Jenkins pipeline Incremental build(maven) - jenkins-plugins

Does anybody know how to get feature "Incremental build - only build changed modules" from Maven Project Plugin available from inside jenkins declarative pipeline (Jenkinsfile)


Configuring Groovy on Jenkins

I'm using Jenkins ver 2.121.2. I'm trying to configure the Groovy plugin to run groovy scripts via a Jenkins job. The plugin documentation provided here
does not appear to match the UI I see in the System Configuration - Groovy section of this version of Jenkins. The various parameters don't match and so far I'm unable to get the plugin to run a simply groovy script. Not being familar with java and how the classpath works I'm not able to loosely interpret the instructions and get it working. If anyone can point me at documentation that more closely matches the Groovy plugin with the most current version of Jenkins I would appreciate it.
First, you need to configure an instance (or instances) of Groovy to run scripts in your builds. You do that on the Global Tool Configuration page.
You should have a least one JDK configured in the Global Tools Configuration (or have JAVA_HOME defined).
You can have Jenkins install the version of Groovy you want (on first use), or you can install Groovy yourself and point to it as in the example below:
Once this is in place, you can use the Execute Groovy Script build step in a build:

How to package and deploy Grails 3.3.2 Angular project in tomcat

I created sample Grails Angular project. When I run a gradlew war it packages only server-side code, its not adding the client-side code. What is the proper way to package and deploy this project?
./gradlew war
Starting a Gradle Daemon, 1 busy Daemon could not be reused, use --status for details
:server:compileJava NO-SOURCE
:server:compileGroovy UP-TO-DATE
:server:buildProperties UP-TO-DATE
Total time: 17.307 secs
The main benefit of having separate projects (client/server) is the ability to deploy them separately. If you want to deploy them together, then they should be in the same project. See this guide on how to merge them together.

How to build the project in Apache Flink core?

I'm beginner in Apache Flink and can't find any information about extending Flink core. I want start with simple: to build in one test-class. should I save that class as jar-file somewhere in flink?
I recently started developing small programs with Apache Flink, so I had the same problem. I advise you to use maven because it will allow to link all the dependencies you need and easily build your own classes.
You need to first install maven and then you can create a Flink Maven project with the following command:
mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.apache.flink -DarchetypeArtifactId=flink-quickstart-java -DarchetypeVersion=1.0.2
after that can add your classes to the src/main/java/[GroupId]../ and compile them with:
mvn package
Then, to run you newly created program you can execute the following command:
mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="Package.YourClass" -Dexec.args="YOUR PROGRAM ARGUMENTS"
There are also tutorials all over the internet of how to run maven with an IDE if you want to.

TFS Build via Jenkins

I have already setup TFS build on my box. Currently the build can be triggered using VS IDE or Web interface. However i will like to hook existing TFS build process in to Jenkins as we use Jenkins as standard build tools for all platform builds. Is there any plugin available? I searched with available plugins but it has only MS build plugin.
There is a TFS Plugin available & also Jenkin-TF tool available. Check this link, it has been For detailed instructions on how to configure TFS & Jenkins

Java | Maven - Plugins | Is it suggested to use cargo maven plugin in production environment ?

Currently we have a script that does maven build + tomcat deploy.
Deploying to tomcat involves stopping the server (force stop by setting CATALINA_PID), deleting war file and exploded folder from its webapps directory, copying new war file to webapps/ , deleting tomcat work directory and finally starting the server.
Can we achieve all/most of these using cargo-maven2 plugin (cleaning work/webapps ??)
[ I have a basic config that can be used to just stop,deploy and start ]
And is it good to use the plugin in production environment as well ? The documentation mentions that its useful for integration tests.
Can you guys share your thoughts on this?
As you already mentioned from the docs Cargo is for functional testing. For production you should use other things like puppet or chef. Furthermore Maven is not a deployment tool it's a build tool. From a technical point of view it's of course possible to use it in production but it's not intended.