use the XCGLogger error XCTest no loading - xcglogger

XCGLogger works in both iOS and OS X projects. It is a Swift library intended for use in Swift projects.
I get the following error:
Cannot load underlying module for "XCTest"
What can be the cause of this error and how can I fix this?


kUTTypeVCard was deprecated in iOS 15.0: Use UTTypeVCard instead?

I am getting warning/ error kUTTypeVCard was deprecated in iOS 15.0: Use UTTypeVCard instead? While sharing location through vcard. In NSItemProvider under typeIdemtifier I have written kUTTypeVCard and for that it's throwing that error and after making changes suggested by Xcode it's still throwing error.

Cant use 'fs' in my react-native project.. don't know how to solve

Hi im trying to use the fs.createReadStream() function in 'fs' however i cant seem to use this module as i keep getting this build error.
bundling failed: Error: While trying to resolve module fs from file /Users/bentait/Desktop/memriio/memriio_app/src/datapass.js, the package /Users/bentait/Desktop/memriio/memriio_app/node_modules/fs/package.json was successfully found. However, this package itself specifies a main module field that could not be resolved (/Users/bentait/Desktop/memriio/memriio_app/node_modules/fs/index.js. Indeed, none of these files exist:
Im almost at my end trying to learn js, react, react-native.. i seem to spend 90% of time trying to solve these sorts of problems and 10% of time writing actual code..
anyway - not really expecting a response on this but cool, if you know how to help..
You're not able to use node's fs because it is part of nodejs environment. As you surely know your application code is not running on nodejs but rather directly on your smartphone (besides debug mode but even there you cannot use node's fs package).
To access and manipulate smartphone's filesystem take a look at react-native-fs or rn-fetch-blob package. has text relocations error in cn1

I've used zbarscanner lib in cn1 and it worked fine. I have recently updated the app and has the following bug that cause app crash. The error occured in nougat nokia 5 device. I checked the previous version of the app which works fine.
02-08 16:24:58.792 592-592/? E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main
Process: com.capitaleyenepal.lenovo, PID: 592
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: /data/app/com.capitaleyenepal.lenovo-2/lib/arm/ has text relocations
at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(
at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(
at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Native Method)
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
This seems to be a problem with recent updates of Android and the little monkey QR code scanner. The solution is to get a newly compiled version of the library that fixes that issue and integrate it into the cn1lib. I think you should open an issue on that project.
I know it's a late reply but as I have come to the same issue I am posting confirmation that the issue can be solved.
In summary, for me using the ZBar library through QRScanner from the QRScanner.cn1lib library was working fine and then stopped working, with the same error that I could see from the android logs as fatal level error ( has text relocations).
The following has been done (I am using the latest vs of CodenameOne):
Remove build hint android.xapplication (containing the ZBarScannerActivity)
Remove cn1-codescan.cn1lib and QRScanner.cn1lib, refresh project lib (not entirely sure that this was necessary, but anyway the stubs file was newer on the repos)
Download latest cn1-codescan.cn1lib and QRScanner.cn1lib, refresh project lib
Download .so compiled files from the above link
Manual copy each couple of files into the respective architecture
folders, within the ZBarScannerLibrary.aar
Codenameone build for android
It is now working again.
Thanks Shai for your advice by email re. the build hint.

Wrong WebStorm TypeScript Warning "unresolved variable or type angular"? [duplicate]

I started using Typescript with Webstorm today and I am getting real crazy understanding what's going on. Imagine a project using tsd loading definition types on typings/. For background, angular defines an angular module aliased to ng and then there is other d.ts files appending more modules into angular (and technically ng).
When I require for example the router I get:
In fact, if you go to angular-route.d.ts (from DefinitelyTyped) you can see the same:
The d.ts files are technically correct because tsc compiles them giving it those definition files.
On the other hand, Webstorm allows you to load libraries (typescript stubs from DefinitelyTyped). If I go there and I download the angular ones (which are 100% the same as the one I have on typings/) I get:
Same error but at least I don't get the red wiggle in the solution explorer. Still, it doesn't give me any intellisense when writing ng.route.<ctrl+space>, it just turn blue when I finish writing it (in fact, I can cmd+click and go to the definition).
Who's failing here? The typescript plugin? It is weird that it fails using typings/ and somehow work with Webstorm's libraries menu (using the same file).
Who's failing here? The typescript plugin?
Yes. You need to use the Webstorm beta channel to get support for TypeScript 1.4 union Types at the moment.

TypeError in after update to qooxdoo 1.5

After updating to qooxdoo 1.5 I am seeing this error:
Uncaught TypeError: Expecting a function in instanceof check, but got #<HTMLDocument>
Strange thing is, that I am not using the* classes at all. This is with a source-all build and "qx.debug" set.
As for including the* classes, this comes from using the source-all job, which includes, well, all known classes, also the* ones. Try using the normal source job, which only includes the classes necessary for your app.
As for the error, please open a bug report at Please specify the OS and browser you are using when you get the error. If possible, supply a minimal Application.js (or a Playground link) that reproduces the error. Cheers.