Joomla! 2.5 use login data from another database - database

I have a hard question. I'd like the joomla login does not use its own database for users/password but I want to use my database users with my table fields, my passwords etc..
I don't know from where start, I thought I could edit database request for login to my db or create a little script to automatically add the users on joomla database.
I tried to see components/com_users/views/login/tmpl/default_login.php but it seems that there is nothing.
Can someone help me figure out what to change?
Maybe the simple thing is import my database users into database user joomla, is there any plugin or something else that you know?
p.s. I use Clarion theme build on Gantry framework, Joomla! 2.5.6 Stable, PHP 5.2.17

I would suggest that you find or create an authentication plugin that does this for you. Joomla can support multiple authentication systems.
Have a look at creating an Authentication Plugin for Joomla 1.5. The basic idea is described there.


How can i retrive website URL from Joomla DB

i'm managing lot of websites, few of those are Joomla.
Last webmaster has gone without giving any help and i've those Joomla DB that i cannot understand which websites are related to.
I mean, on wordpress, i'd see on "option" table to check URL but where i can find this information on Joomla?
Have a look in the configuration.php of each site instead. In them, you can see which database is connected to the specific site.
Joomla by itself does not store the web site URL in this tables or configuration files, and I take that as a merit over Wordpress. The advantage of not storing the URL is that I could simply change web server's configuration when I want to change a site's URL. Everything will appear perfectly, unless for some reason a programmer chose to hard-code the web site URL into his code (which is a very bad practice).
So I suggest look into web server's configuration to get your the document roots and then relate the configuration.php file in there to the databases.
So, no chances.
Only solution i see is to backup and delete DBs one by one, if more than one, and see which website has gone "offline"

how to I add a database to zurb foundation?

I'm trying to add a login portion on foundation and allow users to upload their own photos. how do I do that ?
if this is not the right place where to ask please redirect me
The foundation framework is simply a tool for you to develop the "front-end" of your website or app. A database would be a "back-end" feature that you would then create a form for (front-end) to connect users to your database (back-end).
You can develop the back-end yourself or use a CMS such as wordpress which will likely already have the features you need. Hope that helps.

Migrating users from DotNetNuke to Orchard CMS

I have an existing site built on DotNetNuke, but we are considering a migration to Orchard CMS. I would like to avoid requiring our users to re-register on the new Orchard site, but have not been able to find any tools or information for migrating users. My biggest concern is dealing with hashed passwords.
Does anyone have experience migrating users between these two CMSs?
It depends on the password encryption that was used. Some encryption types can be decrypted and some cannot.
I wrote a DNN module that would could decrypt passwords because the company wanted to set up users on another website. They wanted to use the same username/password and make it transparent for the employees. You could modify this to just write all the usernames/passwords to a database table or file.
It was based off code like this: DNN Decrypting Password or Another SqlMembership Decryption article
You could also buy a module off the DNN store to export users: Bulk User Export
But, none of these methods will work if your site is using a one-way hashing algorithm. The only thing you can do if that is the case is import the users with a set password.
After you get the users exported, you just have to import them into Orchard via some importing tool like: Orchard Import

How can I implement or develop my own twitter authentication provider?

I want to allow my users to log in with their Twitter accounts.
What do I need to implement this? I want to know all the processes that DNN follows for user authentication.
I'm using DotNetNuke 6.2, Visual studio 2008, SqlServer 2008
Any answer will be welcome, including links to pages to learn about it, online tutorials, etc. Excuse my English but I speak spanish!
Best place to learn how to create new authentication provider is to review existing authentication providers. You can download source code from
Here is a link from Joe Brinkman's post which is 2-3 year old but still usefull since nothing has changed much in terms of implementing authentication provider.
Let me know if you need more help.

Joomla and cakephp shared login

I have a joomla instance and a cakephp instance in my site. What I want is to have a single login form for both the joomla and the cake instance.
Is this possible? Possibly there is a plugin that allows this?
You could use a Joomla-CakePHP bridge to execute Cake app in your Joomla instance.
If you want the two to work separately I think you can set up an authentication in Cake to user Joomla database and the data stored there when you are authenticating users.
You can achieve your task using session cookies.
Be aware that Joomla! writes by default session's data in database not in file
This link can help you to figure out how to proceed.