Hide button on PDF before flattening in LiveCycle Workbench - livecycle

ASP.NET application asks user to fill in fields.
User clicks a "Request Signatures" button in the application and a LiveCycle service is called to create the pdf.
The pdf is saved in the ASP.NET application database.
This pdf has to then be digitally signed by 3 people.
A link to the pdf is shown to the first person in the workflow.
User clicks on link and the pdf is shown in the browser for them to digitally sign.
At the bottom of the pdf is a submit button, which the user clicks after signing.
The pdf is submitted to a web page which updates the pdf in the database and through other database tables, is put in the next person's "to-do" list.
2nd & 3rd person repeat #5 - #8
After the 3rd person signs, the pdf is considered complete. The pdf is to be flattened using LiveCycles Output service transformPDF
The problem is the "Submit" button on the form. I have made it "Visible - Screen only" to take care of anyone that wants to print a hard copy anytime during the process. However, I have a feeling the client will complain that the Submit button shows up on screen. Also, the final, flattened pdf should not show the button as it's being submitted to an official repository for these forms in which other forms don't have a submit button.
After the 3rd person signs, I can easily set the submit button presence to hidden. Then when it's flattened, it won't show up. The problem comes when the user wants a "Print View" before or during the signing process.
So my question is can I make a LiveCycle process that takes in a document variable (the pdf with the submit button) and output a document variable (the pdf without the submit button). Meaning the process would have to somehow run javascript inside the pdf to hide the submit button.

That event could be the prePrint event to remove the button from the layout.
And you will need postPrint event to put the button back in.
on the prePrint event of the button(to hide the button):
this.presence = "hidden";
on the postPrint event of the button(to show the button):
this.presence = "visible";


Prompt user to save their changes made in salesforce before leaving that screen

if in salesforce we make changes in one screen and without saving them moves to another screen, a popup message is shown.
how to implement that in another screens.About this Popup

Save to system dialog box in AngularJS

how to get the windows "Save as dialog box" on click of some button in AngularJS? I need to give the facility to save the data in a div tag to a file the user wants in his system.

ExtJS 4 uploading files (using CodeIgniter for backend)

I have the standard upload file form from the ExtJS documentations, I create form.Panel with with xtype:filefield and an open and Submit button. And as it is by default when I click Open the browser window is opened and I can choose a file, and then Submit it for saving. But now I\m asked to bypass this and leave only a button with name Open directly on the toolbar and clicking it to open directly the browser window. I don't know even if this is possible and how to do it.
Am I understanding this correctly? You need to have a just single button on the page - user clicks button, gets file open dialog and when he presses 'OK' on that dialog form is submitted?
Take a look at the second sample 'Button only'
You are going to want to listen to the filefield.change event, and submit your form when that fires. Example:

Joomla create html page with no menu

I have a normal article page with a huge image shown as a small one. What i want to do is, when the user click on the image, a new page is rendered and the image is shown at full size of the page (no menus, header, footer, etc.. just page). If the user click again, he will be redirected to the previous page.
How can i do this with joomla? I mean, i could create an html page, but i don't know how can i access it.
Any help would be appreciated,
All you need to do is add this to any link you want to display without all of the module positions -
This tells Joomla to load just the component part of the page without anything else around it.
Not sure that anything specifically in Joomla is going to allow you to do that. The only way you can achieve that directly in Joomla would be using a light box type of plugin. When the user clicks the image, it will open up a full size window of the image. When the user click on the image again, it will exit the light box.
Otherwise, you can just edit the source code of the page, and change it to <img src="http://www.pathroyourimage.com/image.png"> . That way when a user clicks the image, they go directly to the picture.

blurring a web page in silverlight

i have a web page that has to go dim on page load and some box comes over.
the box has to have a TextBox. this box takes some input from the user. and on click
on a submit button the TextBox info is to be checked on server and then accordingly the
already dimmed web page may go normal(usable) or keep dimmed.
very much like what happens on opening the home page of www.sulekha.com
please guide me on this.
have you tried using the ChildWindow in the Silverlight Toolkit, does that not give you the intended "modal" + "grey out background" behaviour
Sample here: