How to prevent spam in admin files via form in drupal 7? - drupal-7

There are lot of spam files coming on daily basis and showing in admin ( and also having a pattern with alphanumeric (ie. vhjhgjb123.pdf) as you can see in the attached image. I think these spams are coming via forms.
So for preventing this I have enabled image captcha in all the forms but still these spams are coming regularly. Please help me to figure out this.


Google Analytics Goal Funnel Count has number differences with Production Data

I have this funnel visualization problem in Google Analytics. I have set up the funnel using the virtual pageview like so:
So basically what it tracks is that in activity page, when user clicks a button, it will show up a modal for registration and hits the /activity/virtual/open-volunteer-modal. After they fill out the forms, they click Register, and it will hits the /activity/virtual/submit-volunteer-modal.
Everything was fine, until I saw some difference in GA and Production values.
In GA, there are 3000 users that filled out the forms and submit their data. I was totally happy seeing this, but:
In Production DB, I only got 1906 users submitting their data.
I checked the code, and there is nothing wrong with it. It basically send a virtual page view when the value has been validated, so my question is how is this possible and is there any way to fix this? Or is it just intended behavior?
After further investigation, I found that some of the buttons that has open-volunteer-modal event is redirecting to submit-volunteer-modal. Hence, the submit-volunteer-modal value was bigger than the open.
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Create a thumbnail of document after uploading?

I am making a tiny website with reactJS where users can upload documents and share them,since multiple extensions are being uploaded,I managed to make the viewing work by just using google docs viewer.
but now i want to have thumbnails of those files,maybe of the first page so that it shows up un the search feature.
seeing that theres many extensions flying around i cant figure out how to approach this,what can i use to solve this problem ?
thank you.

drupal content not visible on site (or backend)

All our content is gone, both on the frontend as the backend. Only the titels are there
If I check the database I still see the content in field_data_body. Rebuilding the nodes didn't work.
When I look this problem up, all are pointing to the organic group module. That I need to disable this. But I never installed this.
Anybody any idea to solve this (and what did I do the mess this up?).
This can be caused by deleting fields in your content type, or by disabling modules that provide the fields.
Also this can be caused by input filters being incorrect, check the enabled input formats, and lastly check user access control and make sure that all users can "access content".
Good luck!

Issues with displaying salesforce rich text editor image

We are having few rich text box in our custom objects in enterprise edition. These rich text box are rendered in an android application given to our clients. Till now we were using the android app online but due to huge customer demand, we wish to make our app offline. But we are facing difficulties due to images in rich text box. The images in rich text box are stored as in a form
But when we try to use the android app offline, we cannot see the images in webview. Consulting our web developer, he said that the images do not have static path and so they cannot be downloaded and stored for offline use. So my query is, is there some way, which will help us to get static path for the images inserted in Rich Text Box available in, so that we can use them offline.
I had the same problem some time ago and also raised the issue with salesforce. They got back to me saying that images within rich text boxes could be stored in any server and needs to be authenticated to via a browser to have access too.
But you could try to use this, but its not a guaranteed approach as salesforce can change the way they store images.
Hope this helps.
Here's the response from SFDC :
As discussed over the call, as of now Salesforce does not have this feature built in the current release, else we would be more than happy to help you.
However, you can also post an idea on our Idea Exchange, where our customers share their ideas and expectations. (
Please feel free to contact us, if you need any further assistance.
Thank you for contacting salesforce.
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How to auto generate a webpage after user submits form

I am looking for some initial direction on this one because I cannot seem to find my way with it. Let me explain...
I am developing a website wherein a logged in site member (Joomla 1.6) can fill out a simple form and attach a pdf to be uploaded upon submission. The user then clicks the submit button and the page will refresh to a new and unique web page.
User Submits data on and then after submission a new web page is generated that is called
This newly generated web page would come from a template that is specified by the administrator and, most important, it will display all of the information that the user submitted. Also, there would be a link to download the pdf they uploaded. The user could then view a list of all the pages they have created in this manner via their profile.
I have seen this all over, but I am at a loss for how to generate this. Any help is much appreciated.
This is not something you will be able to easily do or get a detailed answer for here. If you just wanted to do the submission form with a thank you page that shows the data submitted you could use any number of form wizard type extensions -
If you just needed a way for users to upload PDfs and have access to them you could use one of the file management extensions that offer front end upload features -
If the additional data that is being submitted is simply data related to the file - title, description, etc then one of the file download components should work fine for you. The choices are limited in 1.6 at this time though so you might have to go with 1.5 to get the extension that works best for your needs.
So this probably isn't the best way to do it if your using Joomla but it just might help.
I would use PHP and inside of you're directory have a file like "template.html". Then I would create some php to handle the task of....
Opening "template.html"
Finding and replacing the values that the user passed you
Save the "template.html" under a new name (userSubmittedValue.html)
Again, I never really use Joomla. If you were to try this I'd suggest checking out php's file system functions (
Hope this helps a bit.