ShieldUI Grid: Grid with remote json data - shieldui

I've been trying to get the Grid to work with remote json data source; its been unsuccessful. Does anyone have sample code that I can compile and see work?
Tried copying and pasting code from the Shield UI site but it doesn't work.

Here you can see some examples that connect to web services using the JSON data format:
ShieldUI Grid - RESTful service
ShieldUI Grid - OData example
Shield UI DataSource - another JSON example
And you can see the following documentation section for more information how to setup the DataSource to work with remote data:


Does ag-grid support live updates in Server-Side row model?

I am picking a grid to use in a React app to peer into very large data sets, with filtering, grouping, sorting capabilities. So, this has to be a virtual grid. According to this article ( ag-Grid is phenomenal. Server-Side Row Model seems to support our "data massaging" requirements. However, I cannot find a confirmation whether in this mode ag-Grid supports live updates from server side (data push).
Could you please point me in the right direction? If you have a doc link or a sample it would be even better.
thank you
ag-grid has a different row model for this: Viewport row model
A Viewport is a row model that allows showing a 'window' of data in your client. Typically all the data will reside on the server and the server will know what data is displayed in the client. This is again useful for the server to push changes out to the client as it knows what data is currently displayed.

ShieldUI Grid with remote data that is NOT oData

Every remote virtualization demo show how to populate the grid but they all use oData.
Can someone help me figure out how to use standard JSON returned from my web service? I have attempted to modify this demo with no success:
The number, titles of the columns may be different per record, too...
(see: ShieldUI Grid - Adding Columns at run-time)
This demo shows how you can populate data from a RESTful web service - take a look at the option.
More info about this setting can be found in the DataSource documentation.

showing inline or embedded images of a mail body in jsp web page

I am polling an exchange server and reading mails from that, saving mail details like To, From , body i.e. either HTML source code or text/plain in database. Body source code I am showing in content editable div in presentation layer and hence mails are being displayed perfectly as in Outlook or Lotus Notes. But I am facing problem with embedded / inline images. As within html source code it is coming as cid:Image01.. hence I am not getting the actual path of images from where I can show that in DIV. Attachments coming as separate attachment but not showing within mail body.
Any idea of doing it? Would be better if any sample java code can be provided. I am not sure about the mechanism, how Outlook or Lotus Notes as a client are able to show those inline images?
You need to process the html content and convert the cid: references into http: references to some URL that your application will use to fetch the corresponding part of the message.

Highcharts JS: Download all charts of current site with one click

We use Highcharts JS in our Webapp. We also use "highcharts exporting" so that our customers can download a diagram or piechart with just one click.
Now I would like to add the functionality that you can download all diagramms which are display by highcharts with just one click. So that our customer does not have to download each chart individually. is there such a functionality in highcharts already?
I can not find an easy way to do this.
The highcharts exporting module is submitting a POST request to the highcharts server (passing in the SVG of the chart) to generate the PDF or PNG.
I tried calling chart.exportChart() in succession but this will not work since the first calls changes document focus and the subsequent calls will not fire. So I think you have two options:
Do it server side. Have your javascript return the SVG (chart.getSVG()) of all the charts and write a server side script that generates the POST requests, zipping up the resulting files and returns them client side.
Stay client side. Get the SVG of the chart objects and manipulate it to embed multiple charts in one SVG document. Then make the request to the highcharts server. This way you could get one PDF document containing multiple charts.
This is how I would do it:
Set up your own export server with the hekp of PhantomJS. (Here's a shortcut for this
Send each chart data through AJAX to the PhantomJS export service.
Combine your exported PNG's to one image with server side script (php or py) or with the help of PhantomJS by rendering all in one page, rasterize and export as one and send back its path via AJAX to the front end.
Receive the image and let users download it :) .
The first two steps are explained i ndetails in a recent tutorial video I created for Packt here:
I hope it helps.

How to save esri map as an image file

I am using Silverlight 3 and I am trying to take a screenshot of esri map.
I was able to take a screenshot and save as a file for silverlight controls, but when I try to access Esri map image, I get "Pixel access not allowed" error. I heard this is because of different domain (I am trying to get map image on the client side, and map image is not accessible at server side in my silverlight application).
So I am trying to find a function from esri so that I can save the map image as a file.
does anybody know how to do this? or any other way around?
I am using a script from the Code Gallery for both printing and exporting map images.
The script requires a little bit of tweaking to get it to work (plus you need to dig a little bit into WCF and self-hosted services), but it has been working great for several months now. You can see it in action at our web site.