Try Jupyter loads a blank browser - try-catch

I now have Jupyter installed on Debian 8, but would also like the ability to run it without installing on other machines.
When at and I click on the "Try it in your browser" button, the tab is a blank page. I've tried this in Firefox, Chrome and Chromium. Any suggestions? Also happens on my Windows 7 guest in VMWare.

Make sure you visit instead of The http link didn't used to work (this has been fixed recently by redirecting to https), but the https link will work.


VS Code React app closes/crashes using Chrome debugger

I am troubleshooting an issue I am having debugging a React application using VS Code with the Chrome debugger extension. I am using Windows 10 x64.
When I try to log into the application from the app's login page, the debug browser closes without any error (see screenshot below of break-point in code where the browser closes/crashes). I've tried debugging with both Chrome and Edge and I see the same issue with both browsers.
I do not have the same issue running the application without debugger from npm start. Nor do I see the issue when running the application from Chrome debugger on a different computer. Also my friend who is working on the same code does not see the issue on his computer when debugging or running the code.
I cloned an extra copy of the application code onto a different directory on my computer and that did not fix the issue.
I see a file is created \src\debug.log which seems like it could be related to the issue, but not sure what this is used for. The log file just shows the below error over and over.] failed to stat report
Any ideas on how I can fix this or what might be happening here?
I faced with the same issue in the Chrome version 85, I've updated to version 86.0.4240.75 and now is working for me
Here you'll find the Chrome Bug Report:
The solution for now is to disable the new Javascript Debugger
"debug.javascript.usePreview": false

Firefox React developer tools stopped working

I've been using the React developer tools extension in Firefox for some time, they're great. But yesterday the tools stopped working. The Components tab is available, but it doesn't show any content - my React component tree is simply missing, the pane is blank.
I've tried uninstalling the extension, closing Firefox, and reinstalling the extension.
I've tried rebooting my machine.
I've checked the Components tab settings, everything looks OK.
I've tried reverting to an old version of my project, back when the Developer tools definitely worked.
Has anybody got any ideas? There's no error, and I can't think of any way to investigate what's causing the problem. I haven't found anything by web searching.
And I can't switch to Chrome, because the tools won't install on Chrome under Linux!
OS: Linux mint Cinnamon
Firefox version: 63.0.3 (64 bit)
Phew, got it working again! I'm posting what worked for me in case it helps anybody else.
I completely uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it following these instructions:
Then re-added the Developer Tools extension, and it is now working. Firefox is now at version 69.0.

Start pgAdmin4 in different browser Ubuntu 18

Can't find where to change the default startup browser on Ubuntu. When I start pgAdmin4 the default browser opens, but I would like to start a different browser (eg: Firefox). In windows you can right click the service, but I'm stuck finding the way to change this on Unbuntu.
With the latest version of pgAdmin4, developers have added copy URL option on right click on tray icon, Download the latest version then right click on pgAdmin4 tray icon which will give you option to Copy URL, once you click that option then open your desired browser and paste the URL and hit Enter.
And you are good to go :)
Also, there is an option to run the custom browser command also.
In new chrome versions you can run pgAdmin 4 as "native" desktop app. While the pgAdmin v4 web server is running, right click the icon in the Windows System Tray and select Configure... In the Browser Command input add the following:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --app=%URL%
Note: Above path can change for you in Ubuntu.
If you want to run in chrome browser window, configure command like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" %URL%
Note: Above path can change for you in Ubuntu.
Hope this helps.
It is kind of a trick. It is quite fast to change the default browser in ubuntu, then run pg admin and change the default browser back. Did not found how to do it like in windows.

pgadmin4 not displaying properly

I've installed PostgreSql, pgadmin4 came along with it first. It didn't work so I installed the latest version of pgadmin4 v4 again but still its the same. It was showing a fatal error message earlier which said "Failed to open the system default web browser. Is one installed?." After that, it somehow worked & it started in my IE when I set it as my default browser. I tried opening it in Firefox too setting it as default browser but the result was same.
It shows the following screen rather than the expected normal screen that should appear as soon as we start it.
To resolve the issue, use the Windows Registry Editor to reset the value of
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.css\Content Type
and then restart pgAdmin4.
Note: Use Chrome or Firefox latest version with pgAdmin4, IE11 does not support many latest HTML technologies, for example with IE11 you will not able to download the graphical explain plan.

Chrome Netbeans Plugin only shows blank page

I'm learning AngularJS at the moment and thought I would install netbeans as it supports debugging in chrome via a plugin. Or claims to at least...
I have followed the user guides and tutorials that I've found and always seem to falter at the same point:
Install Netbeans
Install chrome plugin
Create a simple sample project
Set the default web browser to Chrome with Plugin
Click run
At this point I always see a blank page loaded in Chrome. I suspect that this is a bug as all of the resources online seem sure that I should be able to see the default index.hmtl page in my browser...
I'm running on a MAC:
And my plugin version is:
My Netbeans version:
My Default Browser in Netbeans:
Does anyone know of any issues with running this configuration? No matter what I do I just see a blank page with a mangled URL like so when I hit run:
When I open this file in VI I see one line in it:
<html :netbeans_temporary="true"></html>
This seemed to work as a workaround for me:
Open the project configuration and change the browser from Chrome with netbeans connector to Chrome
Run the project (the correct page should come up in Chrome)
Click on the Netbeans Connector in the upper right corner of the Chrome window
Select "Debug in Netbeans" (You should get the yellow information notice across the top of the window)
Go back to Netbeans and click on the 'debug main project' button.
My configuration is os/x High Sierra, Netbeans 8.2