Failed to run slider after kognitio cluster creation - kognitio

I am trying to integrate kognitio with kerberized cluster.
While creating kognitio cluster I am getting below error:
Starting slider cluster for test1 Failed to run slider command
/home/kognitio/kodoop/slider/bin/slider start kognitio-test1
I have followed the steps provided on kognitio community forum. But still facing same issue. please help.


netlify deployment build is failing for gatsby-contentful site

I'm trying to deploy a Gatsby-Contentful site to Netlify and while deploying it gives me build error. While testing in localhost its working perfect.
Here is the screenshot of the error:
While in production the npm run build command is working perfect.
I have tried this solution but it doesn't solve the issue.
Invalid plugin options for "gatsby-source-contentful"
Link to the code on github is Here
I think there is something wrong with the contentful API keys while deploying but I can't figure out what is it.
You must setup environment variable on Netlify
Netlify environment variables are accessible during your build. This allows you to change behaviors based on deploy parameters or to include information you don’t want to save in your repository
Go to your site > Site Settings > Build & deploy > Environment variable, and add your variables
More details in this doc
Update 2021-06-29
The problem turned out to be process killed while querying during build on Netlify. AVIF transformation while querying gastby image data causes resource exceeded on Netlify. Netlify team and Gatsby are still working on this.
The temporary solution now is to exclude AVIF from query.
Discussion post
Try to profile your memory application if it's consuming a lot of memory during npm run build on your local setup. In my case it was peaking up to 1.5 GB and Netlify will trigger an error build during deployment.
Adjusting the CPU Count to a lower number did the trick for me. Site Settings > Build & deploy > Environment variable

Why am I getting Application Error with Heroku Pipeline?

Setting up a new Pipeline in Heroku. I connected the app to GitHub. Starting with simple React application (via npx create-react-app) in order to see the Pipeline in action, but getting missing -a flag error. I understand that it says it is missing the target application but I don't know why. I've repeated the Pipeline settp several times to the same effect. Have read through the documentation a couple of times and not quite sure why the app is failing.
$ heroku logs --tail
› Error: Missing required flag:
› -a, --app APP app to run command against
› See more help with --help
First, I realized the error was because of it being a React app only, a front-end without a server. So, I spun up an Express server (via However, I am getting the same error.
Can anyone offer clarifications on getting a MERN app into Heroku Pipelines? Thanks!

AspNetBoilerplate REACT template - error after npm start

Today I downloaded the ABP Asp.Net Core REACT SPA template. After downloading, I ran npm install and then npm start. These two steps worked, no issues.
Once the REACT app has started, the browser opens up and all I get is a blank page. Then after a few seconds the below error dialog box comes up.
When I look at the chrome console, I find the errors shown below.
I'm new to REACT and very much still learning it. So I could use some help in tracking this error down.
Please note I did run the migrator project and got the DB setup on my PC and updated the connection strings to ensure connectivity for the .NET code.
Follow steps below to check whether you miss any step:
VS 2019 Open abp project
Change YourProjectName.Web.Host -> appsettings.json -> ConnectionStrings.Default
From VS 2019 PMC, set YourProjectName.EntityFrameworkCore as Default Project
Run update-database which will create the database
Set YourProjectName.Web.Host as Start Project, and run YourProjectName.Web.Host
For expected result, you will get http://localhost:21021/swagger/index.html
CD reactjs folder and run npm install and npm start
http://localhost:3000/user/login will show up.

Azure shows error ENOTEMPTY: directory not empty, rmdir '/home/site/wwwroot/node_modules/fsevents/node_modules/semver'\

I am receiving an error on Azure while getting it to build.
I have a react app and my azure is connected with bitbucket. So when I upload the changes to my bitbucket the Azure starts building and deploying the changes and fail with the errors in the following screenshot. I am not sure what is happening to it because I am new to Azure. Please guide me, guys! Thank you.
Note: I have received the same kind of error on my windows env laptop when I build my react app locally, But I haven't received it on my Linux environment pc. Could it be possible that the files didn't copy properly when I tried to move the project through pen drive?. On my windows laptop, I receive this kind of error on npm run build but when I run the npm command three times it satrts building properly on the third time without any error.

Google Managed VMs error while deploying

We just moved to VMs and while deploying we are having issues in Java Environment. The error is
Error Create Config Bucket failed. during VmCreateConfigBucket.
Then tried all the steps in the Google Page - deploying to Production. Nothing seems to work. (
Then We manually tried to create the buckets in Google Console. Retried our deployement but got the same error.
DETAILED Error message in the LOG :: Unable to update:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Fatal problem encountered during deployment. Please refer to the logs for more information.
Removing the image did the trick for me.
docker rmi <image>
gcloud preview app deploy --version=my_version my_dir/app.yaml