Native Drag + Drop file upload in Firefox 3.6 - firefox3.6

I've recently been told by a colleague that Firefox 3.6 supports native drag and drop file uploads + image resizing from the operating system without any extensions or plugins required.
Can anyone post a code snippet or provide a link which demonstrates this new functionality (as I couldn't find much on a Google search)?

It's reasonably non-trivial (for HTML) hence no code snippet, but there's a pretty good HTML DnD tutorial over here.
NB: Updated with correct link. (My bad.)
Edit: also if that's the image resizing you're after

Vimeo has a nice example of drag n drop upload for firefox 3.6 here:


AngularJS image uploader with preview, and sorting features

Are there any open source angularjs image unloader plug-ins that supports preview and sorting? If not, what approach would be the easiest to implement one?
I used php gd library for this purpose before. In my case, I used php to do image thumbnail and sorting. The job angular need to do is call APIs for upload image, list image with datetime/name/size sort etc.
Hope this helps you a bit.
I used this lib, with standard file upload, with some effort, it worked.

Anyone know why my .mp4 video won't load using lightbox?

I am trying to use lightbox to display my video and instead of the video showing I am just getting a loading icon that never stops. I can put an image in place of the video and it works fine. Here is my code:
<img src="images/video_icon.png" height="240px" width="240px" id="middle_circle" class="circle">
As I said, using an image in the href instead of a video works fine so the CSS and JS is linked properly. Also, the video itself loads fine without the lightbox so it's not the video's fault either.
I wasn't able to find any examples for video so I am not sure if there is something different I need to do and was unable to find the solution elsewhere, including on here.
Currently Lightbox2 doesn't support videos by default at all, and it seems the maintainer doesn't plan on adding video support either. You can always edit Lightbox2 to allow video support provided you have the Javascript/JQuery experience.
If you're using Drupal CMS, they have a custom version of Lightbox2 that supports video content.
Your best bet is probably finding another Lightbox that can support your needs.
As answered above it don't supported playing Video.
But you can use some like - - very nice & customizable ligtbox.

CEF 3 workaround missing features

I'm building an application that is using CEF 3 (version 1650) in WPF (meaning I'm using OSR mode) using Xilium.CefGlue as a wrapper.
After a lot of research I've found several features I can't get to work nor workaround:
Focus Management - I need to tell when the last focusable item in the page lost focus due to a Tab press (or the first item due to Shift+Tab)
Javascript Alerts - I got them to work for standard schemes, but not for custom schemes (also found a bug regarding it). I'm looking for a way around it.
Favicons - Seems CEF3 did not implement favicon support. I guess I can look for favicon.ico in the root directory for standard schemes, but what about favicons linked in the HTML itself?
User Permission Notification - I only found permission request events for geolocation request, but I also need for other things such as getUserMedia. Any idea how?
Zoom - This one works except for getZoomLevel, that for some reason always returns zero. Does anyone knows why or how to get around it considering it does remember each page's last zoom?
Process Model - I can't get multiple browser windows opened manually (that is, not via javascript's openWindow) all with the same custom scheme to open in the same render process (already tried all different process model parameters I know of). As far as I understand, it should be possible. What am I missing?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Focus Management is it OnTakeFocus you are looking for?
Favicons has an open enhancement issue in the CEF project
For anyone who finds their way to this question, favicon support is now available in the official CEF builds.

Expressionengine multi language

my final job on my current site is trying to add multi language capability to my EE site.
The steps I followed on the wiki here:
were straight forward enough and despite having to search around for a bit of help when the htaccess didn’t work, I now have (I believe) a working subfolder on my site: /en . If i point my browser at a page comes up fine.
The next step however of using en_custom_field doesn’t seem to work.
I have the feeling that the /en folder is an exact mirror image of the normal site.
For example in my embedded header template I have lang=”{country_code}” but when I view source in my /en subfolder it shows as “fr” (which is the default language)
Also, other curious things are happening - in the /en subfolder, my current dropdown menu (a navee menu) has been replaced by my old menu which is no longer in my template (!) I have literally no idea how this is happening…
Would appreciate any help from anyone who's seen something familiar thanks!
Are you using ExpressionEngine 1.x or 2.x ? The instructions in the wiki really only work for 1.x (and not even very well for that).
There are several free and paid addons that can help you do this. For EE1, I'd recommend Transcribe:
For EE2, you might try Berkol's MultiLanguage addon, found here: -- it requires you to create custom fields, but handles all the URL nonsense pretty nicely as far as I can tell.

How to setup a project to use TweetSharp

I am trying to follow Pete Brown's introductory WPF tutorial which makes use of the TweetSharp libraries to interact with Twitter.
I have downloaded what appears to be the latest TweetSharp binaries (and a few others including the ReleaseCandidate) from Codeplex (
No matter what references I add and no matter what using statements I try, I cannot create a reference to the TwitterService for the FluentTwitter class.
I simply get the compiler error - "The type or namespace cannot be found".
Now I've noticed that the TweetSharp.dll that Pete references is 518KB but the one contained in each of my different downloads is only 84kb. (I've tried several times - I am getting the full download here).
The link from Pete's article to the TweetSharp libraries, no longer works (
What basic element am I missing here or what could I be doing wrong?
TweetSharp moved to CodePlex since that article was posted, which is why the link to Google Code is dead.
You need references to TweetSharp.dll, TweetSharp.Twitter.dll, (and for good measure Hammock.dll, and Newtonsoft.json.dll).
For using directives, if you're using the FluentTwitter approach:
using TweetSharp.Twitter.Fluent;
using TweetSharp.Twitter.Extensions;
using TweetSharp.Twitter.Model;
If you're using the TwitterService approach:
using TweetSharp.Twitter.Model;
using TweetSharp.Twitter.Service;
There are some other examples kicking around on CodePlex including some starter apps if you download the source code.
I think now it's in github CodePlex didn't work for me?
Is the Tweetsharp library still on Codeplex? The link above has expired?
Or is Linq to Twitter a better option? I'm new to Twitter API and only need a few simple code examples (Search Feed, Geo Location & Post Photo to Twitter).