Jabref: export a subset in bibtex format? - bibtex

Jabref supports exporting the selected entries in different formats, but I wonder if it can actually export to bibtex format. It is useful to select some of the references to create a smaller database that contains, for instance, only the references of some topic or the ones you are citing in a specific paper. Is there any option to automatically do that?

To export as bib, you shouldn't go to the export menu but instead: File > Save selected as:


How to export opentsdb data to dolphindb

I want export some data from opentsdb,then import it into DolphinDB.
In opentsdb, the metrics are device_id,ssid, the tags are battery_level,battery_status,battery_temperature,bssid,cpu_avg_1min,cpu_avg_5min,cpu_avg_15min,mem_free,mem_used and rssi.
In DolphinDB , I create a table as bellow,
COLS_READINGS = `time`device_id`battery_level`battery_status`battery_temperature`bssid`cpu_avg_1min`cpu_avg_5min`cpu_avg_15min`mem_free`mem_used`rssi`ssid
schema_readings = table(COLS_READINGS, TYPES_READINGS)
I find that the csv text file can import into DolphinDB, but I don't know how to export data to csv text file in Opentsdb. Is there a easy way to finish this work?
Assuming you're using an HBase backend, the easiest way would be to access that directly. The OpenTSDB schema describes in detail how to get the data you need.
The data is stored in one big table, but to save space, all metric names, tag keys and tag values are referenced using UIDs. These UIDs can be looked up in the UID table which stores that mapping in both directions.
You can write a small exporter in a language of your choice. The OpenTSDB code comes with an HBase client library, asynchbase, and has some tools to parse the raw data in its Internal class which can make it a bit easier.

How to use the SequoiaDB import tool?

Is it possible that we import csv files of two different structures into a table according to the conditions?
I think it is ok when you adjust the status in import command field. However, if the structures of two tables are not same, especially in field segmentation, is it appropriate when you put them in the same table?

Extract information from Oracle dmp created with original Export

I have a DMP file which was exported with Oracle 10, with the legacy exp command ( not the expdp command ).
However, I do not know what is inside.
For the import, I want to extract information from the file.
I know, that for impdp there would be options the extract information (like the contained users or schemas) from the export file. Is there a similar way to use imp to get this information?
Use IMP with the SHOW parameter, such as
imp un/pw#db file=aldorado.dmp show=y
More info here
You can also display the contents of an export file without actually
performing an import. To do this, use the Import SHOW parameter.

EXPORTING EVERNOTE INTO EXCEL-columns for Name, Date Created, Tags, Notebook, etc

I'd like to export my Evernote account into an .xls or .csv file that contains Title, Date Created/Updated, text of the note, and tags (separated by commas or in individual columns).
I'm not a programmer. I'm trying to join data contained in Excel to the tags I've created in the Evernote database-I could manually go through and add the tags but I have thousands of notes and I'm sure there's a way to export this in bulk. Anyone have ideas?
Evernote notes can contain attachments (PDFs, images, word documents, etc.) as well as contain a massive amount of text the contents of which would not fit in a standard excel cell and could cause issues with csv parsers. As such Evernote notes cannot easily be exported as a xls or csv file. Evernote recommends you export notes in their format (.enex) or as a HTML file. The Evernote clients for Mac and Windows can export all notes (or any subset of your notes as you chose) as enex or html files.

Export Iibre office database table to text file or csv file

I have a Libre Office database table that I want to export or save as a .csv file. Is there any way to do this? I have been searching for a long time. I can write a very little bit in Java but would need some code suggestion in that case. Thank you!
Just right click the database you want to export and select copy, create a new Calc spreadsheet, paste the data into the spreadsheet, and then export it from the "file" menu however you like.