ShieldUI Grid with remote data that is NOT oData - shieldui

Every remote virtualization demo show how to populate the grid but they all use oData.
Can someone help me figure out how to use standard JSON returned from my web service? I have attempted to modify this demo with no success:
The number, titles of the columns may be different per record, too...
(see: ShieldUI Grid - Adding Columns at run-time)

This demo shows how you can populate data from a RESTful web service - take a look at the option.
More info about this setting can be found in the DataSource documentation.


Does ag-grid support live updates in Server-Side row model?

I am picking a grid to use in a React app to peer into very large data sets, with filtering, grouping, sorting capabilities. So, this has to be a virtual grid. According to this article ( ag-Grid is phenomenal. Server-Side Row Model seems to support our "data massaging" requirements. However, I cannot find a confirmation whether in this mode ag-Grid supports live updates from server side (data push).
Could you please point me in the right direction? If you have a doc link or a sample it would be even better.
thank you
ag-grid has a different row model for this: Viewport row model
A Viewport is a row model that allows showing a 'window' of data in your client. Typically all the data will reside on the server and the server will know what data is displayed in the client. This is again useful for the server to push changes out to the client as it knows what data is currently displayed.

Creating search form that will query SQL database and display results on a custom block

I am a new to Drupal and have learnt about custom blocks.
Basically, I am trying to create a search page where on the left column will have all the filter/search criteria.
On the right column the results will be displayed in a specified format in a custom block. Not sure where to start on this work.
I have my back end ready with all the parameters going in correctly and results are displayed out of a stored procedure.
Not sure about how to wire up the front end filter criteria fields with backend SQL parameters.
I am using Drupal 8 - bootstrap theme custom blocks to design the page and SQL server (using SSMS tool) backend to achieve this. Any guide on how to start this? Thanks!
Actually Drupal is build for less code and less custom code writing
All the functionality about exposing form for filters and result and results formatting are available in views module where you can expose filters and result formats as you need.
First lessen about Drupal was for me to avoid custom code until you did not find any Drupal solution.
and in your case you can achieve your all needs with only views.
Documentation for the Drupal 8 core Views module Here will find some views initial steps
I hope this helps you

2sxc and Google Maps

I have a table of geocoded data in a DNN database: several columns of data plus latitude and longitude.
I want to create a Google Map and put markers on the map that correspond to the items in the data table.
I have a SQL data source set up, and can get the geocoded data into the razor script, produces tables, etc.
I can create the Google Map, and put markers on it appropriately, but only if the marker data is hard-coded into the javascript that creates the map.
Where I am having conceptual trouble is getting the geocoded data into a form where the javascript can use it. Can someone help me with that part?
I guess the core question is how you store your coordinates - whether you have each number in a field or joined. I would basically follow the example of the map in the default bootstrap 3 templates - here's a link, but I recommend that you install the default templates to see how it's built:

ShieldUI Grid: Grid with remote json data

I've been trying to get the Grid to work with remote json data source; its been unsuccessful. Does anyone have sample code that I can compile and see work?
Tried copying and pasting code from the Shield UI site but it doesn't work.
Here you can see some examples that connect to web services using the JSON data format:
ShieldUI Grid - RESTful service
ShieldUI Grid - OData example
Shield UI DataSource - another JSON example
And you can see the following documentation section for more information how to setup the DataSource to work with remote data:

creating a custom database in adobe business catalyst?

I want to create a custom database within Adobe Business Catalyst. I have an Excel Spreadsheet with 1000's of rows of data that I want to upload.
Does anyone know how I can do this or where I can find instructions on how to do this as I cant seem to find anything anywhere???
What you need to use is the Web Apps module. You haven't told us what you want to do with this data but I assume that you simply want to render it on the page. Web apps will allow you to crate a custom field for every column in your spreadsheet and import that spreadsheet into it. It has a list view which creates an automatic link to a detail view. See the following link for more info -