How to remove the price line in light-weight-chart? - lightweight-charts

I have implemented tradingview's lightweight chart in my app, and the chart looks like this. There is a dotted horizontal line for the last price.
Is it possible to hide the horizontal line?

When creating the series, you can set the priceLineVisible option to false to disable that line.
const mainSeries = chart.addLineSeries({
priceLineVisible: false,

For removing ltp dotted line in your chart you should set priceLineVisible to false in addAreaSeries.
var areaSeries = chart.addAreaSeries({
priceLineVisible: false,
topColor: this.config.topColor,
bottomColor: this.config.bottomColor,
lineColor: this.config.lineColor,
lineWidth: this.config.lineWidth,


Hiding single series label in legend on apex charts

I'm using heatmap chart ( and i would like to hide a single item in legend: the series 1 label called "label1".
The results would be something like:
So, i just want to hide a single item in legend and not the entire series
Easiest way would be to use pure js to hide first legend item after chart renders, like this
document.querySelectorAll("#chart .apexcharts-legend-series")[0].style.display = "none";
Second solution to hide first series using options
legend: {
formatter: (seriesName, opts)=>{
if(opts.seriesIndex==0) return '' // hides first label
return seriesName;
markers: {
width: [0,12,12,12], // hides first marker

How do I remove the legend, labels and all the numbers from the graphs from apex charts

I've tried everything I can. If anyone can help me out, it'll be great. I want the numbers on the graphs and the legend gone
Legend and data-labels can be disabled by
const options = {
dataLabels: {
enabled: false
legend: {
show: false
If you want to remove all the additional graphics, try using sparkline which will only keep the chart and hide everything.
sparkline: {
enabled: true

Equation box in Quill is not completely visible

enter image description here
Trying to use Quill in my project. I'm using Bootstrap class 'row' with two columns. Right hand side column has Quill, everything works fine except this equation box (see in the image). Can anybody help?
I solved this using bounds. Here is the code snippet:
let quill = new Quill('#editor-container', {
modules: {
formula: true,
syntax: true,
toolbar: '#toolbarOptions'
placeholder: 'Compose your question here...',
theme: 'snow',
bounds: '#editor-container'

Ext JS Progress Bar - text align to center

Just started using progressbarwidget, I want the text from my textTpl to be center aligned within the progress bar at all times regardless of what percentage the bar is at, when I mean centered I mean the center of the progress bar and not center of the progress value. See fiddle below and attached image
I seen a reference on another thread to set position : relative, this does set the text to the center of the bar but doing so means the bar does not show the progress anymore. I see when the progress bar is created it has 2 divs, containing the following classes, x-progress-text and x-progress-bar, both contain the text value.
Thanks in advance
You can extend ProgressBarWidget, and override the template, like:
Ext.define('Fiddle.view.ProgressBarWidget', {
extend: 'Ext.ProgressBarWidget',
xtype: 'fiddle-progressbarwidget',
template: [{
reference: 'backgroundEl'
}, {
reference: 'barEl'
}, {
reference: 'textEl',
style: {
left: 0,
right: 0
Working example:
The definitive solution is to add an onResize handler on the progress bar container:
onResize: function () {
var me = this,
progressBar = me.down('progressbarwidget');
// Set text width to element width so that it can be centered
This idea is copied from what happens in Ext.grid.column.Widget.onResize().
The solution from user CD.. doesn't work (nor does the one in user2751034 comment)
in the case you have two-color-text, like in Classic theme:
even if you reproduce the template in Sencha sources (with textEl children of barEl):

ExtJS 6 toggle legend fields

Now legend in EXTJS works in such way: it shows all available legend fields and appropriate series and you can enable/disable any of them. I want to make that only one legend item can be enabled in one time. E.g. you have chart with 2 legend items (with 2 series), only first item is active on chart load and then if you want to active second item then first item becomes automatically disabled.
Here is chart fiddle with native ExtJS behaviour:
Please, post ideas how can I make it work as I described before.
If you have a look at the legend source code, freely available in your Ext directory or in the Sencha docs, you find that you can override that toggleItem method in such a way that only one selection is allowed.
The basics should be something like
toggleItem: function (index) {
var store = this.getStore(),
record = store.getAt(index);
store.query("disabled", false).each(function(record) {record.set("disabled", true) });
record.set("disabled", false);
but it doesn't work exactly as expected. Perhaps you can pave your way along from there.
this can be easily achieved with using legend type dom, and looping and setting every other legend (button) disabled, as followed -
legend: {
docked: 'bottom',
type: 'dom',
listeners: {
itemclick: function(obj, record, item, index) {
var i = 0,
records = obj.getStore().getRange();
for(i=0; i < records.length; i++){
i === index ? records[i].set('disabled', false) : records[i].set('disabled', true);