Mobiscroll produces RangeError when in jquery dialog - mobiscroll

here is our code, we are using coffeescript, backbone, marionette and jquery for dialog. when the code executed the browser produces RangeError and freeze. has anyboy encounter same as our problem, can you help me to fix our problem.
if #options.value isnt undefined
if #options.className isnt undefined
dateFormat: "dd-mm-yy",
changeMonth: true,
changeYear: true

fixed the issue, just update on the latest jquery UI and latest jquery.


$modal causes page to freeze in IE11

I use the following code snippet to show a simple modal:
title: 'My Title',
template: 'path/to/my/simple.modal.html',
show: true,
scope: $scope
After closing the modal some parts of my webpage do not react to any events. In all other browsers this is working fine.
It's also really strange that I am not able to inspect some of the elements after closing the modal, all elements are shown as one single element (when using the Inspector-Tools in IE). After found one inspectable item, all the other items are getting inspectable as well. After inspecting for some moments, there is no freezed part again ... it's a really strange behaviour.
Does anybody else have this behaviour ?
I am using Angular 1.5 and Angular-Strap 2.3.7.
Thanks in advance !
Sad, that there were no further hints on this.
I looked in the angular-strap bug-list for a solution and found one :
Just call $destroy(); after hiding the modal did the trick for me.
Best !
I Know this question is answered. but this is for share some info on that same issue.
Recently I also came across with that issue. In my case the reason was a CSS attribute Display:block. So after I turn the value from block to none my freezing error went off and it worked like a charm. So first right after you get that error check in Inspection whether the resulting div where the modal is loaded has a style = "Display:block" in it. If so remove it by a script or etc.
Hope this will help to improve this question.

Fancytree and Backbone

I am trying to use fancytree in a backbone.js application.
I am getting the following error:
TypeError: $(...).fancytree is not a function
when it hits this line in the backbone.js view:
var myTree = $("#buildingsTree").fancytree({
Any ideas?
Make sure you have required the fancytree js files before your view gets loaded, as per
Make sure you are using a compatible jQuery version: "Required minimum versions are jQuery 1.7+ and jQuery UI 1.8.6+"

Undefined not a function - Drupal 7 - JQuery Dialog - No UI CSS

I have followed tutorials such as this one and this one. At first glance they are quite simple as in how to add JQuery UI to Drupal 7. Nonetheless, when I apply them, all I get is that the function dialog is undefined. Here is what I have done:
function mytheme_preprocess_image(&$variables) {
console.log("*********************Setting up click");
jQuery('#small_chat_wrapper #chat_message').click(function(){
console.log("*********************CLICKED CLICKED");
if (typeof jQuery.ui !== 'undefined')
The console logs print out wonderfully, and the if check prints out loaded. Nonetheless, when it gets to the line of .dialog(..) the Undefined error occurs. I don't know what else to try. Such a simple thing and it's becoming painful.
Help is very much appreciated.
The site's Status Report has the following:
jQuery Update jQuery 1.7.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.7
Change function mytheme_preprocess_image(&$variables) to function mytheme_preprocess_page(&$variables) . Goodness.
Now the UNDEFINED ERROR NO LONGER happens, BUT, even though the ui classes and divs are getting added, the UI CSS is not coming through (the dialog does not pop up).
Really would appreciate some help.
You should load the jquery library that you need either in the preprocess_html function of your template.php or in yourmodule_init hook like that:
function yourmodule_init(){
drupal_add_library('system', 'ui.dialog');
drupal_add_library('system', 'ui.draggable');
drupal_add_library('system', 'ui.sortable');
The source:

Enable tapping: angular 1.2, ngMobile and ng-click?

Using angular 1.2, I included the angular-mobile.js file and add the ngMobile module to my module dependencies list.
Directives 'ng-swipe-left' and 'ng-swipe-right' work well but the 'ng-click' doesn't seem faster. It seems that there's still this 300ms delay on ipad...
Is something more required to use this feature?
By the way, what's the difference between the module ngTouch and ngMobile? Swipe directive seems to works including one either.
I have the same issue, and I'm not using jQuery. I have resorted to fastclick, and the app feels much more responsive. Yes, ngTouch is the new version of ngMobile, but in its current state it can only be used for swiping, it seems.
It seems that the issue is known and happen when jQuery is loaded:
(according 'AngularJS 1.2 And Beyond' talk, ngTouch will be the new name of NgMobile)
Look at this answer, the solution works also for angular ng-click directive.
Basically you just need to do this in stop method of jquery-ui-draggable:
stop: function(event, ui) {
// event.toElement is the element that was responsible
// for triggering this event. The handle, in case of a draggable.
$( event.toElement ).one('click', function(e){ e.stopImmediatePropagation(); } );
I'm using the latest angular and ngtouch 1.2.10 and am also using jQuery. I'm still seeing the same issue you are. I added faskclick and it fixed it. Looks like there is at least one issue open on github for this problem so presumably this will be fixed at some point.
// This code should be added outside of and angularjs code.
window.addEventListener('load', function () {
}, false);

Jstree and angularJS using promise

I lost two days trying to solve this problem by myself, but I give up. pleaseee help .
i want to load my tree using jstree and promise AngularJS
but I keep getting this error:
Uncaught Neither data nor ajax settings supplied.
i can see im my html page jsut the pluging loading and no result :(
y'll find in thi link my code .
Thank you very much :)
After some playing with your code, I got this:
changes: third argument of scope.$watch to true, setting "json_data" to
"json_data" :{
(looks strange, but it's quirks of jsTree)