- Cancel Button tint color -

How can I set the cancel button tint color?
I've tried setting navigationBarStyle and navigationBarTintColor, but those don't change that.

#fernandospr use UIAppearance prior to presenting the CardIOPaymentViewController.
Like this:
[[UIBarButtonItem appearanceWhenContainedIn:[CardIOPaymentViewController class], nil] setTintColor:specialColor];


How to hide icon from WPF window (Helix)

I'm using HelixToolkit to show some 3-D models. There is an icon in the right bottom of the window. How can it be hidden? Please look at this screenshot:
You only have to set the HelixViewport3D's ShowViewCube property to false:
<h:HelixViewport3D ShowViewCube="False">

Trouble changing background color of TextField in Codename One

I just started building my first App with Codename One and I'm having quite some trouble. :-)
I cant change the background color of a TextField, I changed everything in the Theme and named it "TextField". At the Color tab I changed the background color and set Transparency to 255. Since the Component is named TextField, shouldnt the style be applied automatically when I make a new TextField?
I also tried to set the UIID manually to "TextField", which didn't help either.
Am I missing something?
Kind regards,
The way backgrounds work in Codename One is this:
Border is applied first
Then image
Then gradient
Then color
TextField and other components such as Button etc. often have a default border derived from the theme.
Switch to the Border tab, click derive then click the ... button and select empty.

How to use an image as a button in GTK?

How to use an image as a button in GTK in c language in code blocks? I have tried making the button of same color as that of the background and then adding image on it. But there is a outline or shadow still there. So, how can i remove those shadows or is there a way to directly use an image as a button?
One way is outlined by #Shabhaz, by putting the image in an EventBox, and handling the button-press event.
The other way is by placing the image in the button and customizing the style of the button to remove the outline and the shadow. You would call gtk_rc_parse_string() to define an outline-less button class, and gtk_widget_set_name() on your button to apply the style.

how to change button colour in adf forms dynamically?

I want to change my button background color dynamically when there is no data in next page or form?please help me.i am using jdeveloper 11g
Why do you want to change the background color? Instead you can make the button as disabled if there is no data.
Put a conditional EL in the styleclass attribute of the button and refer to a style you defined in your skin:

How to change the BarButtonItem back color?

I am currently working in the C# windows application with DevExpress controls.
Now I want to change back color of bar button item while loading the form.
I've tried following code:
barButton.Appearance.BackColor = Color.Red;
but the bar button back color not changed to red.
By default, bars use the skins to draw their content. In this case, all background colors are provided by specific skin elements, which cannot be changed. The only way to change a specific item's background color is to disable skins:
put the BarAndDockingController component onto a form, and assign it to the BarManager.Controller property. Set BarAndDockingController.PaintStyleName or LookAndFeel to any non-skin style(for example "Flat"). Then use the Bar.Appearance.BackColor property to set the desired color.
Alternatively, you can create your own custom barItem in a way similar to the one described in the How to change the background color of highlighted links KB article.