Thucydides + ScalaTest - scalatest

I find the HTML reporter of scalatest pretty basic. I would like something like Thucydides or something else. Does any one has experience or pointer or where to look to find information on how to integrate both of them?

There's rather recent Thucydides equivalent called Allure Framework. It has modular structure and can be used with any programming language test framework. Allure already has Scalatest support located here. Also take a look at demo report.


Can I reuse/call existing API in Selenium-Java Framework into the Protractor Framework?

Please bear with me if this is a silly question. But thought of getting an idea.
We have a very sophisticated Selenium Webdriver-Java framework. But now some parts of our application is being implemented in AngularJS. We would like to use protractor for test automation. But we have some API in the existing framework which we would like to reuse. Is there a possibility to do so or do we need to re-write all the existing API in protractor?
Not probably the answer you are looking for. But, this can give you some hope.
Unfortunately there is no protractor java port at this moment. I use Selenium C# and my project started using some Angular recently. And, fortunately, there is a Protractor-net project done by some great people to accomplish same thing you are struggling with. I must say, if your project is big enough to leverage some time to write a java port for protractor you can follow this project easily. It's not that extensive. I am personally using it and started writing about this on my blog
Some one is trying to develop jProtractor - An angular/protractor implementation for Java Selenium API.
This is still under development(not in a position to use yet), but this could be the right tool for people who are in similar situation as me.

'Find Usages' IDE functionality for Angularjs (Directives, Services)

I'm starting to wonder what is the best way to work with a moderately sized AngularJS project. I'm wanting to find where a directive or service is used without having to do a 'Ctrl+F' and search the project manually. Are there any IDEs that offer this feature, or does anyone have some approaches for working with these projects that they could share?
I didn't try it personally, so my answer is going to be pretty short, but I think you should look at TypeScript ( I've seen many mentions of it being a good fit for Angular, and it allows for "Intellisense" features in IDE that should meet your needs.
Basically it means rewriting your code in an "augmented" version of JavaScript that makes your code typed and therefore should make it easier to handle a large codebase and run static analysis.
Here's some information about TypeScript support in IntelliJ, if that's your IDE:

Integrating karma-runner and cucumberjs

Has anyone used karma-runner/testacular to execute cucumberjs tests? I suspect that I may have to write an adapter like the Jasmine adapter. Any knowledge on integrating a test library with karam-runner would be much appreciated.
I'm currently using an adapter I wrote:
It's been working fine for me, I'm now using it on a second project. But I am sure there are changes that I could do to it once people start using it and finding things they wish it did. Let me know if there are any problems, you can email me at or just use the GitHub issues on the repository. I don't check StackOverflow all that much unless I'm looking for an answer to a specific question.
This seems to be something people want. Jon Perl started karma-cucumber recently. It does not include a Karma reporter for Cucumber.js yet but seems to be the plan.
I'll also be looking into this in the near future.

Coffeescript and CakePHP

Is there an easy way to use Coffeescript with CakePHP? Rails has Barista, but I haven't been able to find anything similar for CakePHP. Ideally, something transparent that would compile the coffeescript to javascript on-demand, and only when it has changed.
Google results for CakePHP & Coffeescript turn up a lot of talk over a clash between the cake command, but not much in the way of using them together. Has anyone found anything? Or maybe ideas on how I might implement such a plugin myself?
I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but I usually handle this with a build script, either in Bash or Rake (yes, Rake, its great for building PHP projects too), which compiles, concats and compresses my .coffee files for production. While in development I use coffee -w to compile the .coffee files on the fly.
You could automate this further by adding a post-commit hook to Git or Subversion if you like.
You should be able to extend Mark Story's Asset Compress plugin to do the compiling on the fly as well.
You may want to look at kohana-coffeescript, which to my knowledge is the only project that does what you want in PHP. Although the project is nominally for the Kohana framework, it should be fairly easy to fork it and adapt it to CakePHP.

Are there any demo sites that let you test IronRuby with Silverlight?

I want to some very basic IronRuby tests, such as checking the syntax on a regular expression, and if possible would like to be able to do it thorugh my browser. Does anyone know of a site that hosts an IronRuby in Silverlight demo?
1) Have you found/already tried this?
Note, this is an older build, so you might wish to follow my 2nd suggestion if you want something a bit fresher:
2) If you have built IronRuby recently from the latest source from GitHub
You should find a Tutorial (which runs in WPF or Silverlight) .
You'd find it here in the source tree
Edit: Also, I know Jimmy has posted recently about some additional work going into this tutorial, so I believe this is being actively worked on.
Edit 2:
3) Perhaps will or will not suffice for your needs, but there is also Gestalt for running IronRuby/IronPython in the browser. This is a recent interesting development from mix online labs.
John Lam, the original iron Ruby guy, has a tutorial for doing just what you ask at: