Error occured in nintex workflow - nintex-workflow

am learning nintex and got a bit the nintex workflow i drag and drop the Query BCS action. after that i try to configure, but one error popup display " An unexpected error is occured"
enter image description here

This has occasionally happened to me. Solution, close the browser or tab, and re load it. Make sure you save first.


I am getting error in console "You need to enable JavaScript to run this app." react´╝îjs

When I right click to view the source code of the webpage, I am getting error in console "You need to enable JavaScript to run this app." reactjs, what is the reason for this?enter image description here
That is not an error, it's just the text that react will show to your users if they don't have Javascript enabled.
Also, you are viewing the page source and not the console.
You can read more about that here.

Magento2 PWA Venia - Error Message not showing correctly

I have successfully installed Magento2 with PWA studio using the Venia theme. While playing around with the SignIn Component I have noticed that the error message is not showing properly with respect to detailed information. It is always showing the default error message Mostly: "An error has occurred. Please check the input and try again. "
I would like to show the graphql error message if any error is there. Screenshot for quick reference is attached. The console is showing the correct error message. I need to show the same above the form. Please guide.
Thanks in advance.
Screenshot of PWA

Not able to publish my actions for production release in dialogue flow

I have completed the overview section and finally was trying to publish my actions but whenever i click create a release button it does not show anything . I am struck on this. Is this server error or something else?
Finally, I was able able to solve this issue. The problem was causing due to a Ad blocker.

error message when running an application on Bonita tool

I am trying to run this form in the browser, but I keep getting this message not sure how to fix it so can you help me please.
"Ui Designer form type is selected and no target form is defined for overview page mapping. an autogenerated form will be used in the development environment ONLY"
here is a screen shoot of the message.
/Users/user/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 5.31.44 pm.png
/Users/user/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 6.34.41 pm.png
Unfortunatly I cant see any pics from your problem and I just think your problem might be with deploying your process.
As the error mentions the form you see when you Run the process from studio is an autogenerated form for testing the process in development mode(Obvious)
So if you want to deploy your process on a deployed Bonita BPM engin you have to create all those forms.
Select the Task (containing the contract cause forms are only generated for contracts) --> Under details panel ---> Execution Tab ---> Form :
Here you have 4 options and as it seems your new to Bonita so I suggest that you go with the UI Designer cause it will generate a form for deploying , simply choose UI Designer then from the right side of Target Form text area click the pencil icon (Edit) , it will create a new form for your contract and opens UI Designer to modify it.
If you just want to see how your process works in deployment environment and don't want to spend time on designing the UI just change the form name from "newForm" to what you want (All the forms created by UI Designer have the "newForm" name before you change it and it may cause problems if you don't modify the name ) and save it.
Build your project and deploy it.

WPF Splash Screen Adding Fails

I need to put up a png image as splash screen for my WPF.
I imported the file to project and changed Build Action to 'Splash Screen'
This should have done the job, but I am getting this error message:
Unknown build error, 'An item with the same key has already been added.'
Googling the error didn't help.
I can confirm that changing the build action to Application Definition and then building (there will be errors), then switching it back to Splash Screen and running the program clears this error.