Hide and show textbox when a particular option is selected in ext js - extjs

I have to include a checkbox in my code where when someone select on mail, I can give/show options for "To", "CC" and "BCC". When person doesn't select checkbox I want these textbox to be hidden in ext js.

In that case I'd recommend two way binding.
You use a viewmodel to bind the checkbox value and then use that value to bind a hidden state onto your "mail" textfields.
Here is a very broadly made working sencha fiddle example

Alternatively to #KaMun's solution, you can use a FieldSet with checkboxToggle set to true: https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.7.0/classic/Ext.form.FieldSet.html


Multi Select using angular schema forms

I am currently using multiselect checkbox in a dropdown using angular schema forms and my requirment say to disable some other control based on a value selected But I am unable to bind any events to checking of a check box in multi select.
Can anyone Help me on this?
If I understand well you want to remove controls base on some condition of other controls. I made it by adding a condition on the form definition like:
"condition" : "model.nameOfField == 'valueOfField'"

Ext JS 5 Data Binding Combobox

I have an Ext JS 5.0.1 application that I am working on. I have a simple window with a grid and a form. I have the grid bound to my store and when a row is selected, all the textfields in the form bind, but I also have a combobox with its own store. When I select the grid row, I could not get the combobox to bind. I finally figured that out, but now if you change the combobox on the form the grid column just shows object.object. I have created a fiddle if anybody can help me out a little with this problem. Obviously I am trying to use the MVVM but also I would like for it to work in Architect if possible.
Bind value, not selection:
value: '{allPeople.selection.gender}'
Working example: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/obm

How to call propertychange with combobox using customeditors in propertygrid ext js

In ext js propertyGrid,I have customeditor with combobox. I want to enter my own text in combo box rather than selecting from picklist. Then how to retain the entered text in combo and can we apply propertychange to it?
We can just select the value from the dropdown list of the combobox. But we cannot pass the value by manually entering the value the textfield of combobox. The above implementation will not be possible according to the framework available today

Disable vaadin combobox dropdown

Hi in vaadin combobox i have only one item added which is in select by default.
So now there is no need in drop down option.
Is there any way to disable dropdown option in combobox?
You can try setting the combobox to read-only or disabled if it only has one option. combobox.setReadOnly(true) will make it look like a label while combobox.setEnabled(false) will grey it out and disable the dropdown.
Well, what do you want to show instead? Just a Label? Then check if the container-size you add to the combobox is 1 and show a Label with the only "option" instead.

ExtJs Combobox with multiple values in one selection

I m new to ExtJs. I was wondering if there's some way wherein i can display multi-line combo-box in ExtJS in a way that for eg : when i select one item, that item may contain 2 values i.e ID and Name., and both the items are considered as one selection, and not with Ctrl+Select way.
Sure there is. Look at the tpl config option of ExtJS ComboBox. You can define a custom template where you may utilize any fields from the Store of the ComboBox as you wish. (See the example included for the tpl config option from ExtJS API documentation that I linked.)