WinEdt TREE and bib files - bibtex

I would like to be able to open bib files from other directories from the WinEdt Tree. However, WinEdt cannot locate them (see figure below). The project/files compile; LaTeX is set up correctly. The only issue is I cannot click on the file in the tree to open it.
The file le.bib is located in my personal texmf directory structure which is added to MiKTeX. LaTeX can find and process it with \bibliography{le} but the WinEdt Tree cannot locate it.
I realize I can move the file into the project directory, but I don't wish to do this. I have common bib files that I reuse for multiple documents and don't want to duplicate them.
Ideally, I'd like to tell WinEdt a search path to look for the files. That way I don't have to hard code paths into files.
I'm using WinEdt 11. I've searched online and dug through the Options Interface, but I'm unable to find a way to get WinEdt to locate the files. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
WinEdt Tree cannot find file


Finding all files modified less recently than certain file

I need to list all files in a current directory and the subdirectories that are modified less recently than one particular file in the directory. I know i need to use the find command, but i cant get it right.

Can you refer to a file outside the folder of your program in C++?

I have been doing C++ for quite long. and when I refer to files say .txt, .jpg, .png anything... in my source code, I have to put those files in the same folder where my source code is located. That is, if say for example: I wanted to view a picture with a name "somepic.png" on the GUI using SDL through the code I wrote in my "sdlimage.cpp" file found in the path C:\documents\sdlimage.cpp, I have to move the "somepic.png" file to this same "C:\documents" folder otherwise it won't work.
this made my folder so messy and everytime I open Atom editor, it contains those files like images and fonts which you can do no coding with and makes the real codes I wanna work with, hardly navigable.
as you can see there are barely visible .cpp or .h files in the tab
So please help me.
can I use "..\folder\file.txt" in c++ just like how we use it on html and CSS too?

How to include header AND source files folder in Visual Studio

I am using Visual Studio (2017) and I need the following.
I have a folder where a code generator puts the .h and .c files obtained from a formal model. This folder is not controlled by me, e.g. I cannot write in it, but it is updated by another team member.
By using the /I compiler options (or Additional include directories in the project properties) I managed to import all the generated header files in my VS project. What I am supposed to do is to integrate this generated code into a specific platform, this means that I have to compile both the generated code and the integration code on the target platform. The problem is, the compiler is not able to resolve the generated function definitions of the generated code as it only sees the .h files. What I got is a linking error (external symbol not resolved)
To solve the problem, I added the existing .c files manually, one by one. The obvious problems that comes with this solution are
manual boring work
when new files are generated, I need to manually import the new files
Question is: is there an option that can be set in order to specify the path of the source files without passing them one by one?
note: just copying and pasting the generated code in the VS project folder is not an acceptable solution.
If you look at then you see there is a Source Directories property that has $(VC_SourcePath) as a default but (I think) to which you can add additional paths. The documentation is unclear whether that means all source files in such a path will be included for compilation.
At the bottom of the documentation it explains how to override certain project properties by providing an external properties file. It seems you can override the targets/sources using such a file. You can generate the file using a small tool that reads the filenames in those directories and adds them to the file.
You could also analyze the .vcproj file and build a small tool that wil re-write the part with your generated source directories, reading the filenames in those directories and adding them to the section in the .vcproj file.

Removing unused .m files

I have a Matlab GUI file, that uses several other .m files (all of them in the same directory as the GUI file) for working. I would like to remove any other file in the current directory that isnĀ“t used by the GUI file. How could I do it easily and without any risk of removing any file needed?
You can check the dependency analysis offered in the editors tools menu.
This gives you an option to run the report on the Current Folder, which you can inspect to spot unused .m files. Other than this, I'm not aware of an automated way of doing this.
There is an automated way - run the function depfun, it will give you the list of the dependencies.

List the files in the directory using gwt-filesystems

I tried to list the files in my local directory as well as to read a file. But was not able to do it. Can any one give me sample code to get the list of files in a directory using gwt-filesystem.
It depends from where you are reading. You can't obviously read from the client due to security issues (any HTML wouldn't let you do that). However, you could obviously read the list of files in a folder from the server side.