Construct - make a function call to web page and give a callback function to be called later - construct-2

Is it possible in Construct2/3 to make a function call to web page and give a callback function name to web page so its called later?

Use this syntax: c2_callFunction("get_score")


Mocking fetch function that is called after a button click

I started with tests in react for now and wanted to know how I make a mock function for a function that contains fetch for an API?
explanation: there is the RegisterForm.tsx file that uses the DefaultButton.tsx, this DefaultButton is of type "submit" and when we click on it the form calls the handleUserRegistration function which in turn calls the signIn function of the signIn.ts file that contains a fetch for my API. With that, I want to know how I can create a mock of this call so when I use the UserEvent from the testing-library on my button during the test it doesn't call the handleUserRegistration function by default, but the mock of this function.
ps: I took some things out of the code so it wouldn't be too much, but it won't get in the way of anyone taking a look, I believe

Calling rest API within AngularJS & restangular

I have an API method that I need to call in my UI, and unsure the best way to do so. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Using restangular and angularJS. Should I create a service and then call the API Inside of it, and then reference that in my controller? Please let me know, thanks.
Maintain service layer, dao layer, view layer separately is the best practice.
You may look the Design Pattern.
The way I am doing is like this.
1 .First make an shared service first (shared.service.ts).
Create a method inside the service,there you call the rest api
return this.http.get(localhost:8000/api/data);
return this.http.get(localhost:8000/api/data);
Inject the service into the component where you want to use
constructor (private sharedService:SharedService){}
Subscribe to the method that is defined in the service to the function where you want to call the api
this.sharedService.getData().subscribe(response => {});

What is difference between method `toHaveBeenCalled()` and `andCalledThrough()`

While using the Jasmine Spies, how different is andCalledThrough() method from toHaveBeenCalled, does it actually run the original method completely? Any ideal scenarios when I should use it?
These are two different steps in spying on a function.
When you declare a spy on a function, before the function is called, you can attach some instructions to what should be done when the function is called. and.callThrough() means that the actual implementation will be used. Other options are and.callFake() and and.returnValue(), which allow you to mock a response and not use the actual implementation.
After the function you spied on was called, you can verify it was called using expect and toHaveBeenCalled and its variations.
Please refer to the documentation.

how does aurajs sandbox.on() and sandbox.emit() works?

I am new to auraJS and have gone through documentation but did not understand what is the role of sandbox in application. According to docs sandbox.on() is subscriber(listener) and sandbox.emit is publisher. but what are the argument passed in these functions and how i can call a function of other component with sendbox.emit(). i have code in the application like
sandbox.emit('layout:add-requested', this.collection, layoutModel);
and through debugging i come to know above line of code calls renderAddLayout() of other component's view. but i could not find any relationship or asynchronous call which can trigger the renderAddLayout() function();

CakePHP how to log API requests globally?

I have an API based on CakePHP, controller with name AccessLogController is responsible for saving access log into the database.
Question is:
What is the best practice for global logging in CakePHP?
I thought that I will call AccessLogController method from inherited AppController in before filter callback like this:
public function beforeFilter() {
$accessLogCtrl = new AccessLogsController();
$accessLogCtrl->add($param1, $param2);
But i not sure that is it a good way how to do it..
Many Thanks for any advice..
That's not how you should use controllers, never ever, except maybe in your test suite!
That being said, using AppController::beforeFilter() to globally log controller action requests is generally fine, just make sure that you always invoke parent::beforeFilter() in case you are overriding the filter in an extending controller.
However, you should definitely refactor your logging functionality into either a utility class, a component, a model, or even directly into AppController, depending on how it's actually logging things, and if you need to use it in places other than in AppController.