sencha.cfg is Missing When Generating a Package Using Sencha CMD - extjs

This guide from Sencha, contains an instruction on how to generate a workspace and a package. In the section "Anatomy of a Package" it is mentioned that the package folder is expected to have .sencha/package/sencha.cfg and package.json as they are the most important once. My concern is that I followed all of the instructions and was able to generate the package but the .sencha/package/sencha.cfg file is missing. In fact the .sencha folder is not there. Am I missing anything?
My explorer shows hidden files.
Sencha SDK: 7.5.1
Sencha CMD:


MSIX Include Additional Required Files

I have a simple WinForms app that I'm trying to package with MSIX. The app itself requires additional files that when I build the MSIX App Project doesn't copy/include.
Specifically this LIBVLC folder that gets included during the WinForms app build itself.
If I manually copy that folder over into the AppX build folder, everything works. Obviously I'm trying to automate including that folder.
Folder manually copied over in screenshot below:
How can I accomplish this? GitHub minimal repo:
I suspect that this line is your issue :
The nuget package isn't really well understood by the build tools as those are native files that we collect "before build". It seems to cause issues when a project references a project that references the nuget package, and the usual workaround is to reference the nuget package directly in the topmost project.
Is it possible to reference a nuget package in a .wapproj ?
If it isn't, that's an issue for this repository . Contributions welcome

ExtJS package paths are not added to to bootstrap.json

I am using Sencha Cmd to compile my ExtJS project.
I wanted to add a third-party package to my project. For Sencha Cmd to build this, one has to add the package in app.json:
"requires": [
This somehow works, but not completely.
Cmd builds a production version correctly, so the compiled version is working.
However, even after multiple runs of sencha app build production, the application's bootstrap.json does not contain the paths of the package content, and the uncompiled version fails to load because of missing dependencies from that package.
Why is that, where does Sencha Cmd take the contents of bootstrap.json file from, and/or how can I see what happens?
you have to run these cammands in your cmd.whenever i change something in bootstrap.json it didnt work at first place.But after running these cammands it works
sencha app watch
sencha app refresh

Shouldn't skip.slice=1 still generate a css file in Sencha CMD 6.1.176

I think using skip.slice=1 when running
sencha app build
should still generate a .css file on the build/production folder but that is not the case with CMD
Am I missing something ?
I want to skip slicing images as I won't be supporting old browsers but obviously I still want to generate the proper css file.
I've tried it on a clean workspace and it generates CSS in a production build. Have you installed the Compass extension for Sencha Cmd? I've had some problems when I left this deselected on installation.

Import existing file or directory into intellij idea project

I'm using Intellij Idea 15.0.3. I tried to use it to develop a MEAN stack application.
I first File -> New -> Project -> Empty Project to create an empty project. Then in Intellij Idea's terminal I type npm init -y, a package.json is generated. However, when I tried to edit this generated package.json, a window pops up, saying: These files do not belong to the project, and asks me if I want to edit it anyway.
Also, after I edited the package.json, I run npm install in the terminal, a new directory node_modules is generated, but it's not shown in the Intellij Idea.
How can I add package.json and node_modules into project? Do I have to manually created file or folder through Intellij Idea project UI and give up using its terminal?
You need to create a new project from existing source so..
File->New Project - Select HTML5/Javascript application then select one of the options at the bottom with "Existing Sources" at the end of it, you then just specify the folder that it's already and in and you should be good to go.

How do I copy ExtJS 5 examples with sencha cmd?

I want to make a web app that is very similar to the extj5 portal example:
I would like to copy it to a different directory and start coding.
Here are the steps I am taking:
1) Copy portal directory to my working directory.
2) Cd into portal
3) Run the following on the command line.
sencha app upgrade ext-5.0.0 // Ext 5 and this app should be in the same directory
But when I do so, I get:
$ sencha app upgrade ext-5.0.0
Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.270
[WRN] Did not locate framework package
[WRN] Failed to resolve package ext-theme-neptune
[WRN] Failed to resolve package sencha-charts
[ERR] Theme "ext-theme-neptune" not found
[ERR] Required package "ext-theme-neptune" not found
Any advice on the proper way to do this? Ruby is properly installed and I was able to successfully go through the extjs 5 tutorial (generate app, watch app, etc.)
Sencha Cmd uses a lot of metadata, so your best bet is to generate a brand-new app in a blank folder first. Delete everything EXCEPT the /.sencha/ folder.
Then copy/paste the portal example (everything EXCEPT the /.sencha/ folder) into your new app.
You will also need to copy the /examples/ux/ folder, and then update the app.json file -- pointing classpath to the correct ux folder.
Normally this process would be easier, but the Ext JS download is essentially a "workspace", so copying one of the examples into a new place will miss a lot of the workspace's assumed structure (namely, the framework!)