React Fixed data table vertical scrolling not working in IE and MS edge - fixed-data-table

Vertical scrolling of the data table in this example
does not work in MS edge or IE. Any help on this?

Maybe it is fixed in:
Fixed-Data-Table-2 is a continuation of facebook/fixed-data-table. The original repo is no longer maintained.


Drawing a bar chart in the background of candlestick chart in apexchart

I am playing with candlestick graphs (example from here: everything work as expected.
However, I am struggling with adding my signal data for a visual representation of the graph.
I am unable to find a solution that works I was thinking I can somehow fine-tune a timeline - I tried chart.js/apexcharts and for now, I believe the closest will be with the second framework.
What I need is a bar chart that can be used in numeric ranges for the X and Y-axis as presented below. (the goal is to be able to add the green bar as presented)
Is there an easy win or an idea of how to approach this?
Is there something I am missing?
That is my current solution (line graphs with stopWin/stopLose and entry price).
Still suboptimal - but works and is easy to achieve.
After weeks of playing around with it - the solution stayed:
I got two instances of apexcharts one with candlestick and one with line graphs
they are in a single div with CSS playground and position absolute.
I am passing standardised min/max values and has to have the same amount of elements in them (line graphs are allowing You to add null values which allow using this solution.
The final version work is repeatable and looks good.
if you need some help in similar case - feel free to reach out ;)

Vertical headers in React Table

I am currently working on creating a table with React Table
I would like to have the headers vertically rotated, so they take up less horizontal space on my screen.
The only solutions I came across were setting the header width and height on pixels, but this would make it so that it wouldn't resize with different text lengths.
Would there be a better way to achieve this? Added the following image to give an idea of expected result.
I got it to work using the following answer!
I applied the verticalTableHeader class to the header and it is still responsive to variable headers.
Thank you!

Smart-table AngularJS - Fixed Columns with Horizontal Scroll

Is there a way or an additional plugin to fix columns in Smart table so on horizontal scroll the fixed columns don't go out of view.
I just had the same issue, and couldn't find any solution. Finally, I came up with the following Plunk.
The idea is to have two smart tables next to each other, both of them are set to display: inline-table. With some playing around overflow etc. I could make it work.

iOS 6 Xcode 4.5 Auto layout Trouble

Hi i have been trying to arrange this over and over with no progress. I have been following a Core Data Book and its a little old and it doesn't explain the new Auto Layout features. I have two views one on top cover half the screen. The other on the bottom covering the other half of the screen. When I change the orientation it distorts the boxes and there is a white gap between the two views in landscape mode. I would like for the boxes to cover the screen the same way it does in portrait mode.
This code I am using is here.
Please explain how exactly Auto Layout works and how it will work for my case. Thanks a lot in advance.
i try your code and Solved .Set Width ,Height in autolayout and set leading and Trailing for Horizontal Spaces For both the views in constraints in nib file using Autolayout method(ios6).
select both UIViews then Pin > Vertical Spacing
select both UIViews then Pin > Height Equally
Run, will show as same as before with error in console
Delete both Vertical Space (502)...
Run and you are done.
Try it yourself.

SSRS BIDS 2008 R2 pie chart data labels overlapping

As seen in image, the data labels are overlapping and making the data difficult to read. Anybody know how to sort this?
Have now updated the question as I have changed the PieLabelStyle to Outside and in the picture you can see in the design view above it acknowledges this however when I preview the chart it remains on the inside! (See image 3 link below)
Technet has a nice piece on this:
The secret is in the Properties pane under the Custom Attributes section:
A good solution is to sort the pie chart between small and big pieces. I posted a script that helps with this issue: