IMX6 + webengine doesn't display latest website state, why? - imx6

I've written a simple website in html, css, js. No error and everything display's fine in the chromium desktop version.
The problem is, that i would like to display it on the IMX6 Solo + webengine.
For developing reason's i used Apache2 and just did something like ./webengine http://172.XX.XX.XXX/index.html for the IMX.
At first it worked absolutely fine, but if i would like to change something in my website code and try to refresh it on the IMX6, then nothing new happens. It still show's the old version of the website.
In chromium everything that i code new appears .. but not on the IMX.
Does anyone know why?

It's the browser-cache.
Solved the problem by manually clearing it.


Lightbox2 Stopped Working on Chrome

Using straight-out-of-the-box lightbox2 (no edits, no mods). It has worked faithfully for the past couple of years since it's been in use. Suddenly noticed the other day that the image no longer fades in/out using Chrome. Image just displays on a new browser page. Works okay on Edge, but not sure about Safari as I've not yet checked that. Is this a Chrome issue? Any fixes?
I had the same problem. Tried many things.
Then I used "lightbox with jquery" javascript that's on their website:
Update: It is not necessary to combine lightbox with jquery. The issue in my case was that I was using jquery older than version 2. If you user 2.0 or above version of Jquery, lightbox will start working again.

ionic mobile app gives white screen

I have created one ionic app it runs perfectly fine in browser but when I convert it into app it gives white screen.
I have already install white list plugin and allowed all url in config and also have kept meta tag. Am not able to find any other solution.
When kept simple html file am able to view it.
Any help will be grateful.May be good way to debug will be also good.
Connect your phone to PC with USB cable and remember to keep USB Debugging On. Now, navigate to chrome://inspect. You'll find the device name and click on "inspect". On Console tab, the error list will give you a hint about what is wrong there.
In my case, a custom service was Injected in controller which had been removed at some time as It was not used anywhere.
Ok just answering this question so it will be helpful to all.
Below blog was helpful for me that how I can debug
And guess what was issue, folder name in app is case sensitive. I was just need to change a folder name as per exact case sensitive path I provide in index file.
Mostly such thing occures because of a javascript error. You say it runs in your browser. Are there some exception in the console?
Not everythings is equal between browser and device, for example plugins. You have to be sure, that all used plugins are installed properly.
If you deploy on android, you can use android monitor to get console output. On ios xcode has already an integrated debugger.
I had this horrible issue because I compiled my Android application with Cordova 6.x and the project worked with CrossWalk plugin. In my case, the solution was uninstalling Crosswalk. If your project has installed that plugin, try to uninstall it and compile your project again.

angular app suddenly stopped working on chrome

weirdest thing just happened. My angular app was working fine until last night. This morning, when I run it, it doesn't work on Chrome. I haven't modified anything to the code, and I see no errors on the developer console. What makes it even more weird is, the app works just fine all other browsers and even in incognito mode in Chrome. I tried disabling some extensions but that didn't do the trick either. On the surface, what seems to be the problem is that the any paths following the hashtag is not being populated whether I use ui.router or ngroute. Manually typing the paths does not work either. Does anybody have the same problem? What is going on?!
Just clearing cache didn't work. I had to to clear the cookies and plugin data as well. I'm thinking it might be related to recent Auth0 implementation. Will need to look into it so the problem doesn't occur again. For now though, I will close the question.

Gumby framework - mobile nav doesn't work

I'm starting to build a new portfolio with this Gumby framework. I've chosen Gumby because I like SASS more than LESS, so I would like to try a framework based on this language.
The problem is that the mobile navigation doesn't work for me.
If I use the ui.html inside the downloaded package and I resize the browser window, the "three lines icon" appears, but if I click nothing happend!
If I use the Gumby's UI demo on the website it works...either for some website I saw here on stackoverflow that use gumby!
I've checked all the paths, the developer told me that I have to use gumby.min.js and it's uncomment by default, so i don't know why this mobile menu doesn't work for me.
Maybe I have to work online with the website hosted on a server? But I'ts strange...
I don't know what code to post, because it's simply the ui.html who all of you can find inside the downloaded gumby package.
I don't know javascript well so I cannot explain how/why this works but there is an issue with toggleswitch.js. Add e.stopImmediatePropagation(); to line 45. That's what worked for me.
If someone knows how or why this works I would love to learn.

Xilium.CefGlue in Winforms application not working properly with ogg

I'm trying to integrate the Xilium.CefGlue browser into an existing project, but i don't seem to get it working with ogg. I'm using the latest versions of the Xilium.CefGlue(xilium-xilium.cefglue-3caa551bd830) and the Cef binary (cef_binary_3.1384.1045). Everything works great when running the projects in the Xilium.CefGlue solution.
To make sure the problem is not caused by my other project, i started a new Winforms project, added references to Xilium.CefGlue.dll, Xilium.CefGlue.Demo.dll and Xilium.CefGlue.WindowsForms.dll. I use the same code in my Program.cs file as used in CefGlue.Client project in the examples, and in my form i create a new CefBrowser and add it directly to my controls. I also placed the needed ceflib files in the correct location.
Now, when running the application and loading a webpage, everything seems to hang unless i change the SingleProcess to true in the CefSettings in my Program.cs. However, when loading another page which contains html5 video (ogg), the page is not getting rendered. I do notice that the interaction is there, because i can start the video by clicking in the center of the page where a button should be located. I can hear the video playing, but the page simply stays blank.
Loading the same page in the CefGlue.Client does work like it should. Now, when i change the setting SingleProcess to true in the example project CefGlue.client, the same thing occurs, so i guess it must have something to do with this.
Anyone got any ideas on what is going wrong?
Found the answer somewhere else by S├ębastien Frippiat:
it seems that using SingleProcess=false doesn't work when debugging with Visual Studio (should be related to Visual Studio using a executable called project_exe.vshost.exe instead of project_exe.exe).
So i changed my CefSettings to this:
var settings = new CefSettings
BrowserSubprocessPath = #"C:\CefGlueBrowser\CefGlueBrowser\bin\x86\Debug\CefGlueBrowser.exe",
SingleProcess = false,
MultiThreadedMessageLoop = true,
LogSeverity = CefLogSeverity.Default,
LogFile = "CefGlue.log",
That seems to fix it for debugging.
Just disable Visual Studio Hosting Process and you wont have problem for debugging