How to generate table grid dynamically using JSON data in Nintex workflow cloud responsive form - nintex-workflow

How to generate table grid dynamically and display in the responsive form with respect to the query response which contains JSON data (array of object) ? 


Salesforce flow builder: Datatable

Current Salesforce flow
The above structure aims to create a datatable with a filter for its records. I am currently using the first screen component to set a variable. And I am showing the correct records on the second screen component accordingly.
Is there a way I can filter the datatable records without separating the logic into two screens?

Dynamically creating form inputs in react based on configurations stored in DB

I want to create a dynamic forms in React.
The form should be fully dynamic means say if my API returns the JSON object having different labels for form fields and their types like text, textarea or a dropdown.
So whatever type of form API returns that form field should be displayed in a form.
I am unable to implement it in reactjs.
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

No Option To Get Angular Smart Table State With Visible Columns

I'm just wondering if they have provided a options to make table columns show and hide as user preference and save it in table state and load it back when page refreshes.
upper code only brings the pagination,sorting and search objects as in current table state. How can i implement showing and hide table columns like in jquery Datatable and load it back from the table state object?
Decided to use Jquery Data Table instead with AngularJS ng-repeat

Dynamic Sort using AngularJS in Java

We have 3dropdown as field values.. how can we sort the table on click of header based on values selected in dropdown using AngularJS

How to apply XSLT transformation in LiveCycle form

I have a LiveCycle form where I am embedding a sample XML.
I want to know hoe to map the field values to the sample XML so that when the user clicks on the submit as XML button the submitted XML should carry the values bound within the form field tags.
Use the bind tag within each field object in your form to point to your sample xml data. LiveCycle Designer can do this for you (data panel->new data connection->sample xml->drag and drop xml objects to your form fields).