Creating Cluster for Watson Retrieve & Rank service - retrieve-and-rank

I am new to retrieve & rank api. Just started working on my first tutorial. When I try to create a new cluster (free) with 50 mb storage, I get the following error:
Unable to create new Cluster: Incorrect If-Match header
Reproduction steps:
1) Click 'Launch tooling' for my retrieve & rank service in Bluemix
2) A new window open. Select the connected 'Document conversion' api.
3) Click on 'create a new cluster'.
4) Add cluster name & select 0.05 GB in Cluster size dropbox.
5) Click on 'create' button.
Error message: Unable to create new Cluster: Incorrect If-Match header


Python - Unable to read latest data from database

I have a Django application writing to sqlite3 database, which is immediately accessed by Python scripts on the same machine.
I want the python scripts to be able to read the last entry that the Django application has submitted.
User logs in Django website from Raspberry Pi (RPi)
User enters desired data.
Data submitted to database.
User pushes push button connected to RPi, which prompts database query.
Separate python scripts perform calculations based on user input.
I am sure that the Django app writes to the database before I am trying to access this data from the python scripts. I am using sqiltebrowser to check this.
45 <- old value retrieved
60 <- new value not retrieved
60 <- new value not retrieved
conn = sqlite3.connect('Line3_Data.db')
c = conn.cursor()
c.execute("SELECT tact FROM LineOEE03 ORDER BY tact desc limit 1")
current_tact = c.fetchone()
print(current_tact) #prints 45
I am aware that conn.commit() should get my session up to date, but why is this not the case here?

WSO2 Message Broker Error while adding Queue - Invalid Object Name

I have just set up a WSO2 Message Broker 3.0.0 connecting to a SQL Server DB.
The DB for the Carbon MB component has been created successfully as well.
The DB for the Message Broker Data store is created and contains the table MB_QUEUE_MAPPING.
However when adding a Queue via the MB UI I see the following error in the stack trace:
[2015-12-16 15:00:41,472] ERROR {} - Error occurred while retrieving destination queue id for destina
tion queue TestQ
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid object name 'MB_QUEUE_MAPPING'.
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.SQLDiagnostic.addDiagnostic(
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.tdsErrorToken(
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.nextToken(
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.getMoreResults(
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.JtdsStatement.executeSQLQuery(
at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.JtdsPreparedStatement.executeQuery(
at org.wso2.andes.kernel.AMQPConstructStore.addQueue(
at org.wso2.andes.kernel.AndesContextInformationManager.createQueue(
at org.wso2.andes.kernel.disruptor.inbound.InboundQueueEvent.updateState(
at org.wso2.andes.kernel.disruptor.inbound.InboundEventContainer.updateState(
at org.wso2.andes.kernel.disruptor.inbound.StateEventHandler.onEvent(
at org.wso2.andes.kernel.disruptor.inbound.StateEventHandler.onEvent(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
The "Add Queue" screen does not go away however the Queue does get added to the MB_QUEUE table just fine in the DB. Both tables MB_QUEUE_MAPPING & MB_QUEUE_COUNTER are blank.
The "List Queues" screen does blank despite a number of Queues in the MB_QUEUE table. Stack trace also shows errors but is not included as its not relevant to the error above.
I can create a Topic just fine however.
I want to know why MB would say the table MB_QUEUE_MAPPING is an Invalid object name when the table clearly exists ?
I suspect the way you have configure the mysql database is incorrect.So you can better try out one of these below two scenarios to make sure about this issue.
1) starting the server for the first time with the -Dsetup parameter or
2) you can refer the documentation( "Configuring MySQL" and follow step by step instructions given in order.
I have tried out the second scenario and I did not get any exception when I am adding queue.And the document I have mentioned will have to be update as below.
you can see this command in the step 3.
mysql -u <db_user_name> -p -D<database_name> < '<WSO2MB_HOME>/dbscripts/mb-store/mysql-mb.sql ';
db_user_name - username of db.
database_name - database name that you have created in the step 1.
WSO2MB_HOME - home directory path for MB.
Hope this could help you to resolve this issue.
It seems user connecting to MSSQL database not having correct permission. Most probably SELECT permission. Reason why I am saying is, when you adding queue, it does get added. This means user has INSERT permission. Once queue added, page redirected to Queue List page. User must have SELECT permission to retrieve queue list. Topic are not getting added to database, it keeps in registry. You can verify user who connecting to MSSQL from configuration like below in wso2mb-3.0.0/repository/conf/datasources/master-datasources.xml.
   <definition type="RDBMS">
                    <validationQuery>SELECT 1</validationQuery>

