volttron can not access to gui (error "Not Found") - volttron

I have a question about volttron.
I have installed volttron version 5.0beta, and access localhost:8080 (gui)
but, I can't access localhost:8080/index.html
they show a below picture.
How can you solve the problem?

The root of vc has changed to allow other agents better usage of the web server.
Please use http://localhost:8080/vc/index.html.


How can I access the Planon app from my (personal) laptop?

I cannot access anymore the planon application using the link provided in Tellit (http://prod478.prod.telenet.be:18070/startpage/PROD/START).
I get this error message in my browser:
enter image description here
Tried restarting VPN (Palo Alto), different browsers, incognito mode, restarting laptop, ...
Found out the problem is the app has been migrated to a server which is not accessible through VPN.
You need to access it through Remote Desktop.
One possible way to achieve this is go to this link : https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/arm/webclient
then yo can use the provided Edge browser to browse to the Planon app.
However in order to do so, you need to request one additional TIM right:
(A) AVD - AG - PRD - Digital Solutions (Groups Azure Virtual Desktop)
I had also asked this one PA_Planon (Groups SSL VPN), but suppose it was not useful anymore as VPN access is not allowed.

SOAP UI not able to talk to Salesforce whereas browser can

I am not able to connect to https://test.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/token form SoapUI (ver 5.2.1). I have tried the PRO version and other older versions (4.6.xx) as well.
I can access the website from the web-browser. The GET to this URL gives me the response where as SOAPUI says HttpHostConnectException connection to https://test.salesforce.com/ refused.
I have checked that there is direct connection available from my PC to this address. I have tried adding https.proxyHost and https.proxyPort settings in soapui.vmoptions and sopaui.bat but of no use.
I have also tried playing around with Preemptive Authentication settings in SOAPUI without success
My organization has firewall which has white listed this address. I have also confirmed that firewall settings does allow to connect thru non standard clients (such as ApacheHttpClient).
If I use a Java Program using URLConnection using the proxy, it works.
At this point it seems to me that SOAPUI is not honoring the proxy settings.
Please share if anyone has similar experience and how did they resolve it.

XPages - Auto launch not working on DMZ server

I have an application with the web browser launch properties set to open designated XPage (home.xsp).
It works fine on our test server but not on the new DMZ server where I get a 404 error (HTTP Web Server: Item Not Found Exception)
I've looked on Stack Overflow but haven't found anything to point me in the right direction. Would someone let me know how I can resolve this?
I would try some things
clean the project
manually build the project
check the data\Technical support folder and the data\Domino\workspace\logs folder on the server for clues

how to redirect user to web admin interface of my device?

how to redirect user to web admin interface of my device?
I am using following in my project.
httpd of busybox as http server.
html files/js/css to create web pages.
I don't have any kind of apache like servers.
C language and linux.
User will connect to device via wifi. When the user want to access the internet via wifi then he should be first redirected to my web page.
The research which I have made is: I need captive portal for this. Truly speaking I have no idea how to implement captive portal and what it is. I have found that wifidog,chilispot and Nocatsplash are such kind of captive portals which are free.
After compiling the wifidog I have found that to run that I need iptables. By doing necessary changes in kernel I am at that stage that I can run wifidog. But when I run the wifidog I have to configure in the wifidog.conf. I have try to do that. I have added some parameters like :
ExternalInterface br0,
GatewayInterface br0,
AuthServer {
Hostname auth.ilesansfil.org
I have tried to access my board in which wifidog is running using my browser but I am not getting anything related to wifidog. It just gives my admin page.
One thing is there is no master device in my project. All device should work the same way.
Would anyone please help me on this issue?
As far I as understand - yes, you are on right track.
What you need now is AuthPuppy: https://launchpad.net/authpuppy

Silverlight WSOD at remote client site

I have a client who installed our silverlight app recently. it works fine from their server itself. but when they try to run it from a client, they can log in through the aspx login page, but on the main page, which hosts the tag and the .xap file, they see absolutely nothing!
I cannot see their screens, just get occasional screenshots via email and cross my fingers that they are typing the URL I tell them to. Even Shareview is not working for them - they can see my screen but I cannot see theirs.
So I am pleading - help! Please throw out some wacky ideas. I just learned an hour or so ago that they did not even have silverlight installed, so the mornings debugging effort was a waste of time. So who knows what the next fascinating source of problems is?
Here is the user-agent info. Oor app is .net 4.0 could that be the problem? It does noty look to my untrained eye that the client supports 4.0 (from the web server log):
Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+7.0;+Windows+NT+5.1;+.NET+CLR+1.1.4322;+.NET+CLR+2.0.50727;+.NET+CLR+3.0.04506.30;+.NET+CLR+3.0.04506.648;+.NET+CLR+3.0.4506.2152;+.NET+CLR+3.5.30729) 401 3 5 0
Getting closer - I see that the GET request for the XAP is returning 401 - not found! What would do that?
It's very possible that they are blocking XAP files either directly or indirectly at the firewall. XAP files are simply ZIP files and inspection-based firewalls tend to look at these as a security risk. You may want to see if they can setup an exception in their rules.
1) check if your client access the good url. Request their IP address, then check the web server logs. ie: are they requesting the good url, are they downloading the xap? (check if they use a proxy, too?)
2) check that they restarted their browser after installing the Silverlight runtime.
3) Do you handle the UnhandledException event for your Application class? If no, use it to send detailed exception logs to your server on application crash.
4) Use javascriptto initialize your Silverlight application. This way, you can be notified if the runtime fail to start, (for example if it failed to load the xap file) You can use ajax to report the issue to the webserver.