Jenkins plugin monitoring for stuck jobs - jenkins-plugins

Does anybody know if there is Jenkins plugin that detects stuck jobs and e.g. sends an email?
I know that I can abort the build after n minutes (via the Binding configuration). My actual problem is that I've to check 60 projects and reconfigure each of them ...

Build-timeout Plugin gives the option to stop build that answer specific configuration. for example if the build takes more than T minutes or if the build takes 3 times more than an average successful build.
Is that what you meant ?


How to get Flink started in FLIP6 mode

We are using Flink-1.4 on a cluster of 3 machines.
We started the JobManager on one machine with the following command
bin/ start flip6
Next, we started the TaskManager on two machines with the following command:
bin/ start flip6
However, we do not see the Flink Dashboard Web UI up.
Neither do we see any errors in the logs.
Is there something we are missing, maybe in the config file?
Here is the log for the JobManager:
For 1.4 the FLIP-6 mode is still a WIP and missing major parts, like the WebUI.
You will have to wait for 1.5 to use the FLIP-6 mode.

Cron not working automatically for Drupal 7

I configured cron in Drupal 7 for every 1 hour to delete "watchdog" table data. However, it is not working fine as expected when done automatically, even though it is working fine manually. What could be the problem with cron running automatically for specified intervals of time? Please, kindly help me with any alternate options, if possible.
Good morning.
Maybe one of your installed modules has a bad implementation of hook_cron(). An error in this hook would provoke the whole cron process to fail. You can use Cron Debug module to check which of the modules is failing during the cron execution. After that, you may consider disabling the module, or checking what is going wrong and fixing it.
Hope it helps.

Does Gatling provide a way to compare previously run tests

I've been running Gatling tests and I have a whole bunch of reports in the results folder.
For example I have a report for 200 requests per second and one for 400 requests per second.
Is there anyway to compare the reports against each other?
There's only the Jenkins plugin for now.
That's something we plan on providing as a commercial offer.
Gatling itself provides enterprise version called Gatling Frontline, which does support trends and history runs.
Another possibility is to use your simulation.log and process them using nuxeo gatling-report utility like this:
# check;quick~gatling-report for latest version, or build from source
wget ''
# do not create outputReportDirectory !
java -jar gatling-report-4.0-capsule-fat.jar results/complexscenario-20200618125705159/simulation.log results/complexscenario-20200617130307094/simulation.log -o outputReportDirectory
If you intend to generate trends during maven build, you can have a look at DennisRippinger gatling-reporter maven plugin, which encpsulates previously mentioned project.

GAE downloading log with LogQuery

My application generates many, many log messages. I would like to download only messages in a specific time interval. I looked around and LogQuery seems to be a good choice.
It seems like LogQuery, as specified here:
, let one specify a start and end time in milliseconds.
However, there is no such method withStartTimeMillis or withEndTimeMillis in the GAE library that I downloaded from the web. I'm using GAE SDK 1.7.1. There are only withStartTimeUSec and withEndTimeUsec which deal in microsecond.
What's amiss here?
LogQuery.Builder has both methods: withStartTimeMillis(long startTimeMillis) and withStartTimeUsec(long startTimeUsec).
Also, the current version is 1.8.1, so you should upgrade to that before starting to resolve errors.

App Engine upload issues.

I'm no longer able to upload code to my app engine app. The following are the symptoms that I'm experiencing:
Code compiles and files are uploaded. Update fails during "Verifying availability" Here's the specific stuff from the console:
Deploying new version.
Verifying availability:
Will check again in 1 seconds.
Will check again in 2 seconds.
Will check again in 4 seconds.
Will check again in 8 seconds.
Will check again in 16 seconds.
Will check again in 32 seconds.
Will check again in 60 seconds.
Will check again in 60 seconds.
Will check again in 60 seconds.
Will check again in 60 seconds.
on backend null.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Version not ready.
When I look in the Admin Console it indicates that the new version uploaded, however, the old code is still running. I tried using a different machine to upload a Hello World example to isolate my main development machine and project. I get the same result with the other machine/app. I also tried to upload the app from the command line but got the same result. I ran rollback (I'm on a Mac) and it completes without error but still the problem persists.
I don't recall a specific change to my app engine configuration immediately before the problem began, but I had changed the version to 0.1 within a couple of hours of my problems starting. The app engine rejected the version number due to the period in the version number. It took a long time to figure this out because the feedback was cryptic. I mention this because a) the feedback was cryptic and b) the error specifically mentions "Version not ready".
Can anyone help me figure out what I did and how to undo it? If it helps, my app ID is milkmooseexperimental
Thank you.
It's a Server Side issue. I'm experiencing the same problem as well, and have been unable to deploy for the last 12 hours. I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with the scheduled outage window.