Point events for Sankey charts? - anychart

I am working with AnyChart Sankey charts, and trying to to get information for a particular clicked flow or node (i.e. the from and to nodes if a flow is clicked, or the node name if a node is clicked) in the Sankey chart which I need for a specific drilldown function. This is easily doable for other charts using pointClick.
Getting pointClick events on other charts is quite straight forward using chart.listen('pointClick', function(e) {});.
This, however doesn't work on Sankey charts. The pointClick event is never registered.
Is there any way to do what I am trying to do for Sankey charts?

The current version of the library v8.8.0 (summer 2020) doesn't pointClick event due to the specific architecture of the chart. But there's a workaround that implements the required interactivity. For details, check the sample of a Sankey with custom interactivity.


DevExpress Gantt chart does not render in react app

I'm trying to use Gantt chart from DevExpress library in my React app. I use the example code given here (https://js.devexpress.com/Demos/WidgetsGallery/Demo/Gantt/Overview/React/Light/) and simply copy and paste into my solution. However, instead of a chart, I get an empty container for the chart that has border. There's no toolbar, no treeview with tasklist and no waterfall diagram.
Most other components from the same UI kit work well. There are no errors or warnings in the console, all styles are loaded properly. It is just that divs that are supposed to hold a list of tasks or toolbar buttons are empty. There are no child elements in the DOM. Feels as if some sort of a script does not fire but I can't figure out what is going on.
I've tried to check for the events and it seems that the component when rendered does trigger OnInitialized event. It does not render any of the data fed to it though.
I've been googling around for a few hours but got no information or any clue. Any hints?

Make annotation on graph created by echart

I'm using reactJs to develop the frontend, is it possible to make annotations on graphs created by echart? For example, I can left-click anywhere on a line chart to make a quick note of that point or I can a range on a graph and make a note of that range.
If I understand you correctly, you want to build an interface that allows users to left-click somewhere on the chart and add their own annotations (rather simply coding in annotations as a developer, and having them be static)?
In broad strokes, here's how I would build this:
Register click event handlers on the chart, so you can detect where the user clicked.
Build custom UI in react that can overlay on the chart, provide text input and "add"/"cancel" buttons, using the information from the click event to figure out where to draw it and to what element the annotation should be attached to.
When the user clicks "add", make a call to the showTip API (see docs) to a tooltip in the right location (from step 1) with the text the user provided.
(It looks like there is a github issue where folks are asking for this feature to be built-in - and some discussion of how to build it yourself, and a simple example that illustrates how to do step 3 above which you might find useful)

Trigger scroll to roll down to bottom automatically in Mendix Native Mobile App

I’m working on a Native Mobile App, which is being built inside the Mendix Platform. And I'm trying to figure out how to trigger a scroll-to-bottom behavior automatically.
My situation is:
I have a form with a lot of fields, and some with conditional visibility. Which means that they will appear if the user selects some specific options, in radio-buttons.
But some of them will be out of the visible area when the user clicks the related radio-button, and the field becomes visible (as it is located at the bottom of the form).
I trying to find a way to force the scroll to the bottom when these new fields become visible (from the user click in radio-button above).
Any suggestion on how to achieve this?
In the Mendix market place there is a native widget that seems to be able to do what you need to achieve: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/116738
The last update was in May this year for Mendix 9.1 and there is a version for Mendix 8.17 as well.
Hope this provides a solution.

Capture clicks on a Sencha chart label

Since I'm updating my application from Ext JS 4.2.1 to Ext JS 5.1, I took the chance to upgrade my old charts to the shiny new sencha charts. I've been trying to set up an interactable stacked bar chart that looks like this
Users should be able to click on the bars or on the labels on the left to check out the details.
I've managed to capture mouse events on the chart bars (using the chartitemevents plugin), but I'm stuck trying to capture click events on the labels.
I've tried using the spriteevents plugin on the chart, but on 5.1 it simply doesn't work, and it's broken on the 5.1.1 nightly builds (you always get the background sprite no matter what). Even if it did work, getting the correct sprite would only get me halfway there as I would have no clue about which series does that label belong to.
Here's a fiddle with an example of the situation: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/hjm
Does anyone know of a way to do this?
As and added bonus, it would be great if it was possible to capture onmouseover and onmouseout events too, so I could change the cursor to pointer whenever a label is hovered.
i just created a plugin for axis click: Sencha Forums
Ask me anything if the plugin usage is not clear.

Extjs Bar Chart For Live Data

My Application get live data from server, which includes number of operations executed and time at which it executed.
Now I am trying to implement a bar chart out of it which looks like splunk event chart which displays bars for every minute and should allow user to zoom in and zoom out.
I tried extjs stackedBarchart but it didnt looked like the one which i want to use.
Any ideas?
Appreciate your help! Thanks