Applications are not loaded into OS 7 simulators - blackberry-simulator

I cannot get my applications loaded in OS 7 simulators. I am using BlackBerry Java Plug-In for Eclipse 1.3.0 and downloaded the BlackBerry JRE 7.0.0. I tried Run As -> BlackBerry Simulator, but the application was not loaded in the simulator. Moreover, although I had installed many OS 7 simulators, they are not listed in the Devices drop-down box of the Run Configurations -> Simulator tab. I tried to load the application manually into the simulator, but I could not manage it either. The deliverable - > Standard - > 7.0 folder contains a .cod file and many .debug files. I tried the .cod file, but it did not show up in the simulator.
Then I downloaded the BlackBerry Java Plug-In for Eclipse 1.5.0, but there still are no applications in the simulator.

first - in order to run a specific simulator go into debug configurations or run configurations and under the simulator tab, Device drop down, you should be able to select your simulators.
second - in the application descriptor do you have the "Do not display the application icon on the home screen" checked?


Codename one generated.ipa not installed on iPhone devices

After successfully generated .ipa and trying to install in selected UDID devices, it's not being installed
It throws the error -- Unable to Download App "appname" could not be installed at this time.
We are trying install on iPhone 5s devices.
Your issue may be related to this ios-debug-build-install-fails.
In addition to above, ensure that:
You are installing the app through itms:services by clicking Install on device on your iPhone 5s and click install on the new page.
you are installing the debug build and not the store build.
the UDID is accurate, copy N paste it instead of typing.
you are not behind any firewall that prevents downloading and your internet connection is good.
Most developers experienced this due to testing on 32bit devices. Don't forget this blog.
If you are using any device older than iPhone 6, add the build hint ios.debug.archs=armv7.

Opening firefox browser in ios Simulator using Appium

I would like to open the firefox browser on the iphone (5, 6 or 6 plus) simulator using Appium. I tired by giving the absolute app path (of firefox browser app in the mac machind) in appium ios settings itself but it did not work. I've read about installing Firefox OS Simulator. Can I open the firefox browser in IOS Simulator or android simulator as an app or do I have to use Firefox's simulator? Please advice with detailed steps.
Thanks in advance!!
PS: I am using the latest versions of appium and ios
I'm working with Genymotion android simulator and appium.
In order to install firefox you just take the apk here
The details steps:
Install Android SDK.
Start the emulator by going to $SDK_root/emulator.exe.
Go to command prompt and go to the directory $SDK_root/platform-tools (or else add the path to windows environment)
Type in the command adb install.
Please note that the simulator testing usually not enough and you have test your app also on the real device.

how to run sencha touch examples in iOS simulator

I installed sencha touch and sencha touch command and was able to view the examples in localhost.
But How do I run these examples in iOS simulator?
I tried below commands from with in the examples directory on iMac
from directory: touch-2.3.1/examples/kitchensink
sencha app package run packager.json
User-iMac:list-horizontal yuyutsu$ sencha app package run packager.json
Sencha Cmd v4.0.4.84
[DEBUG] Session could not be started: Error Domain=DTiPhoneSimulatorErrorDomain Code=1 "The application that opened iOS Simulator failed to send all of the required information (sessionUUID, sdkRoot, deviceInfo)." UserInfo=0x7fe4f0d0ce40 {NSLocalizedDescription=The application that opened iOS Simulator failed to send all of the required information (sessionUUID, sdkRoot, deviceInfo)., DTiPhoneSimulatorUnderlyingErrorCodeKey=-1}
The application was successfully packaged
[ERR] stbuild exited with non-zero code : 1
or from another app, directory: touch-2.3.1/examples/list-horizontal
Also tried running sencha app build -run native.
It failed with
/Users/yuyutsu/work/Software/mobile/Sencha/touch-2.3.1/examples/kitchensink/.sencha/app/packager-impl.xml:83: /Users/yuyutsu/work/Software/mobile/Sencha/touch-2.3.1/examples/kitchensink/resources/loading does not exist
I have Xcode 5. OS X version 10.9.2. I am able to run the native XCode projects in simulator using XCode.
Any idea on how can I run the sencha examples in iOS simulator? Is there a document which has the steps?
One very easy way (if you don't need device api) is to build the webapp through Sencha CMD and navigate in iOS Simulators Safari to the index.html file. You can do "add to Homescreen" and if you click the icon on your homescreen now you get the app in fullscreen.
The big advantage is that you can do really quick builds, but it does not fit always, because it's just the webapp, not the native one.
If you need to package your app native (e.g. for Device API) you can follow this guide:
As it is running on localhost, you can simply check on simulators by using the same urls as on browser
iPhone 4
iPhone 5
Also, you can try Intel XDK, it has inbuilt iPhone simultors. It is easy to use. Simply put application and run.
Intel XDK
Or you can try packaging it in native iOS so that you can run in Xcode and see on Xcode simulator your app working. For that you can use Phonegap, refer link!/guide/cordova-section-iOSNote
Hope this helps you with your problem.
Failure to launch iOS simulator could be because of the below bug mentioned in sencha forum
"There is currently a bug open SDKTOOLS-783 where Sencha Native packager fails to locate Xcode 5.1 and thus unable to run in simulator."
I will try Phonegap/Cordova and post my observations.

Mobile terminal build app doesnt show on iOS7 springboard

I am coding iOS APP on iPad using mobile terminal and THEOS.
I am following this tutorial
I followed all the steps successfully but my app doesnt show on springBoard.
I run command "make package install" on mobile terminal, it creates .deb file. I installed that deb file using iFile then reboot device, respring too but app doesnt show on SpringBoard
Device = iPad 3,3
iOS 7.0.4
Finally now it appears. You have to reboot device twice. Only one time resping or reboot doesnt work

Silverlight OOB App Won't Install on OS X

I've built an Out-Of-Browser application using Silverlight, which if right-clicked while running in-browser gives you the "Install BlaBla Application onto this computer" option.
This works just fine on my Windows 7 machine and I get the icon added to my desktop. On my OS X testbox however, I still get the install option when I right-click on the application, but it doesn't do anything. I click the option to install and absolutely nothing happens.
What's the deal with that? I've written the app in Silverlight 4, and have the latest version of Silverlight installed on my OS X box. Why won't the app install and run OOB?
Thanks in advance!