How can I lock lightweight chart view on price when chart load and NOT on line that are in the future on the timeline (look illustration) - lightweight-charts

Here are images that show my probleme, it should be more understandable :D
How it load:
What I would like to see when it's loaded:
Complete view of the chart :
The green and purple line are projections in the future, refering to ichimoku) indicator.
I don't find a way to setup where do the chart be locked at the begining :/


Google Data Studio Hide Data on Line Chart

Can I hide data number on line chart to make it only show the trend instead of the actual data?
To remove the Axis, switching from a Time Series Chart to a Sparkline Chart does the trick (or manually remove the required labels and Axis from the Style Tab of the Time Series Chart).
To prevent interactions with the Chart, one approach is to add a transparent Shape over the Chart.
Google Data Studio Report and a GIF to elaborate:

AnyStock - can an annotation be represented in the chart scroller?

I would like to show the location of vertical annotations in the stock chart scroller so that when the user zooms/pans away from the annotation, they are still aware of its location on the chart.
Unfortunately, the current version of the library 8.7.0 doesn't support annotations and markers in the stock scroller. It can show a series thumbnail only.

Is there a documentation on how to use weather overlay from

I am trying to add a weather overlay to my maps , the tile images on are what i want but i couldn't find any documentation on how to construct url to consume & arrange tiles of overlays for a given lon/lat. below is the a sample url that returns a single tile.
The web service i am working on generates a sectional aviation chart/map for a given lon/lat dimension and zoom level . one of the overlays i am rendering on top of the generated base map is weather(radar reflective ..)
based on the information i have (lon/lat, dimension and zoom level) i want to render weather overlay on top of my base map.
the challenge i am facing is how do i get weather overlay using lon/lat ?
After researching a lot i found out that NOAA Tile System uses this Tile arrangement, based on that i was able to get PNG images overlay for a given (lon/lat/zoom) as follows{0:yyyyMMddHHmm}/{1}/{2}/{3}.png
{0:yyyyMMddHHmm} = date time in 5 minute increments
{1} ZoomLevel
{2} X or tile column
{3} Y or Tile Row
Without more information about what you are trying to integrate into, here is what I know. If you want to create a custom KML file, there is this page that will do that for you. For more info about other layers, check out this page as well.
If you provide more info about your environment, we might be able to help with more specifics.
For just the transparent gifs, see this page here
There is quite a bit of information for downloading actual data here

SSRS BIDS 2008 R2 pie chart data labels overlapping

As seen in image, the data labels are overlapping and making the data difficult to read. Anybody know how to sort this?
Have now updated the question as I have changed the PieLabelStyle to Outside and in the picture you can see in the design view above it acknowledges this however when I preview the chart it remains on the inside! (See image 3 link below)
Technet has a nice piece on this:
The secret is in the Properties pane under the Custom Attributes section:
A good solution is to sort the pie chart between small and big pieces. I posted a script that helps with this issue:

Unable to view RadChart data when RadScheduleView placed in the same view

I have a screen in which i am required to place both RadChart and RadScheduleView . RadChart has some data associated with it, and RadScheduleView has no data. When I add the reference for RadScheduleView , which is "Telerik.Windows.Controls.ScheduleView", the data which is associated with the charts are no longer visible and in place of that data, random data like " Chart axis label, ChartChartTitle" etc appears. Why is this happening, and how can this be solved?
Please refer the following link for sample code regarding the mentioned error