How to set the default page for a .CHM file in HTML Help Workshop? - html-helper

When I open the help (.chm) application, I could see table of contents. By default, the first entry in the file is selected, however I couldn't see the corresponding page data. Instead, I see "This program cannot display the web page" (the default error message that comes in IE7).The page is displayed only when I click on any of the contents on the left side.
Is there a way of showing the page by default without clicking on the entry?
The following code is the .hhp file.
Compatibility = 1.1 or later
Compiled file=Config.chm
Contents file=Config.hhc
Default topic=D:\apps\bin\Debug\html\Databases.htm
Language=0x409 English (United States)
Display compile progress=No
Title=ETL_Config Documentation

Your default topic should reference a relative file name inside the .CHM file, not a file outside of the .CHM.


Where is Tampermonkey's "Storage" tab to edit the storage content?

According to the FAQ of Tampermonkey:
Q400: I want to edit/view the values stored by a userscript. How can I
do that?
A400: Open Tampermonkey's Dashboard and click at the script's name.
Click at the 'Storage' if present and check or modify the stored data
as needed. If there is no 'Storage' tab, then the script has no data
I can't find the Storage tab, can anyone confirm me it works? Screenshot of where is the tab? (pretty sure my script has data stored in it because when I use GM_getValue I get something).
Here is a screenshot of my script without the Storage tab. After running it, the value is stored according to my console.log, but still no tab.
Requirements for the Storage tab to appear:
The script has must have actually saved a datum using GM_setValue().
The Config mode must be set to Advanced:
After that,
To see it:
Open Tampermonkey's editor on/for the script in question.
Click the Storage tab.
Data there is in JSON format. If you edit it, recommend checking with a JSON validator before hitting the Save button.
Here's the sequence in screenshots (Click for a larger image):

AngularJS - highlight text of an existing pdf file in frontend/Browser

I have found the library
PDF creation
With this library it is possible to create different styles of pdf documents.
My question would be if there is a possibility to mark text (and maybe add a link to this marked text) of an existing pdf file with AngularJS?
Or is there any workaround to do this?
The question is a bit too broad as is - not sure what you mean by "mark" - do you mean highlighted in some way or actually selected?
Anyhow, firstly to get to the correct page -- you can use fragment identifiers in hyperlinks to link to a specific page in a PDF via the page parameter. e.g.
page 1
page 2
If you want to highlight a specific section of a page, via a hyperlink, you can use the highlight parameter, note you must also set the page to use the highlight parameter. e.g.
page 1 - highlight
The rectangle values are integers in a coordinate system where 0,0 represents the top left, and the values are given in the order lt, rt, top, btm.
One can also open a PDF file to a "Named Destination", that is a named section in the document via the nameddest parameter. e.g.
my section
This is great as it doesn't matter if pages are inserted, removed etc as the section will always be correctly linked.
You can read about Named Destinations here and also the various Parameters for Opening PDF Files

Redmine: How to link an attached file in a project from its underprojects?

Lets say I have Project A with an attached imageFile.
Then I created 10 different Projects which are underprojects of Project A.
I want to link the ImageFile of Project A to the Wiki of every underproject , so that I can see the ImageFile in the Wiki-Area of each underproject.
What im doing so far is to copy full path of the attached file of Project A in the Wiki of every underproject, like for example:
Is there a better way to achieve that, because every time I update the imagefile, I have to renew the id-numbers of all imagefile-links in the underprojects.
Since an attachment is only actually identified by its ID and all attachments are immutable (i.e. can be changed after upload), new uploads will result in a new ID. Since multiple attachments with different IDs can have the same name, you can also not reliably find an attachment just by using its name in broad contexts.
That said, to solve your issue, you could use the include macro to include a common Wiki page in your sub-project's wiki pages which then displays the image attachment.
For that, you can create a Wiki page named e.g. Schnittprofil in your parent project where you directly upload your file. In the wiki page, just reference the image with
Assuming the parent project has an identifier of project-a, you can then include the page in other wiki pages with
Each time you change the page on the parent project, it will automatically also show the updated content on the child wikis. The only requirement is that the users need to be able to read the wiki of your parent project (e.g. are members of the project with the "Read wiki" permission).

Show help in c# showing proper topic but wrong content in CHM

Below is the code I am using to show my CHM file.
Help.ShowHelp(control, HelpFile, HelpNavigator.Topic, topic);
It is opening the proper html widow in the right; however, the left side's contents tab is always pointing to 1st chapter.
Try this one
Help.ShowHelp(Control, HelpFileName, HelpNavigator.TopicId, TopicID);
This depends on the way your CHM file is compiled and/or the last user action.
But you need AutoSync too (see attached picture of HTMLHelp Workshop).
Please note one that the last visited tab is saved to a hh.dat file: When a CHM file is compiled, you can define the default tab displayed when the file is opened. If a user opened one of the other tabs (e.g. the index) and closes the file, the next time the file is opened, it will be opened in the Index tab.
Following code is working for me:
Help.ShowHelp(this.btnOpenHelpShowTopic, helpProvider1.HelpNamespace, HelpNavigator.Topic, #"/Garden/flowers.htm");

error in loading skin in dotnetnuke

I get this error when I load a page that uses a specific skin ,it was working very well befor .
Could Not Load Skin: /Portals/_default/Skins/MM-SubSites-Arb/inner.ascx Error: The ID 'dnnCOPYRIGHT' is already used by another control.
The error is telling you exactly what to look for: there is more than one control in the inner.ascx file that has an ID attribute of "dnnCOPYRIGHT."
Open the file in a text editor and do a search for "dnnCOPYRIGHT" to find the elements with that ID, and delete all but one of them.