Netezza Database Projects - netezza

New to Netezza development having come from a MS BI background.
Are there any tools for developing Netezza databases? e.g. Microsoft lets you create database projects in Visual studio, which allow you to create dacpacs to deploy changes through environments - does Netezza have some equivalent tools?

You can use Aginity Workbench for Netezza databse development.


Tool for prepopulation SQL CE database

started recently a WP8 project which uses LINQ to SQL as data layer. I've finished modeling the needed domain classes and would like to populate my testing database on the emulator. I managed to download the created SDF file (ISETool.exe) my problem now: How to open this file? Are there some GUI tools to read/write this SQL CE database?
I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Phone - if this info is necessary.
Any hint is appreciated!
You can use my SQL Server Compact Toolbox, supports import from csv and SQL Server. See my blog for walkthrough.

Create database and add data during application installation

I have developed a windows form application. I have also created a database on sql server and added data to this database.
Now i want to install this application at clients place. I want to know the ways to move my created database on client's location. How can i do this during application installation? If i have to include database scripts in installation file and run can i do it? If its a long process please specify links which helps me in accomplishing this task.
Thankyou very much.
Look at the GDR R2 database project (part of Visual Studio).
You can use this to reverese engineer your existing database into scripts within a Database project, and place under source code control. You can synchronise existing and deploy fresh databases from this project.
Visual Studio 2010 SQL Server Database Projects
An Overview of Database Build and Deployment
Visual Studio Database Guide
You can also use commercial tools such as those sold by RedGate.

RedGate SQL tools v Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Database Edition (Data Dude)

I've been looking at RedGate's SQL tools and Microsofts Visual Studio Team System Database Edition (formerly Data Dude) for use within a testing and continuous integration environment.
What we need to be able to do is have:
Schema and Data under source control
Automated continuous integration using TeamCity (command line)
Push changes (and data) to
environments (staging, production,
test) but not from Visual Studio
What solution would best fit our needs and what are peoples opinions, views and experiences of both products. Which did/would you choose and why? Are there any alternatives that I have missed?
Have a look at this SO question Source Control tools for Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 scripts and database updates?

Wix To many databases

I am newbie in Wix. I use wix 3.5.. Just want to know, Can Wix connect to other database like MySQL, Oracle, DB2. or just to know the name of database and generata database script..
I doubt WiX will ever have support for non Microsoft database engines. InstallShield has native support for MSSQl, Oracle and MySQL but not for DB2.
You'll either have to come up with your own data driven custom action pattern to meet your needs or punt it to an activity done outside of the installer.
The SQL extension that comes with WiX supports SQL Server. Other database servers aren't supported "in the box."

How can I transfer tables from one SQL Server database to another?

I have 2 SQL Server database files .mdf on 2 different projects in Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2010, I need to make them one database by taking the tables of one database to the other database.
I use the built in development server of Web Developer and I don't have SQL Server installed separately on my system.
So how can I do that ? Do I need special tools or this can be done with web developer ?
Check out the database publishing wizard. It should let you generate scripts for the entire database and then you can just run those scripts in your new db.