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How could I find available versions of scalatestplus? I checked this page but it only tells the compatibility of scalatestplus with Play. How can I find which releases are available in 3.1.x?

You can see all the versions of scalatestplus-play via
Maven Central repository
Github releases page
Currently, 3.1.0, 3.1.1, and 3.1.2 have been released.


expo-ads-admob not updating as expected

As I'm sure many are aware, admob needed an update to use a newer SDK (7.64+) and this message appears on your admob account if you have apps using an SDK below that version:
Some of your iOS apps require a GMA SDK update To keep ads serving normally and minimize a loss in ad revenue, implement the GMA SDK 7.64.0 (or later) for your iOS apps. And configure the SKAdNetwork in your apps with Google's network ID.
Expo had a PR here that was merged 6 days ago. This should have updated the GMA SDK to 7.69.0. However, when I ran expo upgrade it states that it updated expo-ads-admob,
✅ The following packages were updated:
expo-ads-admob, expo-av, expo-keep-awake, expo-updates, react-native, react, react-dom, #babel/core, react-native-web, babel-preset-expo, expo
but no changes actually take effect. And if I have the newer version (10.0.0) that I manually installed as stated below, it downgrades it to 8.4.0.
When that wasn't working, I then went and manually updated expo-ads-admob to 10.0.0 via npm (also tried yarn) and it looked like the node package was actually updated (checking the CHANGELOG and it has info about 10.0.0).
Still when I build my app with expo build:ios, run the new app, and check my GMA SDK version on admob it is still using 7.55.1.
I have also tried completely removing expo-ads-admob and reinstalling, but the same issue occurs.
Any ideas as to why this is occurring? Is there some other method I should be using to upgrade to the latest commit on expo's master branch?
Appreciate all the assistance in advance and let me know if there is any additional info I can provide.
Additional Info:
SDK Version: 40.0.0
Platform: iOS
Workflow: Managed
EDIT: Received answer from Expo member, see answer below.
You cannot use updated packages if using the managed workflow, it must be bare workflow in order to update module versions manually. Therefore, this admob update won't take place for managed workflows until expo SDK 41 is released.
See expo forum here for more.

Maven GPG plugin 3.0.0 is missing

Here is maven-gpg-plugin version 3.0.0 official page:
the download links not working
Maven central shows that the latest version of plugin is 1.6
Is it some fake page or what am I missing?
This was stage release, which doesn't passed testing and voting on Maven Developers List, so was canceled.
After testing two new issues was found:
There is new plugin probably it will be successor of maven-gpg-plugin

Which version of 2sxc content module is stable and has correct references in source code, so that it can be deployed and launched locally?

I need to deploy and launch 2sxc module source code locally on my pc. Which release version is stable and has correct references? I tried it with version 11.05.00, but didn't succeed so far.
What problems did you find, and which version of DNN are you using?
I have 2sxc 11.4.0 running in a DNN 9.7.2 installation. No problems.
Looking at GitHub, I see 11.07.01 for LTS and a couple of "minor bugfix" releases following it. It looks like I should consider updating ...
Basically almost all releases are stable - and we recommend LTS releases.
I don't understand what you mean with correct references - could you elaborate?

How do I manually upgrade a software package from a Github page?

I want to upgrade React Native Debugger from version 0.10.0 to version 0.10.2, but clicking to upgrade when the program itself prompts me isn't working because (as they indicate on their page), there's a bug that prevents this upgrade. People have suggested "manually" upgrading or using brew cask reinstall react-native-debugger. The latter doesn't work, so I was wondering how you go about manually upgrading a package like this?
You can go to the release page and download the appropriate .dmg file (for MacOS) from there. Afterwards you can just install it like any regular .dmg.

FAQ not working on DNN 8.0.0

I have just upgraded a website from DNN version 6.1.3 to 8.0.0.
Post upgrade I found that the FAQ module had updates available as shown in this screen
I downloaded the latest available FAQ module(5.1.1) and installed on my website.
It seemed that the updates are installed successfully but FAQ module stopped rendering.
In the edit mode it displays following error message
DotNetNuke.UI.Modules.ModuleHost - System.Web.HttpParseException (0x80004005): Unknown server tag 'dnn:DnnListBox'
I tried troubleshooting many ways but no luck.
Really appreciate if someone can help in this.
This is related to some of the Controls being moved to the DotNetNuke.Web.Deprecated DLL.
Here's a commit in the FAQ project which looks to correct this issue
Your best bet is to fork that project and compile it yourself to build a new ZIP version to use, or to wait for the project to complete a new release with the fixes.
Try installing the latest version (5.3.0). I had to contact support, but they sent me a copy of that version of the FAQ module today and it seems to work in DNN 8.3.0.