Drupal 7 : Access Denied upon order completion And user logout? - drupal-7

in drupal commerce every time logged in as a authenticated user and can get all the way through checkout until I am redirected back to the site.
redirected to this page:
I get sometimes an Access Denied error and user log out ! and The order is not processed. And sometimes is ok and processed complete !
I can't see that I am missing any permissions that would prevent anything. I also can't see where I would specify the page to return the user to at this point in the process. Any thoughts?
This problem only on chrome ! firefox is ok !!


System.TypeException: You are already logged in

I am trying to create portal user by using:
Site.createPortalUser(u, account.Id,'Sep#2012',true); method.
But i am getting the type exception:
"System.TypeException: You are already logged in".
I am testing with system admin profile.
Could any one please suggest what to do to resolve the issue.
This is because you are testing the community by Admin profile.
Solution is you should open the community page on an incognito browser so that you are accessing the page as a real Guest user.

DotNetNuke - DnnImageHandler.ashx - error 500

Clean Dnn Version : 09.01.01 (129)
When I work with Dnn and have javascript console opened, a lot of times I get error:
/DnnImageHandler.ashx?mode=profilepic&userId=1&h=32&w=32 500 (Internal
Server Error)
At the same time the image in the toolbar profile is missing. Where an how I can see what is working wrong what logs to check? If I go to Manage / Admin Logs and select Log Settings There is a lot of stuf I can enable, but dont know what can be right to see this error and try to find something more.
If I try to open this link in another browser window most of the time everithing is OK and I get generic user image with "?" back.
Also does anyone else see this errors?
Found the same error here:
It is fixed in dnn 9.2
So I just spent the past hour trying to figure this out, and had to do a lot of cleanup on one of my DNN instances where it was occurring, but once I got all the cleanup done I think it comes down to this.
You're logged in with a Host/SuperUser account correct?
If you login as ANY other user, one of the Users in the Portal, it works correctly?
I ended up having to fix my "profile" page, the site was referencing skins that didn't exist anymore on the profile page, then containers that didn't exist. Once I cleaned all that up, I was able to navigate to the profile page, click on Edit profile, and once I edited the profile, I uploaded a new avatar for the HOST user and was able to get the image to render properly.
I think the issue has something to do with HOST accounts and either referencing an image that isn't part of the current portal, OR HOST accounts and referencing a default image that doesn't exist due to it being a host account, instead of a standard user account.
So how to fix?
Try uploading a profile photo for your account on the current portal and see if that resolves.

Laravel Getting Logged out

I get randomly logged out in laravel. After trying to login again I randomly get the page reloaded or a Token Mismatch (or logged in).
After changing to the Session Database Drive (Problem still persisting) I've noticed that it creates new sessions for every login try. It also creates a session when logging out... But not when moving pages.
I noticed that alot of my session rows contain NULL for the user_id.
Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?

Drupal user redirected to MoneyScript checkout page after registration

We are registering users in our Drupal system via REST services call from 3rd party system.
What happens is that the user is redirected to "ms/checkout" after successful registration and gets a 403-Forbidden message. Any thoughts on why this might be happening and how to fix this?
May be its issue of permission. Go to Permissions page and allow annonymous user to access Cart, Checkout page.

After DNN Database migration, DNN shows a successful log in in the EventLog table, but It actually does not have me logged in

So I have moved a good number of DNN database/websites and not encountered the following issue.
After moving and getting the site back up and running, when I try to log into the site with either a Super User or typical user account the following happens:
if I type in the wrong password I get an expected wrong password error
if I put in the correct password the EventLog table shows a successful login, but I am not logged in and it redirects me to the login page.
I have checked that in deed it does not see that I am logged in by going to areas that I can't without it requesting me to login.
I moved the DNN database the same way I have a number of times: backed up database and restored it on the new SQL host server. Updated the portalAlias table entries. The site is obviously up as I can get to it.
Any suggestions?
I would try clearing your browser cache. I have at times had the browser cache freeze the cookie and apparently keep me from logging in or at times from logging out.
I those cases I clear the cache and all temporary files. Then if that still doesnt fix it i break out the virtual machine and try it from a broser on another machine.