Can I import data into Amazon Canvas through an API? - amazon-sagemaker

Is there any way to import a dataset into Sagemaker Canvas through APIs? I see that there are three methods to do an import: upload a csv, connect to Redshift, S3 or snowflake.
So far, I am unable to find a way to import dataset through APIs and was hoping to get some answers here.

Currently Canvas support data from upload csv, redshift,s3 and snowflake. We can write a Job which downloads data from API and writes to s3 or redshift and then use it with Canvas.


How to import Google Sheets Data Into MongoDB from any link?

I'm a web development beginner building a MERN stack web-app to help school clubs manage applicants. I want users to be able to input a link to Google Sheet generated from their Google Form and be able to see a cleaner, properly formatted version of their data.
From my research, it looks like most solutions:
Involve people wanting to automate their own sheets (and therefore being able to use the Google Sheets script editor)
Make use of Tabletop.js, which will soon be deprecated. I looked into PapaParse but really couldn't figure out how to solve my problem using it.
Use MongoDB Stitch, which also relies on accessing the Google Sheets script editor
Require users to download the file as a CSV file (which is non-ideal for live updates)
It also seems like the Google Sheets API requires the user to have access to the script editor? I might not be interpreting the docs correctly. Would having users authenticate/login to my web app through Google be able to overcome this problem?
My Goal
User pastes the link to their Google Sheets (with view access or published to the web) in my React app
My React app parses the Sheets data and stores it in MongoDB Atlas
[Optional] Update the MongoDB database whenever the original sheet is updated (There is no need for MongoDB to communicate back with the sheet.)
Thank you, any help is much appreciated!
Try out Zapier.
It has a Google Sheets + MongoDB integration.
One way you could possibly achieve this is to:
link your Google Sheets account to Zapier, then
collect the links through your React app,
duplicate the sheet from that link
set Zapier to watch for that trigger when a new sheet is duplicated, to pass on the data to MongoDB

Is there any API to get data from database into Google Data Studio through rest API only

Want to get the data from spectrum hub and use that same for report generation but, unable to get request data studio link for get method to pass it in postman with their respective parameters
You can build your own connector for Data Studio that fetches data from a certain REST API. See guides and reference on Community Connectors.
As there are different data sources available to connect with Google Data Studio, you may use any of them as the source for GDS Reporting.
What you can do is:
Pull out the data from the API and create a CSV file and upload it to GDS.
Push the API data into Google Sheet.
Push the API data to MySQL and then connect it with the GDS

Loading data into the google BigQuery from other than file sources(from another database)

I have just started exploring the google BigQuery platform. I have created project, data-set and table.I have successfully loaded data to the table using csv as a source file.
Now I am exploring it's API.I would like to know, whether is there any way to load data using any database as a source.
This should help you get started:

How can import a .sql file in app engine datastore

I m experimenting with GAE, and I m looking for a way to import an .sql file in app engine datastore. I found on GAE site ways to import CSV ans xml files:
but nothing about .sql.
I ve also came across the so called "jiqlAdmin Data Querying tool" that claims to import .sql files in google `s datastores:!topic/google-appengine-java/Sfy3jmWhYfI
Anybody has tried tool this? Does it work? Do you have any other suggestion?
If the goal is just using SQL with App Engine, I would check out Google Cloud SQL, which works great with App Engine.
If you just want your data in the datastore, converting it to CSV and uploading it as per the first link might be a good choice. This will not work if you have things like foreign keys as they will refer to IDs in your old SQL database. You also probably won't be happy with your data if it's arranged in such a way that using a JOIN is the only way to make sense of it.
Since it sounds like you are just getting started, I think Google Cloud SQL is the better option.

Export & import ODS files in Appengine app

I am developing an application in java using gwt and Appengine. One feature my app should have is to import data from .ods files and also to export data in .ods format. I know about the jOpenDocument jar but it cannot work with Appengine apps as it is using some Appengine restricted classes . Any suggestions please for alternative approaches to get this done??
You could use Google Docs. Stream your ODS file to Google Docs while converting to Google Docs native format, use the Google Docs API to manipulate the data and export from Google Docs in ODS format.
This might not work if you have too complex items in your ODS like charts, macros etc, because the conversions will cause problems there. But for plain data in columns, this could work.