How to choose the right database for lyrics - database

I am new in mobile app development and I am developing an application in React Native, which will contains the lyrics of songs. Now, I am in a situation where I am thinking about the best way to make database for it.
I would like the basic lyrics to be downloaded to the device with the app, but also that the user can add other songs that would only be visible to him. Which way is the best? I think, that all songs could be saved into some database (for example in device storage or SD-card). I think about SQLite or Firebase, but is this the right way?
Thank you for all your advice ;)

Whole solution seems like a good use case for Firebase/Firestore.
Firestore seems to integrate well with mobile apps. It's also managed so it's a simple way to run a database for a mobile app given you can provide the customer with direct access to the database without the need for a backend.


Flutter app and web site connected to a same database

I want to create an app with Flutter and also a web site with WordPress. However, I don't know if it is possible to connect both oh my site and app to a unique database and I don't find any document on it. Indeed, I want my customers to be able to log in them on both. Do you know if it is possible or not and have you any document that could help me ?
Thank you for your help
there is actually a very good article on how to proceed to make a Wordpress connection throught your app made with Flutter:
Also, don't forgot, that every wordpress have a public API (by accessing {wordpressWebsiteUrl}/wp-json) where you can get your post etc...

How can I share local database of an existing app with a new app and make both work on it simultaneously?

One of my client's inventory management project supports online as well as offline mode to manage huge inventory data and is built using Xamarin.Forms & sqlite-net. Now, the client wants to create another similar kind of app and wants us to use the same local db of the first app.
The actual functionality he needs is that if I have data in one app then it can be shared to the second app and vice-versa. Like, if I'm logged into the first app then user automatically gets logged in to second app when it is launched. For that reason being, we need to have a shared database among both these apps. So, that both apps can read and write in a shared database. How can I achieve this? What will be the best and most efficient approach in Xamarin?
After some research I've found things like shreduserid for data sharing among android apps and App Groups for data sharing for iOS app. If anyone can help me with how to work around with them and best approach to follow.
Anyone having any idea or have done such thing is requested to provide your suggestions/links/code etc.

Database with ionic

We are 2 students studying web development.
Right now we are researching and trying to figure out a solution for an ionic app.
the app will have a lot of data content (video, image, music etc)
The questions are: should the APP be developed with a REST api? (seems like the only/best way to connect to a database with ionic?)
or can you build the app with a cloud-based-database without the REST-api (any suggestion for the database?)
and last should we use LocalStorage as our database?
Let me go from bottom to top; if you said you'll use a lot of content in your database - don't even think about local storage. If you really must have a local database as well, consider looking into SQLite (
The sentence "cloudbased-database without the REST api" honestly makes no sense in Ionic. Let me explain; Ionic uses Angular as its front-end framework. And, front-end is the key word here. You can take any front end framework, or pure vanilla JavaScript for that matter and you will not be able to connect to any database (be it in the cloud, locally, or whereever). It's just not how that's suppose to work.
So, finally, to confirm - yes, you will have to create a (REST) API for your database which will then allow you to "talk to" the database with Ionic.
Hope this clears things up a bit.

What database to use with PhoneGap

I am creating my first mobile app using Phonegap and I am not sure what database to use with it. I have read a few articles and am finding it hard to decide on which is best to use. Two of the ones mentioned most seem to be MongoDB or SQLite
Because PhoneGap needs Nodejs, I thought that MongoDB would be a good option but is that too robust? I am familar with Mongo but don't want to choose it just because it is convenient, I would prefer to use what is best.
The app will hopefully store information both locally and on the server. Will probably be information like you would store for a messaging app - user info, contacts, messages etc.
Anyone know which would be best to use? - or if another would suit my needs more?
The phonegap is a framework that allows you to create mobile applications using API's multi-platform web. The choice of the database in my view
should not be given by the framework, but for what kind of application you are doing.
I see three ways to store data from your mobile application.
1: Local Storage (
2: SQLite (
3: Database on server (can be anyone.)
The choice will depend on what you want from your application. If it is a simple application that will be stored few data, use the local storage of html5 that stores documents. If your application is already a bit bigger and more complex, you can use SQLite implemented in the browser using HTML5 which is supported by most current mobiles browser. The advantage here is that access to the base is done without the need to build a server. In the third case your application would be the type client server, in which case you should use the database on the server. The choice of database can be what you feel is appropriate.
I suggest you go with IndexedDB if you want to store a lot of data in the client or LocalStorage which is able to store 5MB worth JSON data.
This is just the front end but for the back-end there are so many to choose from and if you plan to write the back-end with Node then it will be wise to use MongoDB.
I would suggest using the Cordova-SQLitePlugin as it offers a native interface to sqlite, avoiding quota restrictions associated with WebSQL on mobile devices. The plugin is supported on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 platforms.
If you want to keep a local and remote database in sync, you may consider using this in conjunction with PouchDB
PhoneGap can use LocalStorage, SessionStorage, or SQLite databases. You can also use PhoneGap to connect to the devices native classes via a plugin, and pass the native class data, that it will then store on the device. check this link to find more details
What database does PhoneGap use and what is the size limit?

Database app, accessible from Mac, iPad and Web

I feel very out of my depth with this query, but not being able to do it isn't really an option so I am going to have to learn how one way or another.
I have been tasked with building an application / database for a Chauffeur company. I have done similar things before in Microsoft Access for other customers, hence getting this request, but this customer wants to be able to run the app on their Mac, and not install Windows. My only real experience of coding is HTML/CSS and some VBA when using Microsoft Access. For these Access DBs I have created separate front and back end files to allow multi user access and also remote access (the back end file being kept on the company server).
So onto my query (apologies for dragging it out)...
I need to be able to build something that the single user can open and run on his Mac, so he can view, add, change jobs and their details. He also needs to have the same access on his iPad, although purely viewing would suffice.
As regards the web access, basically he wants to be able to go onto his "Booking System" application, go to "New Job" and send a link to his client, where they would click the link in a browser, fill in the details (Name, Contact Number, collection and drop off addresses, collection date and time etc...) and when they submit this form the details be updated on his booking system.
My issue is I do not really know where to start. I just need some pointers as to where to get started. Is it an issue of building a MySQL database back end and then hosting this somewhere and linking different front ends to it etc...
Yes, with multiple clients, the web is your best answer. For the cheapest hosting route, you can find good, inexpensive PHP and MySQL hosting that will provide what you need. You can design the front end with HTML/CSS, use PHP to develop the logic and data access, and use MySQL to host the data.
The Mac and iPad can access the application via the web URL--you will not be building an iOS app, rather the user will access the web site through a web browser. You can use some pretty neat tools like jQuery UI Mobile to create an app-like experience, but if you need to support multiple clients on a small budget, an iOS app and separate web site is not the way to go.
Make sure you have some PHP expertise available or figure this part out. There are tons of great resources on the web to get started. Good luck!