'The Type or namespace name 'T4MVC_MyController' does not exists in the namespace 'MyProject.Controllers.My' (are you missing an assembly reference?) - rebuild

I just cloned an new project, started the npm and when I rebuild I got several similiar errors, in the error list like the following:
How can I solve it?

Follow these steps:
Unload all the projects in the solution except the web application project.
Clean the solution and rebuild the solution again (make sure you have the npm started before)
Make sure the solution will rebuild successfully.
Reload again all the solution projects.
Rebuild again the solution.


Why my package is not correctly exported in node_modules after build in pnpm monorepo

First of all, let me apologize if I make so many mistakes in this posts, since I don't really understand how dependencies work and how monorepos are handled (I am trying :P ).
I am currently using a huge monorepo with 12 packages and 2 apps. It is working with no problems with yarn, but I am considering migrating to pnpm specially because of performance issues and to decrease how long it takes to install.
My current problem is that pnpm is way more strict, so I am getting an error regarding to another subpackage not exporting something.
src/components/StatusBall.tsx:6:3 - error TS2305: Module '"../../node_modules/services/lib/status"' has no exported member 'serverID'.
6 serverID,
This is not exactly correct, if I go to the "services" package lib (dist) folder, it is properly compiled, but If i go to StatusBall and I use ctrl+click it sends me to
But this file is missing the export serverId I can see in my lib folder.
What is wrong? Am I missing something?

Sveltekit adapter-static fails: Cannot read property 'kit' of undefined

I'm trying to build a Sveltekit site using the adapter-static.
npm run preview works fine and npm run build seems to build fine before giving me a cryptic error:
Cannot read property 'kit' of undefined.
Can you point me towards a way to debug this - I cannot find where exactly the issue is.
Svelte is still under active development. Most likely you're trying to use the latest documentation while having the older Svelte dependencies installed locally.
Upgrading your Svelte dependencies should solve the problem.
Try to create a new project with a fresh install of SvelteKit and adapter-static and then copy your code from the old project. That worked for me. Seems like the two were out of sync.

React Native: NPM Module being uninstall each time a new is installed

I am using a package named react-native-linear-gradient which can be found here. I had to go through quite a lengthy process to eventually get the link to my project (by manually linking via the Binary link with libraries in XCode. I got it working fine, however, each time I install a new package via NPM, linear-gradient is removed from my node-modules folder.
1.Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening? (Happy to provide additional information)
2.Will this impact deployment of the application if this is not solved?
SOLVED: Downgraded to 5.7.1... It seems 5.8.0 seems to cause the same error Michael mentioned.

Using Quick Install in Visual Studio doesn't actually add the packages to your project

Hello I'm trying to use the Visual Studio extension Quick Install Package to install packages via bower and npm. One example is angular-loading-spinner
When I give the command using the interface, I see that the package.json file is updated and or the bower.json file is updated with the package dependency, but I'm still unable to actually reference the packages as instructed in my html using the tags. No actual files are added to the project, so I feel like I'm really missing something here, or simply don't understand what this package installer is actually meant to do. There doesn't seem to be any clear tutorial on this I can find online, or any good information. It just all assumes it works fine. Can anyone please advise? Thanks]1
Mike, I'm glad to know that my answer was the correct. For future users that have the same concern, they need to look at the folder node_modules to find out all the libraries installed.
This was put in the node_modules folder as pointed out by Jonathan Brizio. The issue was that the files were hidden and had to be included in the project.

Hangfire : The method UseSqlServerStorage is missing

I'm trying to install HangFire for a ASP.NET Code Project.
When I follow then official doc (https://www.hangfire.io/blog/2016/07/16/hangfire-1.6.0.html) or other link ressources (http://www.dotnetjalps.com/2017/04/aspnet-core-hangfire-integation.html), it's sounds clear. Add this
But it doesn't work. This extension method doesn't exist. Am I miss something ?
You might be missing the HangFire.SqlServer package. Once I added that to my project it worked.
You can find the most recent version of the package here.
So, I found the answser ..
I had to delete HangFire package, close my Visual Studio 2017 solution and clean the obj and bin folder.
Then, I reopen it, add HangFire.AspNetCore and HangFire.SQLServer packages. Then it works.
I had a similar issue and it was caused because I already had GlobalConfiguration in my Startup and it was referencing System.Web.Http.GlobalConfiguration. Now I thought Hangfire would add this UseSqlServerStorage() as an extension method, like Swagger does for example, but instead Hangfire brings its own version of this file.
Referencing it directly worked for me: