Using both cell editing and row editing in PrimeNG - primeng

I've been trying to find an answer for some time now and I can't seem to find anything regarding using both options. Has anyone tried and succeeded using both?
I have a small p-table that is using row editing at the moment (when clicking the edit button, another component pops up), but there's an instance where I need to edit a single cell right in the main table.
Apologies if the question is too basic and thank you!

There's actually a StackBlitz demo for this in the documentation. The example in the documentation doesn't have this dual edit mode but the StackBlitz demo does.
I've isolated the demo you need here (The original demo contains two demos in one).


Cannot delete properly rows on UI-Grid on Chrome

you can refer to this plunker:
my plunker
To reproduce this issue just click on the second row ('Project Manager - phase 10') and click on the 'click me' button. This one should delete the current row selected.
Try it on Firefox or IE and all should work fine. Then try it on Chrome (my version is the 65.0.3325.181) and the row you selected doesn't disappear.
So, since they closed the discussion I had opened on their Github page I would like to know if you are able to reproduce this issue (so it's not just my problem)and if you have a solution (maybe someone already encountered this and solved it in some ways). Actually I cannot use the UI-Grid on Chrome for that...
I don't get why I must put some code here after the plunker, since I have like 4 files in it :-)
Ok, it seems it happens just on my pc (an just for my profile). I'm not able to reproduce it on others Chrome versions. I haven't any idea on the reason of this issue but... I actually don't care if it shows up just for me. It would have been a bigger issue if it was for all clients that need to use my application.

Auto suggest Implementation in sencha

can you please tell me how to implement auto suggest in sencha .I googled it and found two or three solution .But all solution auto suggest using web service ,But i have array of data ,from this data(example names ) i want to use this array in autosuggest .can you modified this link so as i can use this.
i found these links
take a look at this example "Custom Search Fields "
TypeAhead is build-in ExtJS combobox. You can hide the trigger and it will look like a textbox with autosuggest.
Look at this page for a good tutorial on how to customize your combobox.
Take a look at my blog, it may be helpful to you. Sencha touch 2 auto complete.

How do you send data to the Detail View from Master View in iOS 5 iPad app?

I am trying to make an extremely simple app that using a split view. I would like a list of checklists on the left that you can click on and display more detailed information on the right side of the screen. It seems that split view is the right view controller but I am having some trouble. I am very new to iOS programming. I understand how to add items to the Master View on the left using the inspector options. I am not using arrays to populate my cells in Master View. I simply added more cells through inspector and just renamed the label of each. I do not however understand how to connect each cell with the Detail View. I have searched far and wide on the internet and come up with nothing. All information is outdated and doesn't work for Xcode 4.2 or iOS 5. If you have any information at all please help. I am a total noob with this so please be as descriptive and basic as possible. Thank you so much!
Look at the MultipleDetailsViews.xcodeproj provided by Apple. It supports iOS 5 and also runs fine on iOS 6.

WPF button enable/disable problem

I'm somewhat new to WPF and VB.Net (but not new to programming in general) and I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue that I'm having.
Here's the problem:
I am creating a simple form using WPF in VB.Net and I have a button that I want to disable or enable based on an update to a DataGrid that is located in the form. When I first show the form the button is enabled by default and everything is fine. When the DataGrid changes I can disable the button programmatically by doing btnTest.IsEnabled=False and the button grays out appropriately. However, when I subsequently call btnTest.IsEnabled=True the button becomes enabled all except for the text that is displayed on the button; that text remains grayed out. I can switch back and forth between enabled and disabled several times and the behavior described still manifests. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but this seems to be a really simple problem to me and I've wasted a few hours on it already.
Does anyone know what's going on? I've already googled everything I know.
Just to update this: I actually found out that this was a bug in the BureauBlue theme that ships with .NET. If you have this problem tag me in a comment here and I can send you my modified BureauBlue.xaml file.

Still no OPTGROUP?

I read in the dojo trac from 3 years ago a concern that dojo combobox needs to implement option groups. I am using version 1.3.2 and my combo is failing. Are the option groups still not supported after all this time?
There doesn't seem to be a way to use optgroups in the combobox widget. That ticket was closed and no new one was ever opened. There is also not really a way the data could be represented consistently in either. It would be possible to create a custom solution to this by editing the dijit though, just manage the optgroups in the way that makes sense for your application.
You could consider using dijit-select-optgroup if you are willing to use a Select alike widget.
dijit-select-optgroup is basically a custom version of dijit/form/Select which includes grouping of options (similar to html <select> element with <optgroup>).
More info:
Live demo:
Disclaim: I own this repo :).