Adding custom JS & CSS on Suitecommerce Landing Page - suitecommerce

I have created custom landing page in Lists -> Web Site -> CMS Pages and I want to add custom JS and CSS to that page, what are the steps to do it?

There are several ways. Probably the easiest way is to use the Site Management Tools from the front end. You can insert <script></script> and <style></style> tags into the HTML content areas.
Method 1:
Step 1: View your SCA website.
Step 2: Hit the ESC key.
Step 3: Navigate to Landing Pages>your landing page
Step 4: Click the pencil icon in the top navigation to begin
Step 5: Click the Plus icon in the top navigation to add a content
Step 6: Click the HTML Content box in the right navigation
Step 7: Add your code in the HTML Content box. Put all JS within
<script></script> tags and all CSS within <style></style> tags
Method 2:
A more stable method would be to create a custom module in the
SuiteCommerce Advanced SSP Application, but that requires
significantly more understanding of the code structure. I'm not going
to describe it here because it would take all day. See this article:
Method 3:
If you are using SMT v3 you can also edit the HTML Content areas from
the custom record "CMS_HTML" in the NetSuite backend. It's a pain to
set them up new there though, so I suggest adding the content area in
the Site Management Tools first, then going into the custom record to
edit, if you want to edit from the NetSuite backend.


Opening a pop up from angularjs partial page

I have an AngualarJS app that has an index page and some partial pages, displayed in ui-view. The app is using ui-routing. I have a button on the header (located on the index page) and on click of that button I want a small pop up open - a page displaying some data from the database, based on currently logged in user. I am trying to decide between opening a windows with and sizing it to about 400x400 but that seems very un-elegant plus I see some issues with opening it. Another option I am entertaining is bootstrap ui modal but that would involve including bootstrap in my project on top of all the angular and routing includes.
Not sure if there is a better way to go, would appreciate any leads.
If you don't want to include bootstrap in your project You may use this one

How I am Create BreadCrumb with angular js from MVC?

Hi I have AuthUser menu list and when click my whichever menu, page will be opened I want to create breadcrumb clicking controller-action page.
Like this ;
I have as follow Menu List =
User Operation
Role Operation
Scenario Operation
Work Management
When I click Scenario My layout in breadcrumbs in will create =>
Security, User Operation, Role Operation, Scenario Operation .
or when click Test1 after create =>
Work Management, Test1.
How I am doing this angular ? Maybe I need current or request Controller or Action.
Is your menu just a static bunch of ul>li elements?
Have you got a jQuery library in your project?
As for me, it seams this can be easily achieved with plain JavaScript, than with Angular. If menu isn't generated by angular it is more about overall look of the page, than business logic.

angularjs only in a particular wordpress post

I build a website with many pages (event, blog, game....). One page display games (posts). User click on a new game button and there is a new post created.
User click on buttons to play, post is updated and reloaded.
I understand we can set wordpress to be a single application page with angularjs.
Is it possible to keep all the website as it is and use angularjs only for the game page, post ?
Absolutely, Just bootstrap ng-app to a wrapper of the section that has to be angularized or add ng-app to that wrapper. That way all the rest stays exactly the same.

Angularjs ng-include html pages

Hi I want to include different html pages,
in my project there are 10 tiles clicking on 1 tile related html have to be included. like this if I click any one in 10 tiles particular page should be displayed. Any Solution for this
If you want to follow rest api, you should change the URL on click.
Now implement ng-view for including specific html in the view on the basis of url.
You can learn routing here :

dotnetnuke hide menu from page

I'm running a dotnetnuke project (v7.0) with 2 portals.
I need to remove the default DDR menu from one page only.
The menu works great now with multiple pages and sub-pages, however on 1 specific page , ie landing page, I don't want to show the menu.
Right now I can think of 2 methods for achieving this:
Create a new skin template, remove menu, apply template to that one page
Use jquery to detect URL, for that page hide menu.
I'd rather just code the logic inside the template file, but I'm not strong in .net/c# and I'm new to DNN.
It's just one page today.
However, if you are using it for a landing page design I would recommend you just create another skin and exclude it from that and tailor that skin for that need.
That way when your non-technical editors need to work on the site and make a page that might only be used when linking from Google Adwords or whatever they can pick a template without that navigation and you as the developer/designer don't need to edit the skin to put in another exception based on the URL.