MS Access Filter Form Results Using Checkboxes

I have a single table with contact info and about 25 checkboxes. I have a form to input the contact info, and almost all the checkboxes are to specify which power tool was purchased, with the last two checkboxes specifying whether marketing should come via US Mail or Email.
My end-game is to have a CSV file containing the name, address, and email of a subset of all the records. Which records go in is simple: if I check "chainsaw" and "email", then everyone who didn't buy a chainsaw AND want email communication is filtered out. If I check "chainsaw" and "weedwacker" and "US mail" I want all records who bought EITHER a chainsaw OR a weedwacker OR both AND want US mail communications.
I envision using a form with checkboxes where checking any box filters the records to only include those records where that checkbox = yes in the table (for the power tools), and the mail or email filters it further, and then to generate a query that contains those records, then export as a CSV.
My Google-ing skills are good, my VBA coding skills are nonexistent (I'm an HTML/CSS/Joomla guy but got handed this mini project), and the results of searching Google and stackoverflow have yielded nothing that would guide me in the right direction.
I know the table structure is not optimal, but it is manageable for the person I'm making it for who would struggle with more than one table in Access. And it's based off of some archaic database software and they want the structure to stay the same.
You will need to build a sql statement in your code. It can start with:
sql = "select * from MyTable where ID > 0" 'the "Where ID > 0" is here so the remaining sql additions can all say AND
then have a series of if statments that will add to the sql statement:
if chkChainsaw = -1 then
sql = sql & " AND Chainsaw = 1"
end if
if chkweedwacker = -1 then
sql = sql & " AND weedwacker= 1"
end if
When you are done building your sql statement, you can build a recordset and export a csv file from that.
dim rs as recordset
set rs = currentdb.openrecordset(sql, dbopendynaset)
do while not rs.eof
'export data

Trouble Uploading Person Accounts Into Salesforce Using Apex Data Loader

I am trying to import ~15k PersonAccounts into Salesforce using the Apex Data Loader version 25.0.1 available here.
I have already called Salesforce and enabled PersonAccounts on my Organizaion. I have successfully logged in with my admin credentials and exported a RecordType csv showing the following info:
01280000000Lsy4AAC | Person Account | PersonAccount
01280000000LsxzAAC | Business Account | Business_Account
I have created a new csv with the following columns:
and specified 01280000000Lsy4AAC for all records in the RECORDTYPEID column.
When I attempt to insert my csv I get the same error for all rows:
Record Type ID: id value not valid for the users profile: 01280000000Lsy4AAC
What am I doing wrong? How do I upload PersonAccounts using the Apex Data Loader?
Update: I have tried the method recommended here of getting the RecordTypeID from the query string of the web interface (which gives you the same RecordTypeID without the "ACC" suffix and I still get the exact same error.
I had to enable Person Accounts on my Sys Admin profile
Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles -> System Administrator, then Object Settings, then Account, and make sure Person record type is assigned.

Salesforce Bulk api InvalidBatch : Field name not found

I am using the bulk upload code described at
The only difference is that i am uploading a custom object type. I can access Employee_c. But now i get a different error
stateMessage='InvalidBatch : Field name not found : First Name'
First Name is the first column in the csv.
While debugging i can see that the temp csv is being created correctly. However i get this error when checkResults executes. The code is exactly the same as in the sample java code for bulk api using REST.
I am using the free developer version of salesforce.
I created a new permission set where i have given following permissions on custom object employee:
Read/create/edit/delete/view all/modify all.
All fields are given edit permissions.
The permission set is associated with salesforce user license.
The programmatic login is with a user associated with System administrator profile , which has sales force user license.
But still the error persists!
Any pointers would be appreciated
Try "FirstName" without the space.
You can view the API name of any field in Setup > App Setup > Objects > (Select Your Object) > (Select Your Field). Make sure all the fields you are querying have the correct API names.