Nintex forms get logged in user display name and current list name - nintex-workflow

In Nintex forms I am writing a bit of JavaScript and for that I need some properties of the current list, like the list name, current list item title. How do I get this using JavaScript using Nintex forms? In the JavaScript section there is a separate area called, "Insert Reference" but I don't know how to get this to work.

To get you started, enter something like this in the Custom Javascript setting of your form-
NWF$(document).ready(function($) {
Then with the cursor between the parentheses of the console.log line, enter a quote, click on the Insert Reference button and pick your variable, then insert another quote.
The result will look like-
NWF$(document).ready(function($) {
List_Name will be in red text.
Things to watch out for are-
The Nintex symbol is inserted as literal text, not a string Javascript variable, so you do need to put the quotes around it or Javascript will try to interpret the value as a variable name.
If you like to write your code in a separate text editor, then paste it into the form (which makes a lot of sense), you'll have to re-insert the Nintex variables as they lose their "magicness" when pasted in as text.


MS access check box on a form

I looked in the "similar questions" and could not locate one like I have. I'm using Access to print labels for an event and there are 200+ volunteers to whom we will mail out their event package. I'm looking for a way to show all their names (thinking on a form) AND have a check box for the "print label." Once everything I need is checked, I open a report via command button and the selected names are printed on labels. Also, is there a way to store the date / time printed, so I can use that as a "was this label printed? function. I took a crack at what it would look like using Excel (see graphic),
First, create and fill a table holding the name, perhaps some other fields, and a Yes/No field:
ID - FullName - (other fields) - PrintLabel
Then, create a continuous form using this table as source (there is a wizard for this).
Finally, modify your report to use this table as source and specify a filter:
PrintLabel = True

ReactJS - make text input that contains tags and free text as template

I'm researching an easy way to make a free text input that can also contain multiple replaceable tags to create templates. As on this picture example
In that picture, the information witch player (tag) made the goal would be stored.
Later I would reuse that template and replacing the tag by a value.
Like: Goal of Iniesta, Goal of Rivaldo, ...
I couldn't find a lib that would do the job. The few attempts that I made to try to resolve it lead to extremely complex inputs with redefining selects (onClick, onKeydown, onSelect, maintaining current select) as the user can't edit the tag by hand (they are trigger by clicking buttons).
Does somebody already had to handle this kind of input?
Edit: As my question seems to be not clear, I will add a few details.
In fact, the input should work as it is a free text input but should also allow adding tags/chips that are provided by external triggers (onClick buttons)
Example: I will make [activity] on [day]
First I type "I will make " then I click the button "activity" that will add a "activity" tag/chip to the input. I continue with typing " on " and finaly click the button "day" to add the tag "day".
Then I will store this as template and reuse it in several scenarios by replacing the tags. Like:
I will make sandwiches on Monday
I will make sport on Friday
If somebody else have the same issue. I finally found the right lib Tagify. It has a mixed mode (text + tag)

multi-select dropdown and form field shows as array?

I am using ColdFusion 2016. I have a form with a multi-select drop down. The name attribute of the field is called jobRoleId. When I submit this form the field name is available in the form scope as jobRoleId[]. How do I get the value of this field? The name comes across like an array but I can't seem to just dump out the value due to the brackets.
I've tried dumping out the value, but I get an error. I feel like I have done this in the past and the form field name didn't contain the brackets [] after the field name when using a multi select menu:
<select id="jobRoleId" name="jobRoleId" multiple="multiple">...</select>
Is there a way to somehow have the form field name just come across as jobRoleId?
When I execute your code I get a comma separated list for the values of jobRoleId. Are you using any CF frameworks?
My output:
I also suggest looking at the client side JavaScript to confirm there's nothing changing the submitted name. You can use the Chrome/Firefox/IE debugger to watch your submissions and confirm what is being submitted
Multi select lists, in CF, should return a list of values, as far as I remember...

SSRS action on field in CSV list

My client requires a report that produces a comma separated list of files in one column of a grid. I know I can use a FOR XML Path in my query to yield these results. However, the client wants to be able to click on an individual value in that CSV and be taken to a link for that element in the list. For example, the column in the report would look like:
1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg
He needs the ability to click on the 2.jpg, and go to that actual file. I know I can put in an action for the entire field to go to one URL, but can I narrow that action down to a specific part of the CSV list?
You can use placeholders to embed hyperlinks in comma delimited text, you'll need to wrap each value with an anchor tag and href. See the URL Embedded in Text section of my earlier answer an example.
SQLFiddle of sample code for adding markup. It's ugly in SQL but works.
I came up with a workable solution. The problem seems to lie in the fact that there are multiple URLs in the list. If i only return a single URL, it works fine. so, instead of a CS list, I return one at a time and use a matrix to group the other fields.

How to specify PathToSubformControl for BrowseTo in access 2010

Could someone help me with BrowseTo macro plsease? I cannot figure out one of the arguments in the this macro in ACCESS 2010 which is PathToSubformControl. I have this Form called "frm_navigation":
The names of all Tab are: nav_vacancies, nav_contacts, nav_organizations etc.
The field "Organization name" in the figure will hold the name from another table tbl_organizations. However, the Tab "Organizations" (the third from left) will display all info from the table tbl_organizations.
I would like to program a button that takes me to Organization Tab and set a current record according to the name displayed in the field "Organizations name".
So far I did it via DoCmd.OpenForm but it filters out all other records and opens a new window. I tried to set BrowseTo action as follows:
DoCmd.BrowseTo acBrowseToForm, "frm_Organizations", "frm_navigation.nav_organizations", "[tbl_organizations].[PR_ID]=" & Me.cb_org_name.Value
but I've got runtime error as my PathToSubformControl is wrong. How am I supposed to specify the path? I cannot understand the structure. It's supposed to follow this pattern: MainForm1.Subform1 > Form1.Subform1 but it's not explained what is what.
Very late reply, but...
In your code, "frm_navigation.nav_organizations" needs to specify the name of the NavigationSubForm subform control (by default it is NavigationSubForm).
Let me try to re-state your command with generic names:
DoCmd.BrowseTo acBrowseToForm, "frmToDisplayInNavSubCtl", "frmMainFormContainingNavSubFrmCtl.NavSubFrmCtl", ....criteria....
So, in short, you need to go into design view on your frm_navigation form and determine the name of the NavigationSubForm control, not the names of the navigation buttons (e.g., nav_organizations, nav_vacancies, etc.) and use that after the dot, instead of .nav_organizations (the name of the button control).