How to stop zeppelin in windows? - apache-zeppelin

I didn't find out how to stop zeppelin in windows 10 !?
it starts with this cmd :
is there a cmd to stop it in windows ?

To stop Zeppelin on Windows need stop cmd-process. There isn't zeppelin-daemon.cmd in
Stop is available only in for the Unix systems.


apache flink windows installation

I am trying to install flink on windows running into all sorts of problems . Please help.
Downloading the tar file from net, does not give me windows bat file options. Used the download links at So i cannot run start-local.bat. Infact i dont even have . I ended up installing cygwin just so i can run start cluster bat
However running the start cluster bat is giving weird issues and exiting immediately.
$ ./
Starting cluster.
Starting standalonesession daemon on host DESKTOP**.
Starting taskexecutor daemon on host DESKTOP**.
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
Improperly specified VM option 'MaxMetaspaceSize=268435456
This is an open bug for sometime and is deferred to Flink 1.14 version.

Eiffel EWF Application standalone C Bind Error

After starting it with F5, it seems that when I stop an EWF application (from estudio stop button) it takes up to 10 seconds to free the defined port on linux debian machine, Don't know if its only on this OS but is there a way to make it stop quicker? I always have to wait for some seconds to start it again after some corrections.
my actual best workaround is:
sudo sh -c 'echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_tw_recycle'
see more info on the duplicate...
Are you running the app in workbench mode (F5) or Workbench System (Ctrl + Alt + F5)?
Do you have a minimal example to reproduce the issue?
Is it possible to reproduce the issue with one of the provided EWF examples?

How do I open a file in its default program by using the CLI in GitBash on Windows 7?

I'm currently using GitBash on Windows 7 to play around with the command line interface and would be very interested to know how to use GitBash to open a file/document in its default program.
You can use start to open a file using its default application. For example:
start some-image.jpg
start some-document.pdf
Start gives me permission issues on my work machine. However the explorer command works for me.
explorer some-image.jpg

Close Windows CMD console on play start

'm trying to start my play app via "play start" command in windows but the CMD console remains open after server started. Also system.err still redirected to this console.
And if I close this windows the application's java process also will be closed.
Framework version: 1.2.4/
Platform you're using: Windows 2003, 7 (X86, X64)
Reproduction steps:
1) Create Play! app
2) Start it via bat file
set JAVA_HOME=C:\Java\jdk1.7
cd /d "%dp~0%TestApp"
call "%dp~0%../play-1.2.4/play" start
You can use
start "" "%dp~0%../play-1.2.4/play" start
However, it looks like play is a console application and thus will just create a new window anyway.

how to stop jetty without knowing the stop key

when i ran jetty which is embedded with in apache solr. All i did was
java -jar start.jar
and it ran i put the process in the bg by doing ctrl-z and bg
i am trying to stop it by
java -DSTOP.PORT=8983 -DSTOP.KEY=stop_jetty -jar start.jar --stop
And i am not really sure if the the stop key above is correct . i get no error and go
into a new prompt. the app is still listening at that port.
and when i did
java -DSTOP.PORT=8983 -jar start.jar --stop
It said it requires the -DSTOP.KEY property as well.
I am not sure if i want to kill the process. Any tip/suggestion ? where to look for the stop key. i did not provide any keys at the start.
If the server was started without a STOP.KEY then you can't request a --stop.
Now, that being said, you can always issue a kill on the process too.
$ kill -TERM {pid of jetty}