Ext js 2.3.0 - Grid row position change when scroll to left - extjs

As you can see in the image the header and row position are not aligned after scroll to the extreme left.


Kendo react grid horizontal scroll value

I am using kendo react grid in my application. In the grid there are many columns so there is horizontal scroll bar present now if someone has scrolled the grid to right and performed some actions on the grid now grid will re render and horizontal scroll bar will moved to the right which is not required. I wanted to preserved the value of the kendo react horizontal scroll. How can i get the value of horizontal scroll from the kendo react?

Need Pagination on top and bottom in MUI data grid

MUI data grid provides bottom position but there is no any to put pagination o Top and Bottom. Is there any way to add pagination on top and bottom?

How to drag and scroll in grid for KendoReactJs

Is there an alternative where react grid can scroll while having a row being dragged to the bottom part of the grid?

Fix (Stick) UI Grid column headers when grid's vertical scollbar is disabled

I have disabled UI Grid vertical scroll bar and have just page scroll bar with more than 200 records displayed at a time.
But when the page is scrolled the grid headers are not visible on the screen.
Also the horizontal scroll bar is present right at the bottom of the screen making it inconvenient as the user would have to scroll right till the bottom to access it making the grid column headers invisible.

Exjs 4 grid panel with vertical scroll bar issue

Vertical scroll bar is taking/overlay's some width from last grid column. And I have implemented the search functionality on grid, then when matched elements are not found in the grid it show's empty grid. But while displaying empty grid all the grid columns are changing the width. someone help me I am new to extjs