You currently do not have a developer account in QBO - quickbooks-online

I am trying to obtain my production keys for my QBO app following the steps in this link
However, when I try to start the "App Assessment Questionnaire", I get the error message below:
You currently do not have a developer account, please click here to complete setting up your developer account. Once that is complete you will be able to access the help pages.
This is what I see, and I DO have a developer account. It won't let me continue.
Please help!
I see this error in the address bar:
I tried creating a brand new account, a new app, on a different PC and the same thing happened. So this is not a cache issue.
Created 2 support tickets for this issue
I had to use a different account to access the help site

I've the same issue since Friday (02/18) and spent hours to figure out what's the problem.
tried from different browsers and different IP addresses
made a brand new developer account to test with it
had a 1+ hour chat session with QB support (but not developer support)
sent an email to an address received from the chat assistant
sent a feedback at
According to the browser's developer tools:
the Start questionnaire button opens this URL:
then it redirects to:
finally, SSO to salesforce fails and it redirects back to:**ErrorCode=ERROR_CREATING_USER&ErrorDescription=License+Limit+Exceeded**+-+Customer+Community+Login&ProviderId=xxxxxx&startURL=%2Fs%2Fquestionnaire%3Fapp%yyyyyyyyyyyyy
So, it seems to be, QB have reached a license limit at salesforce, which prevents new logins to create and the questionnaire from to load.
And the funny part is: the same thing happens, when I tried to create a support ticket and used the "Ask a question" button at
Which means, I can't start the questionnaire and can't start a ticket about the error either.
I guess, if QB developer accounts whom created support tickets previously or started the questionnarie before the license limit has been reached, they have have a SSO login account at salesforce and able to fill in the form or start new support tickets, but others are stuck because of the license limit.
If somebody have a working QB developer account and able to start a support ticket, please do it, and link this page in it.
Or maybe, we should contact salesforce support to let QB know about the license limit.
I'll give it a try.

This seems to have been fixed. I tried running the questionaire and it worked.

I have also been having this problem the last several days and had the same lack of success with QB support. The URL callback error I see is:
I don't see anywhere I can sign a TOS in my account page - it's possible that in fact QBO hasn't signed a TOS with Salesforce. What a joke.


GMB real-time notification settings in pub/sub "reset" every few days

Non-technical person here 🙋‍♂️
I'm having an issue where (using the Oauth 2.0 Playground) I authorize an internal user's GMB account and configure real-time notifications to be sent to our GCP topic. Every few days or so, notifications stop getting sent to our topic and when I check the notification settings for that account, they have been subscribed to an unknown GCP topic. I can reconfigure the notifications settings again, but every few days they are reconfigured to the unknown GCP topic.
It's possible some other app is overwritting my changes periodically, but I am having trouble figuring out where they're coming from.
Is there a log I can review to know where the request to change the notification settings is coming from?
When using the OAuth 2.0 Playground to configure settings, do they "expire" at some point? If so, is how do I prevent that from happening?
Thanks in advance for your help!
You can start looking into when and who created the unknown GCP topics by checking your Cloud Logging for created topics. You can do this by:
Open your Google Cloud Console
Open "Logging"
There should be a "Query" tab and select it.
Input protoPayload.methodName="google.pubsub.v1.Publisher.CreateTopic" and click "Run Query". You can check this reference if you'd like to see other logs related to Pub/Sub.
Click "LAST 1 HOUR" to adjust the time parameters of your log query. (Example: adjust it to a whole month to query all Created topics within a month)
Click the ">" beside the result and expand the log.
There are lots of info like the created topic name, what email authenticated this request, etc. In your case you should look out for field authenticationInfo for you to check who invoked the request:
authenticationInfo: {
principalEmail: ""
principalSubject: ""
NOTE: For testing purposes I blacked out my project-id and email for this example. Also the topic I created is log-this-topic and the email in the log mine since I was the one that created the topic.
OAuth have set rules for expiration, you can check it on Refresh Token expiration.

Cortana skill 'deploy to group' is not working for new user

A month ago when was not existing I was able to edit the Cortana channel on, add new users to 'deploy to group' option and share the link with those users. Once user log in to their MSA and accept the skill they would be able to use the skill.
Recently, due to site changes Microsoft came up with new site called where Cortana channel and its publishing will be managed. I completely followed following link to deploy to group
but, I see few differences this time. It does not give
1. Link to share
2. Once deployed NEW users added are not tied to skill yet.
Is this a bug ?
'Publish to group' should be working. When you publish to group using the steps mentioned in the link, it will give you group access URL. This is the link you need to share for new users to test and use that skill.
You should be able to generate the link now. Please let us know if that is not hte case.

