does not scan expiry date in android -

I'm trying to scan my master-card using Android SDK. Scanner scan the card number properly but it is failing to read expiry date. I have to to enter the date manually.

Dave from here.
#Pankaj please see this github issue for an ongoing discussion regarding the scanning of expiry dates. As you will read there, this is a work in progress; some cards scan successfully, but many other cards do not.


I'm working on an Shopify app with a checkout extension and was hoping someone might have an answer to an issue thats popped up

I am trying to display something in my extension, but only if a specific shipping rate is chosen. I'm already retrieving the shipping address the customer inputted in the checkout, but in my readings of the docs, I haven't seen anything that suggests also reading the Shipping Rate selection might be possible. Does anyone know if it is possible to detect when/which Shipping Rate a customer has selected in checkout from within a checkout extension?
I've been trying a lot of things. Ran out of options

How do I track the location/state basis the mobile number?

I am trying to identify the location/state of 100 Indian Mobile numbers. Could someone help me? Are there any online tools available to upload the excel and get the location?
Telephone calls do not have hard requirements for the source number to be in the header of the call packets and can be either forcefully omitted or edited. There’s no sure-fire way of being able to reliably get location information as a result.

Looking for a bill scanning OCR tool that I can build into a React Native App for an academic project. Any suggestions?

Hey I'm looking for a good ocr api/tool that I could build into my react-native app.
The tool should be able to scan bills and I want to retrieve the name of the place and the total price from the bill.Please help me out in finding a suitable tool or api.
I'm a college student so I'm not able to get my hands onto those commercials tools available online.
I did something similar in this blog using React Native Text Detector hope this can help you. It reads the business card and returns all the text on it.
What you can do is to add Regular Expressions for detecting different attributes. Let's say billing amount will have currency logo before or after the text or for more accuracy add expected region where the billing amount should be. RNTextDetector also returns the bounding of the text on the image. There is also a mapping function that translates boundings on an image to boundings on screen for better user experience. This tutorial can be a good point to start from and then keep on adding things on top of it.

To use google server

I have a android game designed by me. I want to release it to play store and want to know the name, phone number, mail id and score of the highest scorer at the end of day. How to link the game to google server to make this happen?
This article is a good place to start:
It outlines everything you need to start work on a server-side to a mobile game, including high score tables.

Google SDK Report dont get info

I have a app in GAE. This belongs to a domain. This app get info from Reports Api.
If I ask for information 4 days ago, I get the information from doc and gmail. If I ask for information 3 days ago I get only the information of gmail. If I ask for information two days ago (1) does not give me information.
But if I get info from (1) date in the future (eg: ten day) the Api get all info from this date.
The api has a delay when I get info?
Short answer is that yes, there is a delay in when full report data is available. Some reports have lower latency than others and it is possible that you'll only get a subset of the expected report data back.