick up the camel context? Thanks
Yes for OSGi to startup you can use a spring or blueprint with a <camelContext> that starts Camel. If you use pure Java code you have to fight with OSGi and use an OSGI activator and setup all kind of OSGi stuff that gets you tiresome.
So add a blueprint xml file and add the <camelContext> and then you can refer to Java route builders, just as you can when doing spring xml:

How to generate CXF beans.xml using wsdl2java maven?

When I use eclipse to generate jaxb classes and Webservice implementation by top down approach. eclipse automatically generates csf-beans.xml. However wsdl1java maven plugin doesnot generate config file. Is there are options available to plugin to enable generation of bean configuration file?
No! There isn't any option for generating cxf configuration file with wsdl2java maven plugin. You can get and customize the general cxf.xml file from Apache CXF Configuration and add it to the /WEB-INF/classes folder of your web application.
Hope this helps.

Angular js with spring mvc

Currently trying to implement angular js with spring mvc
Tried to implement the sample project springmvc-angularjs-master from the site- , not sure how to use the folder structure of this sample project into a spring project.
i read the thread - Spring MVC and Angularjs
but still could not find the solution. Do i need to create new folder webapp under the src folder in the web application?
can someone help me how to convert this sample project into spring web application?
i am not using maven and using simple web application with spring capabilites in myeclipse ide.
Current project folder structure:
--controller,bean folders
---html folder(index.html,etc.,)
----app.js,services.js,controller.js and lib folder
You should be able to import the project as Maven project (Import > Maven > Existing MavenProject) and run it as is. All of the necessary mappings can be found in /src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/spring/webapp-config.xml
Once you have your head wrapped around that, you should be able to extract what you need.
I also noticed some of the #override annotations were throwing some errors. I just removed them.