What to use for creating and running SWRL rules with OWL-API 5.1.0 - owl-api

although this question may seem duplicate, I think it is not,
In brief:
What to use for SWRL rules with OWL API 5.1.0, where can I find a tutorial or some examples.
It seems the latest version of SWRL API is 2.0.5 and swrlapi-drools-engine 2.0.5 are not compatible with OWL API 5.1.0.
I have a project that is fully built using OWL API 5.1.0, I want to utilise SWRL as suggested here: SWRLAPI
// Create a SWRL rule engine using the SWRLAPI
SWRLRuleEngine swrlRuleEngine = SWRLAPIFactory.createSWRLRuleEngine(ontology);
That code eventually calls this
SWRLAPIOWLOntology swrlapiowlOntology = new DefaultSWRLAPIOWLOntology(ontology, iriResolver);
which calls this
That generates the exception:
Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError. Message: org.semanticweb.owlapi.model.OWLDocumentFormat.isPrefixOWLOntologyFormat()Z
Kindly, What do you suggest?
Thanks in advance for your time, and for Ignazio and Galigator
Sincere regards


Gremlin - gremlin queries in tinkerpop documentation not working

I am new to graph databases, gremlin and tinkerpop. We are using them in an application we are building and the setup has been done by some other team.
Now when I try to run the gremlin queries provided in the tinkerpop documentation, many of them are not working and I am getting errors saying 'no signature of method:'.
Can you please guide me on what and how to check, either versions or anything else to make them work.
We are using janusgraph, cassandra as storage backend and elasticsearch for indexing.
Checking the version of Gremlin as you did was the right path to take. There may be minor differences between "z" versions of x.y.z and larger differences between "y" versions of 'x.y.z'. So for 3.2.3 you would want this documentation for TinkerPop:
As of this writing, JanusGraph has not yet released a version with TinkerPop 3.3.0 support and my sense is that it is not quite as trivial as just bumping the version number. 3.3.0 introduced a number of changes that graph providers would likely have to deal with in the form of new test, revised semantics, class renaming, etc. It's not something you would likely be able to do on your own without prior knowledge to how JanusGraph works.
There does appear to be a pull request for 3.3.0 support however so you could try to build that if you'd like an early look at how it works. If not I suggest you consult the 3.2.3 documentation and simply write your Gremlin in that form. 3.3.0 doesn't really introduce a ton of major new Gremlin steps, so you aren't missing much - I think you only get limit() and better addE() semantics. I would be sure to consult javadocs of 3.2.6 for a full list of every Gremlin step that is deprecated so that when JanusGraph does release 3.3.0 support, you are in the best position to upgrade.

using swagger documentation or Hydra:ApiDocumentation for newly API

I am currently in the process of choosing a technology/format to expose my API. It seems there are lots of discussion on this topic, but could not find the one for future use. I am planning to use Hydra:
as it seems to be fully restfull (hypermedia api) but it seems it is not accepted yet (neither HAL is).
when I go to : http://www.markus-lanthaler.com/hydra/api-demo/vocab, I get a json that seems to be what swagger returns.
my questions:
- is Hydra Documentation meant to be sthg like swagger
- could find any tool for it like swagger has.
- I would prefer using Hydra as it seems it has more description on operations... by using json-ld, but it does not seem to be as supported as Hal or swagger is.
-does anyone have experience with hydra
Great that you consider using Hydra. You are right, we do not have extensive tooling yet but that's just a matter of time. In fact, I'm already working on a documentation generator. If you have further questions regarding Hydra, please don't hesitate to post to our mailing list. There are a lot of people on that list that will be happy to help.

Documentation for migrating from Gatling 1.x to 2.0?

I have been bit by a bug in the JSON parser in Gatling 1.5.5 which I read is solved by migrating to 2.0.
The challenge is, there is very little documentation (that I have been able to find) on Gatling 2, aside from: https://github.com/excilys/gatling/wiki/Gatling%202.
What state is the complete 2.0 documentation in, and is it accessible online yet? If so, can I get a link?
Upcoming Gatling 2 documentation (targeting current snapshot) is now stored in the repository, along with the sources.

Which version of Jackson is Google App Engine 1.8.6 repackaging?

Firstly, I'd like to know how to find this out for myself next time. If not, then can somebody tell me?
The reason I want to know is because I want to use the #JsonIdentityInfo annotation on my Cloud Endpoints entities to deal with recursive serialization, but it doesn't compile. I guess this would mean it's some Jackson version less than 2.0.
You should not use repackaged libs - they are for internal GAE use only. They are not part of official API and can change at any time.
Include your own Jackson jar in your project.
Like Peter says, include your own Jackson jar. Make your code use this Jackson library. GAE will use their repackaged JSON parser or whatever they change it to (even not necessarily Jackson). That is of no concern to your project. GAE has no reason to look for Jackson annotations on your Entity classes - only your source code should tell only your Jackson jar to do that.

Error trying to import a a daml file in protege

I'm trying to import a daml file (.daml) in protege, but I get the following exception:
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.noClassDefFoundError: org/apache/xerces/utils/URI$MalformedURIException
at edu.standford.smi.protegex.storage.daml.DAMLJenaParser.jenaparse(DAMLJenaParser.java:49)...
Does any of you know how to get around this? Does any of you know any other powerful ontology app. dvelopment environment other than protege for developing daml+oil documents?
Please reply as soon as you can. Thanks in advance.
Its solved. I new I needed xerces but did not know exactly which version. As my version of protege (portege 1.9 2000) is an old one it seems that I needed an old version of xerces. I just did not know which one. Now, its working fine. I think the version of xerces is 1.4x
Thanks for your time.