AWS Sign In Loop - Can't Access the Portal

Issue: I am trying to sign in as a root user for my account from the AWS portal, but now, after I adding my password I keep getting redirected to:, no matter what.
It was working fine till today, first time I've encountered this redirect.
Main Browser : Chrome - Version 62.0.3202.94
Based on what on similar cases found on google I tried the following and still did not manage to sort out the issue:
-Chrome: deleted all the cookies and cache data
-Chrome: restarted the device and also the browser
-Chrome: used incognito mode
-Firefox (an aws member said is the most suitable browser): tried normal and private mode
-Firefox: deleted all the cookies and cache data
-Edge: tried normal and private mode
Someone suggested already to make use of S3Browser, it does not seem as a efficient solution just to access the AWS Portal a few times a week so I am keeping it as the last resort.
If anyone experienced the same issue or has any more suggestions/ideas would greatly appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance.
I faced the same issue. The following fixed it for me:
Change your Amazon email address on - You can use the same email address by using this trick. Change to
Use the lost password recovery on the AWS login site to recover the password for the former email address (i.e.
Use the new password to login on the AWS console with the former email address (
I just had the exact same problem and it was caused by my Amazon account who happens to have the same email address as my AWS account. Turns out that somehow ends up to be one and the same account. I finally had to change the Email for my Amazon account and reset the password on my AWS account. Now they are nicely separated.
I contacted AWS regarding the issue and they suggested to reset my password by going through because they saw I have two accounts under the same email address. I did reset my password but this did not help and I was keep getting sent to the same screen to finish my registration.
Due to the fact that I reset my password for my AWS account, when I tried to do some Christmas shopping through the normal it was prompting me with a message saying that I have another account active (the one from AWS I presume). I just reset my password for my account and it seems that the AWS account start working normally again.
Based on this experience if you encounter the same issue, I would recommend to try and reset the password for both AWS and the online shop
I had this exact same issue that also manifested itself as my amazon account not being associated with our 3rd party seller account on amazon US FBA (in addition to causing the loop on AWS).
I read the answer here and changed my password but that didn't fix it.
Ultimately, I called customer support who transferred me to AWS support (the only way to get them is by calling general support and requesting it). They were able to initiate a password reset request which solved both issues (seller account and AWS Login loop).
I solved the problem of being unable to login to the AWS COnsole because of the AWS Sign In Loop by re-syncing my MFA device.
There's a link on the 3rd phase of login, where it asks for your MFA, that says troubleshoot MFA. If you click it, it asks you for 2 consecutive MFA codes and then lets you in.
Had the same issue.. found out was because of AdGuard app. Hope it will help somebody
for test you can try to login aws on iPhone

Giving access to others on new GAE console

With old GAE console you could invite others to join a project as owner or developer. Recently this option is moved to the new cloud console.
I used to use the old console to get access to client's so I can deploy application and make changes to it. The process involved with login into the project and inviting the new user. Then an email was sent to the new user and after he/she accepts the invite he/she could access this application directly from his/her console at
I tried the same process with the new changes couple of days ago, logged in into the new project and from the permission menu added myself to the project. However no email was sent to me and I still don't see this new application in my console!
Interestingly enough if I go to I see this new project there is no logs or data-objects listed. If I go to I won't see this project and that's where I can go to application's console!
Not sure what's going on, has anyone seen this? Is there something I'm doing wrong?
I found the issue!
If you add a new project via (old way) the application won't show up under Compute/App Engnie section of as simple as that.
The proper way to get all functionality is to add the new project using the console and then use the permission to add others.
It's strange and I couldn't find any documentation that explains it but I've tested and resolved my own issue this way. Hope this helps others.

Docusign configuration in Salesforce error

Ive been advised by Docusign to post here.
I have 4 clients who I've installed the Docusign for Salesforce App for. I've followed the installation instructions and every time I end up with the same error. When it comes to entering my Salesforce credentials it says they are wrong or I have not added the trusted network. I know the credentials are correct and I have entered the trusted network. I've tried various things like using security token in the password, configuring at the docusign end. Nothing works, Docusign don't know what the issue is, I've also raised a case with Salesforce and they can't help. I can't understand why an App on the app exchange can't get passed configuration and noone can help! Hopefully someone here can help. Thanks
The DocuSignAPI tag on Stack Overflow is used for api development and integration questions normally, however I will try to address your issue...
First off, if you could update your question with a screenshot of the error and screen you are on when you receive the error that would help isolate the issue.
With that in mind, what screen are you on? Are you on the screen that's titled "Connect DocuSign to Salesforce"? Even though you've mentioned I just want to double check that you are entering your Salesforce user credentials and not your DocuSign credentials.
Next, what environment are you selecting? And what type of DocuSign account do you have? You need to make sure that you are pointing to an environment where you have an existing account. For instance, if you have a DocuSign demo account but you are pointing to Production during the install, you might get that error.