How can I manipulate the date shown in the headers of a anychart resource gantt when there is no data to be loaded - anychart

We use the anychart GanttResource chart to show Technicians with their tasks on a daily base. To do this we use a DateFilter outside the component to load our data. Then when the data is retrieved from the API we set this data to the chart. As long there is data retrieved there is no problem, the chart fluently goes to the chosen day and only shows this data. However when the API returns no data or a 400, we add an empty list to the chart data. This looks ok at first, but when looking better to it I noticed the chart defaults back to today as date to show in the header. How can I manipulate this so the selected filter date could be shown there?
Anyone any suggestions about how to get this result? I can't seem to find a functionality or such to set the timeline date to use.
If my explanation is unclear then please let me know so I can elaborate any further or provide any screenshots to make it more clear.

It's not possible to zoom to some period of time when you don't have any data. But you can add an auxiliary element (e.g. a marker) to the data, and you'll be able to set the timeline zoom to a specific range. After you get the real data, the element can be deleted. Please check this sample:


unable to display the table which contains "message data" to chart while clicking on the particular part

When we click on a particular month in a chart then it need to display depends upon the specific month and the same "constant.js". Could you please help me in this to display some of the data in table?
As I can see the value of this.props.messages is undefined. So that's why you are not able to display records in table. Because you are trying to pull data from this.state.messages and it's undefined.
Once you fix it then it will auto display in the table.
Here I have created working demo for you.

SSRS mobile reports display date

I am sure this should be simple but can't find it answered here.
I am creating some mobile reports and all going well, but I want to add a field that holds a date time (last sale). So far all my fields are shown in gauges, but I can't show a date or string in a number gauge (i don't think). There is a time navigator and selection list filtering the data in the gauges.
I tried creating a simple data grid with one field in it, but doesn't look great with the column header etc.
Any suggestions?

Chartjs - Dataset colors are getting overloaded with angular-chartjs

I am using the angularjs wrapper of the Chartjs. I am updating the graph when the new data receive from a push event program. Also I am coloring in-between selected graph data sets.
When I go to another page and come back to the graph page again, the opacity of the color of the dataset getting increased and ultimately opacity goes away.
It seems to me that the data set colors are doesn't get cleared when I revisit the page. However this issue get solved when I refresh the page.
How can I clear the previous data set details when I revisit.
I tried the chart.clear() but didn't work
angular-chartjs is outdated and don't really work with the newer versions of chartJS.
Check this issue out: #677.
The issuer gives an example on how to implement chartJS with a wrapper. You need to be aware of the fact that chartJS alone don't handle the colors anymore. You need to set them on your own.
On the other hand if you really don't want to do it on your own you could try my wrapper implementation for chartJS.

Filter data in highcharts by date and time

My web page initially loads the highchart (scatter plot) using the timestamp data for the whole month, but I want to create custom input field that allows to enter date/time range and dynamically plot only those points that are in the range and "hide" everything else. What I already have in mind is that I can add an event listener that listens to change in the input field and reloading the whole chart and filter, but there is a lot of points so I guess this approach is not very efficient. Is there an efficient way to accomplish this?

SSRS Charts Legend Series 1

I am stuck with one of the most irritating problem of SSRS. In my chart, I am displaying all months for months with data and without data. Reason being User wants to see all the months.
now where there is no data in any month then in the legend, SSRS is by default putting Series 1(dont know why called it Series 1)
Instead it should display "Declined", "Re-Directed", "Upheld" but what I am getting is
"Series 1", "Declined", "Re-Directed", "Upheld"
My problem is, User wants to see months with no data but she is not ready to see Series 1 in the legend and I have tried everything but couldn't figure out the solution.
Please help:
I know it's old but I found another way to hide Series1 on the chart.
Click on a Series
Go to the Properties pane, Appearance > (Hidden) option.
Click on the Expression button (looks like Fx)
Enter in the following:
Please see this image for an example:
Sorry- I don't have enough reputation to embed the image yet.
I found the answer to my question. I have updated my Stored Procedure. I wrote a Case Statement in Stored Procedure stating that where it's blank in the chart then show it as a 'No Data Yet' in the Legend.
Image might explain better :)