Percentage PriceScale shows strange text on negative percentage - lightweight-charts

When I display the PriceScale it shows me some strange characters on labels that are under 0%. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anybody know the solution? Thanks!
I'm using version 3.8.0 of LightweightCharts. I am using the chart in Percentage mode


How to stop Windows Forms label text from rearranging itself

Today I tried using Windows Forms for the first time, which went pretty smoothly until I tried setting the text of a label to "0 lines", which was displayed as "lines 0" in the actual program. I tried a couple of other inputs for the Text property, and it seems the leading number in the label is always moved to the back. I couldn't find any property in the label describing some sort of numerical formatting, so I was wondering were this rearranging came from and what I could do to disable it. Thanks in advance!
screenshot of the input
screenshot of the result
As CodeCaster said in their comment, I simply had to change the RightToLeft property.

WinForms chart zooming X-axis labels temporarily disappear when zooming

I have a chart which looks like this:
When I zoom into a section, the labels disappear:
However, I can get the labels back by scrolling all the way to the right and releasing the mouse:
And then when I scroll back to the left, the labels are all visible:
This behaviour is just super weird am I'm completely dumbfounded as to what would cause this, or even how to debug.
Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try to fix this? I'd like the labels to be shown as in the last image, but when first zooming.
It looks like others have had similar issues, so I'm going to try combining several answers I found online to maybe help fix your issue.
John (DevExpress Support) says:
It appears that the AutoLayout feature leads to this issue. Please set the ChartControl.AutoLayout property to False. This should make axis label elements visible.
Valdemar (DevExpress Support) says:
I suggest that you use the Axis2D.ResolveOverlappingOptions properties. Set AllowHide to False:
<dxc:AxisX2D >
<dxc:AxisLabelResolveOverlappingOptions AllowRotate="True" AllowStagger="True" AllowHide="False" />
SharpStatistics says:
The only way I could replicate the problem you describe is by setting the x axis interval to a specific value, say,
area1.AxisX.LabelStyle.Interval = 100;
and then when I zoom in on the chart if the zoomed x axis section is less than 100 I don't see any lables.
loi-se (the OP) replies:
Thanks for your suggestion! But as far as i know i don't set the xaxis labelstyle anywhere, i just use: Chartarea1.AxisX.IntervalAutoMode = IntervalAutoMode.VariableCount
This works fine in the case of the yaxis but the xaxis seems to behave on its own will. Maybe i should renew my .net framework installation and get the latest version of the chart component? Any other suggestions?
This one is for SSRS reports, but I'm assuming it uses the same (or similar library) and supports the link right above this one.
When designing an SSRS Report using Chart you may notice that some of the labels whether in X or Y axis are not being displayed, this is because it’s so smart that it detects what you actually want (not!).
To display all labels follow the steps below:
Right click either the X or Y axis, Click Properties:
Set the Interval to 1:
That's about all I can find that are similar, without spending a bunch more time researching this. Hopefully something here helped!

Victory Chart x-axis scale not working for Dates

I have an Area chart in Victory where the x-axis has dates.
I want to customize the x-axis Label and have created a CustomLabel component to calculate the x-axis scale and display "LABEL" below the ticks.
But for some reason, the scale is not calculated correctly for the Date Object.
Please let me know what I am doing wrong here.
Code here -
For anyone who may face this issue, I raised the issue in their Github Page and one of the authors has given a fix for it. Please see below:

ExtJS : Column Chart with negative values display error

I am trying to display a column chart in ExtJS which contrains negative values.
I get this really strange wrong display :
All the values in the chart's store are negative and between -79 to -83. Yet the columns are displayed beneath the X axis. On the other hand these values are visible on the Y axis' range, so I am not sure what is the reason for that.
Someone got a clue?
No idea what ExtJS version you're using, but I found this question from back in the ExtJS 4 days and apparently inverting/reversing an axis was supported in ExtJS3 and then removed in ExtJS4. As I can not find any information about reversing/inverting an axis in recent Ext6 docs, this probably means you'll have to multiply your values by -1 and just keep your labels as is.
How to reverse an Axis in Sencha ExtJS Charts?

I am trying to save images in wpf application, but after saving some reddish tint color is coming on that images

I am trying to save images in wpf application, but after saving some reddish tint color is coming on that images and also losing sharpness of those image. I am using PNGBitmapEncoder for that and saving imags in PNG format. I dont know what is happenning.
Anybody Plz give me the solution.. I am trying from so many days. Plz help me regarding this issue.
Thanks in advance
You'll need to post your code and possibly an example of what the incorrect image looks like.
The most likely explanation is that you've got a mis-match between the order of red green & blue pixels in memory vs what the file format is expected, or that the red value is being increased at the expense of the green & blue somehow.
Are you trying to resize the image as well? That might explain the blurriness.