Add a column header to the dropdown part of a listbox or combo box - shieldui

I'm new to ShieldUI.
Is is possible to add a column header to the dropdown part of a listbox or combo box?


Bind a Combobox Selected Item with DataGrid Column

I am new in WPF. I have 2 controls Combo box and DataGrid. They are bind with DataSource1{ProperyX} and DataSource2{PropertyA, ProperyB, ProperyX}. I have a requirement that the Combo Box value should get selected whenever any row is getting selected in DataGrid (i.e if a row selected having the value of Column ProperyX is "JHON" then the same "JHON" should get selected in Combobox) with DataSource2 ProperyX column.

How to add CheckBoxes to a ComboBox?

I want to create a ComboBox having Checkboxes as children using Codename one.
I am not using the UIBuilder
For reusability I created a Container having three Checkboxes in it:
- Checkbox1
- Checkbox2
- Checkbox3
and this works already.
As it takes too much space on the screen, I now tried to add the CheckBoxContainer into a Combobox, like this:
- OverviewCheckBoxCont
but it does not work, the ComboBox contains a single entry only and it's not a checkbox, but a text:
(cannot see further on the screen)
How can I solve this issue, so there is a dropdown menu containing the three Checkboxes, that toggle onClick?
In the main form I added the CheckBoxesComboBox instead of the CheckBoxesCont:
this.add(BorderLayout.CENTER, checkBoxesComboBox)
instead of
this.add(BorderLayout.CENTER, checkBoxesCont)
1.You can use simple combobox as shown below
ArrayList al = new ArrayList();
findComboBox().setModel(new DefaultListModel(al));
2.And to add checkbox in combobox , you have to customize the combobox
3.Instead of customizing combobox, You can use button which shows and hides OverviewCheckBoxContainer which contains list of checkboxs
See this for customizing the ComboBox with the generic list cell renderer:
The problem with using checkboxes in a combo is that you would assume they would all appear in the combo as a set and the combo wasn't designed to do that. I would instead just use a Button and show a dialog with a set of checkboxes then set the text of the Button to match the result. You can style the button to look like a ComboBox if that is your preference.

Adding rows and columns dynamically to table control

I need to create UI using winforms which is similar to the diagram. The table needs
row one - one label and 20 buttons
row two - combox box, box and 20 buttons
row three - combox box, box and 20 buttons
row four - combox box, box and 20 buttons
In the column zero of the row zero, i need to add label and from next column need to add buttons
In the column zero of the row one,need combobox and button and then from column1 again buttons.
How to do add combox box and button to the same column(column zero) using the tablecontrolpanel, the width of the column zero should be not changed.
I am using table control to add the 20 buttons, but don't know how to add the button and combox box to the same column.

Extjs4: Customize dropdown menu in grid column header

I wanted to customize the dropdown of each column header in a grid panel. The idea is to have a filter for each column (example:
Grades (dropdown menu shows checkbox with K,1,2,4 as a filter)
I found this solution to manipulate the dropdown menu, but problem it's that this alter all dropdown and not each one.
Add a custom button in column header dropdown menus {EXTJS 4}
I will appreciate any suggestion.
I finally end up using the "Grid Filters feature ux", something it's better to stick to the road setup by ext.

ms-access: is it possible to change a combo box to text box using vba?

is it possible to change a combo box to text box using vba?
As an addition to the suggestion about hiding the text box I have seen people use a text box to cover all but the dropdown arrow of the combo box (text box set to be on top of course) and then updated the text box on the after update event of the combo box
I forget why they did it that way in the end but it worked and IMHO is better than hiding the combo box as you might have issues with it still having focus
As far as I know there are two methods. If the form is in design mode then running;
Application.RunCommand acCmdChangeToTextBox
while the combobox is in focus will make it turn into a textbox.
However you cannot do this at runtime. Say you want to show a textbox after selecting a value from the combobox, on the Change event of the combobox you just hide it and show a textbox that was previously hidden. Use the visible property of the combobox and the textbox for this.