Access to the "next" UI of Zeppelin through Knox - apache-zeppelin

i am evaluated Zeppelin 0.10.1, it cames a new UI, called "next"
i access to zeppelin with an URL proxified by Apache Knox like :
the menu "Try the new Zeppelin" redirect to https://<knox_hostname>/next/
i didn't find any documentation how to customize that
thanks for you help


Salesforce - Docusign Preview button on the record page

We got a DOCUSIGN button to generate a PDF document and send it to the clients for the e-signature but we need the one-click button to preview the document without having to go through all the steps (Selecting template -> selecting recipients --> then clicking on preview button). Really appreciate it if someone could provide guidance here.
With DAL/Apex toolkit, there is no API function allowing to preview a document inside a template. However if an envelope was already sent in draft state, built based on this template, you can preview the envelope with the API function "getSenderViewUrl".
If you're interested, please refer to the documentation:

How to change UI component on AWS amplify Authenticator ui-react

I am using Amazon Cognito for my registration page with AWS Amplify.
Everything is up and running as expected but, my only issue now is how to override the CSS component.
I can modify from the console but when copy and paste on my style component the code does not work.
Basically what I am trying to achieve is to modify the order of the CTA at the bottom of the sign-in and sign-up page and try to get them to display in a column rather than inline but because Amazon is using 'slot' I am struggling to find the solution.
Does anyone experienced the same issue or could give me some tips about how to force the UI component and style as my client wants?

Lightning experience deep link to custom Visualforce tab

Do you know if it is possible to deep link a custom tab on the left hand navigation?
In my web app I allow the user to login through SSO from Salesforce ( so I use salesforce as authentication provider ), than when the user credentials are ensured i redirect the user to the tab using an aspex url like the following:
or a servlet integration link like the following:{lid}&ic=1&linkToken={linkToken}
I got those links simply right clicking the tabs and copy the link, now this is not going to work on the new ligthening experience where the link is something like the following;{token}
Now it seems to me that the token in this case is user specific, so it can't be used as high level reference to the Visualforce tab.
Do you know if there is a way to do the same in the Lightening Experience (Spring 16' release)? Or if there is a different way to achieve the same result?
In Lightning Experience, you can reference custom tabs using the developer name of the tab (note that this is the API name of the tab containing the Visualforce page, not of the page itself). This URL should work:
This assumes that you have already created a tab for your Visualforce page.

DNN - Mange Icon not visible

I have deployed dnn6.2.6
After logging in as admin/host user - when am in any page ( that too in EDIT mode - dropdown ) am not able to see the MANAGE Icon. :(
Is there any value to be set or enable any setting , in-order to make this facility enable after installing ?
where am missing ?
Please suggest
I would start by looking for any javascript errors on the page. It is likely something is throwing a JS error earlier on and killing the icons on modules later in the page.
Do you have a custom skin, or any custom modules being loaded on the page?
Does it function different for an Admin or Host account?
My issue was :
Site Mgmt > edit site setting <<=== more need to configure site here
Add module > add "HTML editor" Module to that Page

Override Checkout complete page in drupal commerce

I want to change the content of the checkout complete page in drupal commerce but not able to figure out where to change .I am not able to find the hook_form_alter for this , someone please guide me and help me in updating the content of the checkout page.
i.e Page where it says your order number is XYZ....
The "Checkout complete" page is customizable at /admin/commerce/config/checkout
Even i did face a similar problem. The simplest way to overcome this is to create a new checkout page as per your requirements & use rules module to redirect on that page.
Hope this helps you